Possibilities for Koha 4


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A presentation to the KohaCon 10 hackfest. Includes ideas for numerous new features, and improvement to existing features, for the Koha Integrated Library System.

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Possibilities for Koha 4

  1. 1. Possibilities for Koha 4.0 Ian Walls ByWater Solutions for KohaCon ‘10 hackfest, 10-29-10
  2. 2. Disclaimer • These are just my ideas • They are meant to spark discussion • They may be naïve, ideological, impractical or ridiculous • But I’m going to share them anyway
  3. 3. Overview • Module rebuilds: holds, notices, accounts, borrowers • Cross-wiring modules: borrowers/authorities, borrowers/acq, serials/acq, serials/cataloging • New features: hourly circ/course reserves, ERM, biblio relationships, arbitrary metadata schemas, widgetized staff client, enhanced circ prefs, mobile interfaces • Little stuff: ILL, Recalls, more barcode options, OCLC Connexion
  4. 4. Rebuilding Holds • Primary Key!!!!! • Multiple holds per title • Suspension, Netflix-style queue • “Cost” matrix for branch fulfillment • Bi-directional linked list v. numeric queue
  5. 5. Rebuilding Notices • Bring all printed slips under notices templates • Priority order for notification method • On-demand messages • Librarian can decide which types are mandatory, and which are user configurable • Better SMS/IM support
  6. 6. Rebuilding Accounts • Two tables: accounts and accountlines • Atomic transactions • Syspref for grouping transactions by item or by type • Pay partially on multiple charges • Multi-currency (real time exchange rates)
  7. 7. Rebuilding Borrowers • Keep only core library data in borrowers table • Rest of data user configurable like Extended Attributes • Hierarchical borrower types • Borrower Preferences • Roles to bundle default preferences and permissions
  8. 8. Crossing Borrowers/Authorities • Optional connection of borrower to their authority record • Optionally allow borrower to update their own authority record
  9. 9. Crossing Borrowers/Acq • Vendors and Vendor Contacts into borrowers • Merge accounts and Acq as single money system • Allow borrowers to follow suggestions through Acq process (auto-hold)
  10. 10. Crossing Serials/Acq • Manage subscriptions/renewals in Acq module • EDI / ONIX support
  11. 11. Crossing Serials/Cataloging • MARC Format for Holdings Data support (UNIMARC equiv?) – Import – Export – Search – Bindery
  12. 12. Hourly Circ/Course Reserves • Base period of minute • Connect to calendar, notices • Course Reserves: a list materials pulled out (temporarily) for special purpose • Electronic reserves
  13. 13. Electronic Resources Module • New concept: “package” (from ERMI) • Import holdings from data source • Built-in Open Link Resolver • SUSHI statistics • Handle usage limitations and access restrictions
  14. 14. Biblio Relationships • Beyond Analytics • User-configurable relationships between biblios • Options Item “pass-through” • Optional MARC representation • Could cover FRBR, similar items, and more
  15. 15. Arbitrary Metadata Schemas • XML-based • Managed by config file (XML Schema?) • Mapped to database and index fields by user • User defines views (XSLT?) • Initial schemas to config: DC, MODS, METS, EAD…
  16. 16. Widgetized Staff Client • For each module’s “home” page, define blocks of screen real estate • Have a directory of widgets (easy to add more) • Allow staff to drag/drop widgets per module onto page • Saved as part of their Preferences
  17. 17. Enhanced Circ Prefs • Like circ rules, but for more things • Use key/value table; combo of branch,itype,categorycode gives value • Default values specified like sysprefs • Tool to show applicable rules for combo of inputs
  18. 18. Mobile Interfaces • Both OPAC and staff client • Optimize for various smart devices • Connect to camera (if possible) • Use location/compass to point to location on stacks
  19. 19. Little ideas • Recalls: all current issues with holds on them + button to send message • ILL: like suggestions to user, but managed in different backend • More barcode encodings (including QR) • Multiple LDAPs/Shibboleth support • Cron scheduling interface in staff client • OCLC Connexion Gateway
  20. 20. I could ramble on… • But I’m probably out of time • Discuss! Let’s come up with some open specifications to work towards
  21. 21. Thanks! Ian Walls ByWater Solutions Ian.Walls@bywatersolutions.com @sekjal