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C 4 lesson 1


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C 4 lesson 1

  1. 1. Lesson 1 La Cucaracha (Mexico) Video Chapter IV Introduction Lesson Objectives Exercise 4.1
  2. 2. <ul><li>Lesson Objectives: </li></ul><ul><li>To interpret La cucaracha with the proper counting, costume and formations; </li></ul><ul><li>To identify the basic steps and terminologies used in La cucaracha; and </li></ul><ul><li>To use the basic steps and terminologies learned from the previous chapter. </li></ul>Lesson 1
  3. 3. La Cucaracha means “The Little Cockroach.” This is a dance known to all Mexico. ABBREVIATIONS USED M – measure or measures Ct. – count Cts. – counts L – left R – right Lesson 1
  4. 4. Costume Music & Count Formation Figures Content
  5. 5. COSTUME:   Girl – white short- sleeved blouse heavily embroidered in beads with a full skirt of green and red (occasionally white). The skirt reaches down to the ankle. High heeled slippers are worn. Over the blouse a long sash or scarf called a “roboza” is arranged in a certain way. At its middle it is drawn straight across the waist of breast, crossed at the back, and the ends drawn up over the shoulders and left hanging down loosely each side in front od else the ends are tucked down each side under the sash in front. The hair is worn in two braids. Next>>
  6. 6. Boys – white “blouse” shirt, a low-cut vest, a jacket cut something like a long bolero, and long rather tightly fitting pants decorated sometimes with silver buttons. On his head he has a huge sombrero and on his arm he carries his brightly colored “zarape.” Content
  7. 7. MUSIC – is divided into two parts A and B.   COUNT - one, two, three to a measure. Content
  8. 8. FORMATION – couples are arranged informally around the room. The boy clasps his hands around his back; the girl holds her skirt gracefully at the side. For class instruction or demonstration, the participants may be arranged in any desired formation. Partners stand by side, the girl is on the right of the boy. Content
  9. 9. Figure 1   Music A – play once. Partners stand side by side facing front. Throughout the figure partners turn slightly away and toward each other. They perform cross-waltz steps in place. The first step (ct. 1) is strongly accented with a decided “dop” of the knees in this dance. Starting with the inside foot, take eight cross-waltz steps in place. Girl holding skirt, boy clasp hands behind (8 M). Content
  10. 10. Figure 2   Music A – play once. Partners face each other and do the cross-waltz steps revolving around each other. Starting with the R foot take eight cross-waltz steps forward moving clockwise. Crossing the R foot over L, turns the body to the left and brings them into a position touching R elbows. When L foot is across the R, the left elbows are touching (8M).
  11. 11. Figure 3 Music B – play two times. Partners stand side by side facing front. The following direction is for the boy; it is reverse for the girl. (a) Boy steps sideward L (ct. 1), step R close to L foot (ct. 2), step L sideward left again (ct. 3). Stamp R foot in place (ct. 1), pause (cts. 2, 3), put weight on the R foot (2M).
  12. 12. (b) Three step turn L away from partners (cts. 1, 2, 3). Stamp R foot twice, keeping the weight on the L foot (cts. 1, 2), pause (ct. 3) (2M). (c) Step R sideward toward partner (ct. 1), step L close to R (ct. 2), step R sideward again (ct. 3). Step L foot on place (ct. 1), stamp R foot twice (cts. 2, 3) (2M).
  13. 13. (d) Starting with the R foot, three steps sideward R to change place with partner. The girl passes in front of the boy (cts. 1, 2, 3). Stamp L foot (ct. 1), pause (cts. 2, 3) (2M) (e) Repeat all (a-d) starting with the opposite foot, finish in original position (8M)
  14. 14. Figure 4   Music A – play once. Partners are still side by side facing front. (a) Starting with the outside foot, take seven cross-waltz steps forward. Hands as in figure 1 (a) (7M). (b) Boy takes one waltz balance forward R, the girl spins around clockwise (1M)
  15. 15. Figure 5 Music B – play once. (a) Partners side by side, as this step is being performed couples move little backward. (b) Starting with the inside foot, take three steps sideward to partner’s place. The gorl passes in front of the boy (cts. 1, 2, 3). Stamp twice with the inside foot (cts. 1, 2), pause (ct. 3) (2M). (c) Repeat (a) returning to position. The boy passes in front this time (2M). (d) Repeat all (a and b) (4M).
  16. 16. (c) Repeat (a) returning to position. The boy passes in front this time (2M). (d) Repeat all (a and b) (4M).
  17. 17. Figure 6   Music A – play once. Repeat figure 1 (8M)
  18. 18. Figure 7   Music A – play once. Partners face each other. Repeat figure 2 at the last measure the boy places his sombrero on the girl’s head (8M).   Lesson 1