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MIDS-Geneva LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement: joint program of the University of Geneva Faculty of Law and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID).

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  • A few featuresthat set the MIDS apart…Geneva: historically,though not alwaysvisibly, a place where people states would come to mediate and resolveconflicts.Today, a hub of international organizations, NGOs, UN Headquarters…Longevity: MIDS set a model – have the benefit of experience, not a startup
  • Basis = GC covering institutions & mechanisms (Semester 1) and procedures (Semester 2)Supported by tutorials: small groups, interactive and participatory, explore topics in depthOptional courses: broaden the academicofferfromrich programs of UniGe and IHEIDWorkshop: skills-based training to increaseemployabilityRetreat: mini-mootexercise; multi-cultrualteamwork trainingLectures, conferences, visits: provide new perspectives fromspecialists, trade associations…
  • 2 UniGe, 2 IHEIDGKK = DirectorAll seasonedacademics and specialists
  • A sample of thebreadth of offers… - focus on topics, issues, regions
  • If you know anything about IDS, you’veprobablyheardsome of thesenames… Theyteach for us(A non-exhaustive sample)
  • WhatSulabhsays about blendingtheory and practice in the classroom
  • A sample – breadth of offer…
  • LegalWriting: essential in employment and furtherstudyFIAA: a highlight of the program – intense skills-based training (film students, playback for feedback)FDA: a requiredskill to workwithfinancial data, understand and keepcriticaleye on financial experts’ work
  • Sample: richoffer…
  • Sample: broaden horizons…
  • Spell out names
  • Diversity: studentslearnfromeachother as much as theylearnfromprofessors…
  • Describecompetitiveselectionprocess
  • Read out.
  • Provide Brochures, Auditingforms, business cards to pick upCourse Guide, Annual Report, FIAA materials to browse
  • Presentation iheid no film open day 2012 11 22

    1. 1.  Geneva: historical hub for arbitration modern hub of international policy-makers Founded 2008, currently 5th year Broad coverage across public & private law Faculty: some of the best in the world Students: 35-40 selected from 150-200 applicants Highly regarded by job providers
    2. 2. Associate, Lalive, Geneva Associate, Hanotiau & van den Berg, BrusselsM. Athanasiou2011 Associate, Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich Associate, Curtis Mallet-Provost Colt & Mosle, NY Associate, King & Spalding, Houston Associate, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton Litigation & Arbitration, RomeS. Waltman UNHCR Leal Affairs, Geneva2011 WIPO Arbitration Center, Geneva UEFA Disciplinary Services, Nyon J. Eiser Permenent Rep. of Guatemala to Intational Maritime Organization 2011 Republic of Ecuador: International Affairs & Arbitration, Office of Attorney General R. Mosch 2011 German Institute of Arbitration (DIS) International Case Manager, American Arbitration Assocation/International Center for Dispute Resolution, NY
    3. 3.  Joint program IHEID & UniGe Law Facutly  Own curriculum enriched by both institutions Specialization for holders of law degree LL.M.: «professionalizing» degree Master of Advanced Science/Bologna Master 2 65 ECTS, 1 year full-time in residence In English
    4. 4. Thesis Lectures Conferences Visits Clinical Workshops, Retreat Optional Courses Intensive CoursesGeneral Courses & Tutorials
    5. 5. Marcelo Kohen Gabrielle IHEID Kaufmann-Kohler UniGeZachary DouglasIHEID Laurence Boisson de Chazournes UniGe
    6. 6.  Tutorials explore GC topics in depth Lecturers provide academic and career support Michele Potestà Makane Mbengue
    7. 7.  Investment Arbitration  Arbitration in the USA ICC Arbitration  The French Law of The NY Convention 1958 International Commercial WTO Dispute Settlement Arbitration Arbitration Agreement in  International Arbitration in International Commercial the Arab Countries Arbitration  Investment Arbitration in L. Philosophical Questions America Sports Arbitration  EU Arbitration International Litigation  Arbitration in China ICSID Arbitration IP Arbitration and ADR
    8. 8. G. Bermann J.-M. G. Marceau R. Mnookin S. BessonColumbia Law UniGe Jacquet WTO HarvardSchool IHEIDW. Park P. Tercier A. J. van den J. Paulsson B. SternBoston ICC, U. Berg LSE Sorbonne Erasmus, HanotiauUniversity Fribourg
    9. 9. “Inherently, arbitration is practice oriented. To teach it only from an academic perspective would be difficult. The experience that these professors brought to the classroom was a game changer. I suppose the crucial thing was transforming this experience to classroom teaching, which they did very well. It could range from anecdotes to practical advice. From dealing with clients to dealing with arbitrators. Pretty much the whole spectrum. Simply because of the depth of their experience, every Sulabh Rewari question or discussion in class would draw from India Class of 2012 some experience in their professional lives.Perhaps one example could be Prof. Rigozzis course onsports arbitration. Several parts of that course drew fromhis professional experience, dealing with athletes or A. Rigozzi U. Neuchâtelassociations. You get to hear about how the CAS works inpractice, which would be impossible if he was exclusivelyan academic. ”
    10. 10. Corporate Responsibility in Transnational and InternationalLawForeign Investment and the Envrionment in InternationalLawInternational Trade LawLes conflits territoriauxGestion des litiges internationauxLa pratique du droit international humanitaireCase Law of International Courts and TribunalsLa protection des biens culturels (Chaire UNESCO)Les relations économiques en droit international privé
    11. 11. Legal WritingMediationAdvocacy in International Arbitration: Questioning ofFact Witnesses in International ArbitrationFinancial Damages Analysis
    12. 12. How & Why Arbitral Ideas Migrate V. V. Veeder QCInterstate Mediation Nicolas MichelDispute Settlement Relating to Law of the Sea Judge Tullio TrevesDiversity of Contemporary InternationalArbitration W. Michael ReismanBehind the Scenes at the World Court Pierre d’Argent, ICJConstruction Arbitration Michael Schneider
    13. 13. BIICL LondonUniversity of NeuchâtelICC Annual Meeting, ParisMilan Arbitration Chamber of CommerceSwiss Arbitration AssociationBerlin DIS
    15. 15. Class of 2012-13 by region M. East 2 Oceania; 2; 5% 5% Asia 5 13% N. America 5 13% E. Europe 7 18%L. America 4 10% Eurasia W. Europe 6 8 15% 21%
    16. 16.  Mid 20s – late 30s Some previous interest /exposure to ADR Some international exposure: lived, studied, worked abroad High achiever, chooses challenging options Recent university graduate, some internships  Selection will focus on academic achievemntOR Junior professional, some years out of university  Selection will focus on overall picture: academic & professional achievement
    17. 17. Patricia Regules Brazil & Uruguay Class of 2012“I just wanted to make sure I told you that it was a pleasure tomeet you and have you as a teacher at the MIDS. The experienceas a whole has been priceless. The MIDS gave me an edge that Ididnt have. Who would have thought I would be able to watch ahearing at the ICJ?! To have a graduation party on a boat?! Toshare home made Chinese food with two Iranians and an Israeli?!How lucky we all were!”
    18. 18.  Application deadline 1 February 2013 Complete first law degree English: TOEFL 79 iBT, 550 PBT, IELTS 5.5 Audit an Intensive Course