How to write a TUBITAK 1001 Research Project Proposal?


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How to write a successful TUBITAK 1001 research project proposal?
TUBITAK 1001 Proje Basvurusu nasıl hazırlanır?

by Assoc. Prof. Selcen Ozturkcan (Istanbul Bilgi University)
presented at TTO Event of Ozyegin University on Jan 2014

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How to write a TUBITAK 1001 Research Project Proposal?

  1. 1. 1001 Proje Başvurusu Hazırlarken Doç.Dr. Selcen Öztürkcan İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi 15 Ocak 2014 Özyeğin Üniversitesi Le Cordon Bleu Banquet Salonu İSTANBUL
  2. 2. Tarsus Amerikan Lisesi, ODTÜ, Bilkent, University of South Florida, İTÜ, Sabancı, Özyeğin TEV, İTÜ, TÜBİTAK, TÜBA, Sabancı, Bilgi Dijital Dünyada Tüketici Davranışları Pazarlama Stratejisi, Stratejik Yönetim, Organizasyon Teorisi, Bütünleşik Pazarlama İletişimi, Reklam Yönetimi, Tüketici Davranışı, e-İşletme, Enformasyon ve İletişim Teknolojileri (ICT) Yönetimi, Uluslarararası Pazarlama, Kalitatif Araştırma Yöntemleri, Uygulamalı Kantitatif Araştırma Yöntemleri, Pazarlama Teorisi, Operasyon ve Hizmet Yönetimi, Web Sitesi Yönetimi University of South Florida (ABD), Yeditepe, İstanbul Bilgi, Sabancı, Bahçeşehir, Özyeğin, KU Leuven (Belçika), Lancaster (İngiltere), IPAG (Fransa) Goldman Sachs, Mazda, Vestel, IngBank, SEV, Jones Lang LaSalle, Vatan Bilgisayar, Mercedes-Benz, Nestle, Mapfre, Altınyıldız
  3. 3. to begin with
  4. 4. to begin with
  5. 5. crucial points • Project has to be conducted in Turkey • Deadlines: – Mar 28, 2014 (signed materials by Apr 4, 2014) – Sep 26, 2014 (signed materials by Oct 3, 2014) • Only electronic applications: • Results in 4 months
  6. 6. crucial points • Principal Investigator (PI) and Research Associate(s) (RA) must be registered at ARBİS – • Who can be PI/RA? – full-time faculty - Ph.D. degree holders – commitment must be >10% of the project dues – PI must (i) be free of Admin duties (ii) have residency in Turkey • Researcher Abroad – Turks and non-Turks living abroad – Visits to Turkey each time >= 30 days – 50% of gross salary (this item is not counted towards the budget cap)
  7. 7. crucial points • Who can be Research Assistant (scholarship recipient)? – total max allowance for all assistants is 4800TL per month – Undergrad, Masters and PhD students – PostDocs – You can recruit them upon project approval • Submissions are in TURKISH (yes lit-review, too!) • Do only one project submission per period as PI – Capacity per person: 1 PI + 2 RA or 4 RA duties
  8. 8. Abstract & Keywords (Özet & Anahtar Kelimeler) • Turkish and English (each one page) • Very brief lit-review followed by touches of – project’s genuine value (özgün değer) – expected contributions – methodology (experimental design/approach, methods, team, phases, timeline and duration)
  9. 9. Objectives & Goals (Amaç ve Hedefler) • Can be as long as needed • Define clearly your – Objective – Desired outputs (aimed journals for pubs, potential use of project outputs for future research, disseminaton of knowledge to society via web etc., effects on improving public welfare) • Hint: use sub-sections to guide reader
  10. 10. Topic, Context & Lit-Review (Konu, Kapsam ve Literatür Özeti) • Can be as long as needed • Define thoroughly – Project topic – Project context With clear links to “project objective”
  11. 11. Topic, Context & Lit-Review (Konu, Kapsam ve Literatür Özeti) LIT-REVIEW • As long as needed (typically one of the longest sections) • National and international level • Not a half-baked list of papers, but a brief analysis of the literature (this part often ends up as a review paper) • This analysis must emphasize – where this project fits in the literature – what important gaps in the literature will be filled by this project
  12. 12. Genuine Value (Özgün Değer) • As long as needed (at least one page) • Unique value of the project must be thoroughly explained – List your hypothesis/propositions if you have any • The added value of the proposed technology, methodology or theory must be explained – Where you plan to publish the output
  13. 13. Genuine Value (Özgün Değer) • Search for any State Planning Office etc. Development plans that you can refer to • Briefly explain what kinds of contribution will this project make to the national economy / social life / scientific literature also who will benefit from this study (and how) i.e., Business partners, Student Projects etc.
