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Advantages of interior and exterior security cameras


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In this power point presentation, we have listed the some imported advantages of Interior and Exterior Security Cameras. Get best quality security services at Select Security. For more information visit:

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Advantages of interior and exterior security cameras

  1. 1. Difference Between Interior vs Exterior Security Cameras A quick scan of the surveillance camera market shows that the market for surveillance technology is diversifying rapidly.
  2. 2. Features For an Exterior Camera 1. Robust and flexible mounting options 2. Innovative cabling options (think trees, fences, and housing envelopes) 3. Stabilization in severe weather 4. Durable peripheral parts like antenna 5. Weather protection 6. Secured against dust, insects, ultraviolet sunrays 7. Vandal-proof
  3. 3. Features For Interior Camera 1. Weather Resistance 2. Remote Video Monitoring 3. Recording 4. Size 5. Motion Detection 6. Adjustability 7. Night Vision 8. Speakers & Microphone
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