From 2D to 3D


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In this document you can see major steps of converting ideas from design sketches or photos into precise 3D CAD Models with given specifications.

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From 2D to 3D

  1. 1. Selcuk Ozmumcu Design Consultant
  2. 2. Welcome to my 2D to 3D Services. As being a designer, I have excelled my skills on converting design sketches into precise 3D CAD Models over the years. In other words, interpretting ideas on paper into 3D CAD Models has become a service that I professionally provide to add value to your projects. My 3D services add value to your projects with speed and high quality by increasing the efficiency and lowering the investment costs and communication time spent during the process. Major steps in the process will be presented in step by step bases in the following pages with a few more sample projects. Looking forward to working together, Best Regards, Selcuk Ozmumcu
  3. 3. /I" : I. 1' %— 4' L__ I. : Design sketches, sometimes rough sketches like these are received from our clients. Technical information and detailed specifications are are also provided by the client. Like the maximum width and height of the product. Diameter of the wheels, what kind of material to be used on which parts. Sometimes none of the above, just, width and height, since only the 3D form of the idea/ concept is needed. II.
  4. 4. According to skecthes and the technical brief, 3D CAD Model of the said product is started to be built. we increase efficiency in communication among team members by making each step of the modeling process visually available as images or 3D—PDF files. Then, first CAD model is made ready for revisions and comments. IO
  5. 5. Initial model is revised and improved according to comments and specifications added during the development process. TO
  6. 6. Here comes the final version of the product. Now it is ready for further production details. 10
  7. 7. Other Samples
  8. 8. Image Tracking for photos and screenshots IIJIVL‘. .. ,
  9. 9. Image Tracking for photos and screenshots flD«""'lCJ'}. ‘3
  10. 10. Image Tracking I for photos and screenshots U I t
  11. 11. Other Samples
  12. 12. Thanks“ www. se| cukozmumcu. com info@se| cukozmumcu. com