  14. 14. Methodology (Yöntem) • As long as needed • Use work packages • list of parameters that are carefully selected (in accordance with objective and context) • the methodology and material that will be used in analysis of these parameters • measurements that are needed (or data that will be collected), and relationships that will be established • B Plans
  15. 15. Management (Yönetim) • Use work packages • Who (PI, RA, R, C) will do what in each work package • PI/RA devote > 4 hour/week • Dedicated duration • Progress and conclusions reports as individual work packages
  16. 16. Management (Yönetim) Refer to work packages;) • ex: “Üçüncü iş paketi .... tarafından yönetilecektir. Ayrıca, projede çalışacak bursiyerlerin seçilmesi, projeye adaptasyonu, mülakat ve odak grupları için yönergeler hazırlanması, odak gruplarından veri toplanması, kalitatif veri analizi, önemli paydaşlardan alınan geribildirimleri değerlendirme, ilk bulguların analiz edilmesi ve rapor yazılması, raporların yazılması ve önemli paydaşlarla paylaşılması safhalarında yer alacaktır.”
  17. 17. Management (Yönetim) Work Calendar (Çalışma Takvimi) • Remember max duration is 36 months Hint: Try to keep it between 18 to 24 months.
  18. 18. Success Criteria & Risk Management (Başarı Ölçütleri & Risk Yönetimi) • Every work package • Success criteria • importance (%) allocated for overall project success • the minimum acceptable level for overall progress
  19. 19. Risk Management (Risk Yönetimi) • Major foreseeable risks • Possible B plans
  20. 20. Existing Research Infrastructure (Mevcut Araştırma Olanakları: Makine – Teçhizat Listesi) Already available • Infrastructure • Tools • Machinery • Software • Hardware
  21. 21. Impact & Value Added (Yaygın Etki & Katma Değer) • Search for any State Planning Office etc. Development plans that you can refer to • Briefly explain what kinds of contribution will this project make to the – national economy – social life – scientific literature also who will benefit from this study (and how) i.e., Business partners, Student Projects etc.
  22. 22. Budget (Bütçe) • Do NOT start with General Budget Table (Genel Bütçe Tablosu) • Start with subtables, then proceed to General Budget Table • Double check your sums
  23. 23. Budget Hints (Bütçe İpuçları) • Max budget per year 120 000 TL • Try a balance among budget items and periods • There are caps for some items – 1 international conference per year, max allowance: 2000 TL – Max allowance for domestic conference: 500 TL • Scholarships for Research Assistants (max: total of 4800 TL per month) Per month • Undergrad (max 2) 500TL; • Masters 1500TL (if working 400TL); • PhD 1800TL (if working 500TL); • PostDoc 2250TL
  24. 24. Budget Hints (Bütçe İpuçları) • Include as many proforms as possible for your planned purchases (a must for service items over 5000 TL) • Do not assume that TUBITAK really gives money for items that seem elligible (i.e., your gas is not reimbursed when you do field work) • Conference, scholarship, equipment, supplies, software and data collection services are OK • Be aware that customs might be an issue for overseas purchases
  25. 25. Other Documents (Diğer Belgeler) • Etik Kurul Belgesi (Internal Review Board Document) • Türkiye’de İkamet Eden Yabancı Uyruklulara PTİ Ödenebileceğine Dair Onay Belgesi (allows foreign faculty to receive project incentive) • Hak Sahipliği Beyan Formları (protection of intellectual property rights of project team members) • Yasal İzin Belgesi (needed for special cases, i.e., army related research)
  26. 26. Other Documents (Diğer Belgeler) • All proforms as pdf file  goes to appendix • Support letters  goes to appendix – From your dean (great if there is scholarship/tuition waiver involved) – From businesses that you’re project is dealing with (very influential for overall evaluation of project)
  27. 27. General Hints (Genel İpuçları) • Do not be afraid of repeating stuff at different sections – repeat content but paraphrase • Try a second reader who is not close to your research field – great source of help to check how referees will perceive your proposal • Remember your referees are likely to be from Turkish government universities – refer to Turkish papers – watch your Turkish terminology
  28. 28. General Hints (Genel İpuçları) Let’s now discuss THE EVALUATION CRITERIAS
  29. 29. Appendix (Ekler) All supportive materials available at: Q_oXkjlyWjk4YXlCZUpVYkE&usp=sharing