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BFI Austria - Vocational Training - Jürgen Granditz 20130611


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Jürgen Granditz introducing the BFI vocational training institution which offers hands-on training courses for builders, plumbers, welders, electricians,... which are needed in the solar energy industry - presentation held at Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development

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BFI Austria - Vocational Training - Jürgen Granditz 20130611

  1. 1. A WAY TO FURTHER DEVELOPMENTAustriaHungaryCroatiaÖsterreich
  2. 2. WHO WE AREThe bfi vocational training institute is the largest educational institution for workers in Austria.Owned by the Chambers of Labour and the Austrian Trade Union Federation, its activities focus on vocationaleducation and (continuing) training for workers as well as educational and occupational schemes for unemployedpersons and workers threatened with unemployment.Our objective is to promote the personal and occupational development of the persons enrolled in our courses,by providing high-quality education and training at a reasonable cost.The courses are targeted at the actual demands of the labour market and also provide orientation in a world ofchange.The high level of our courses is maintained by means of an internal quality management system, continualfurther training for bfi employees and an international transfer of know-how.Most of our education and training courses are based on modular systems, so individually tailored and thushighly efficient forms of learning are possible.The bfi is certified according to the international standard EN ISO 9001:2000.Our priorities: Specific education and training schemes for individual industries Individually tailored company courses Preparation for school-leaving exams Apprentice education and training Labour market courses ProjectsA WAY TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES
  3. 3. FACTS AND FIGURESIn addition to the umbrella organisation bfi Österreich and thebfis of the Austrian provinces there are a number of otherinstitutions also affiliated to, or co-operating with, the bfi:BBRZ:The BBRZ in Linz (Upper Austria), with branches in Vienna,Styria and Carinthia, provides opportunities for occupationalreintegration after an accident or severe illness. The BBRZoffers vocational orientation and counselling as well asindividually tailored education and training schemes,complemented by socio-educational, medical andpsychological services. It is Austria’s largest service provider inthe field of occupational rehabilitation.bfi Cert/SystemCERT:The bfis established certification institutions for weldingpersonnel and quality management training as well as forquality management systems. Authorisation of bfi Cert andSystemCERT by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs andLabour guarantees that the certificates are recognisedthroughout Europe.BC:The education centre of the Chamber of Labour of Vorarlbergis the bfi’s partner organisation in this province.BFI means more than 160 locations around 16 000 teaching programmes aproximately 2 million lessons held and attended by over 180 000 persons yearly.BFI employees roughly 1 500 regular staff members and more than 5 000 freelancers.
  4. 4. INNOVATIVE COURSESPersons in employment are offered a large variety of evening and weekend classes covering bothvocational and personal subjects, e. g. personality development, management, technology, EDP,business management, foreign languages, social and health care occupations, etc. Highlycommitted trainers, innovative adult teaching methods and topical subjects guarantee thatparticipants derive a personal benefit from attending bfi courses.New occupations – new educational programmesWe live in a world of continually changing technologies, vocational profiles and qualificationrequirements. Therefore the bfi has to adapt ist programmes accordingly to include new jobclusters. Observation of the labour market, co-operations with the business and science sectors,international exchange of experience and internal quality management are the central prerequisitesthat enable us to quickly respond to changes in occupational life and to keep our offers up to date.A WAY TO ACHIEVE UNDERSTANDING
  5. 5. COMPANIES & APPRENTICESCompany coursesContinuing training provides the opportunity to successfully master economic and organisational challenges.We offer individually tailored programmes for every company: Consulting services Information on grants and subsidies Demand analysis Planning services Flexible implementation Trainers who are especially qualified with regard to subject matter and didactics Modern seminar technology Individual and group coaching  Performance evaluationApprentice education and trainingThe Austrian system of apprentice education and training (training on the job and in vocational schools)combines two important objectives: well-trained skilled workers and the education and occupation of youngpeople. In the last few years, however, it has become more and more difficult for young people to find work asapprentices. In order to provide qualified education and training for as many youths as possible, in spite of theproblematic job situation, the Austrian Federal Government adopted a specific support programme. The bfidesigned and organised relevant qualification courses, and by now numerous youths have received theirvocational education in bfi courses.A WAY TO BE IN CONTROL
  6. 6. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONSThe relevant statistics show that opportunities in the labour market are markedly improved for persons who have completedtheir education or vocational training.Therefore the bfi organises preparatory courses for a number of officially recognised final examinations, such as lowersecondary school leaving exams, commercial secondary school exams, end-of-apprenticeship exams, commercial uppersecondary school leaving exams, Matura exams (to obtain upper secondary school leaving certificates) as well as collegecourses, both as regular and as second-chance education schemes.The introduction of Matura equivalent university access examinations marks an important development in the field ofthe educational policy of the last few years: now skilled workers may obtain a Matura-equivalent certificate, for whichknowledge obtained in vocational schools during apprenticeship is taken into account. The bfis, in some cases in co-operation with schools, are offering – highly successful – preparatory courses.The Fachhochschule college of bfi Wien provides opportunities also for full-time workers to enrol in various studycourses.bfi Oberösterreich, in cooperation with the Hamburg Distance University of Applied Sciences, organises study coursescompatible with full-time work schedules.A WAY TO ARRIVE AT NEW INSIGHT
  7. 7. LABOUR MARKET COURSESContinuing education and/or retraining improves the chance of finding a new job. Thus the educationalactivities of the bfis especially focus on training schemes aimed at the (re-)integration of unemployedpersons or persons disadvantaged in the labour market. The pertinent educational and occupationalschemes are designed and organised in close co-operation with the Public Employment Service(AMS).Vocational counsellingCareer planning, job application training and psychological counselling form integral parts of ourvocational orientation courses. Special measures have been designed for persons facingdisadvantages in the labour market, such as unemployed mothers, long-term unemployed and olderpersons.Intensive courses for skilled workersCompact modular education courses are held as a preparation for end-of-apprenticeshipexaminations. In this way semi-skilled persons or persons who have not completed apprenticeshipmay obtain the relevant qualifications.Labour foundationsEstablished for regions and industries affected by structural change, these foundations are aimed atimproving the qualifications of the workers and thus maintaining local resources and creating new jobs.Labour foundations offer specially targeted vocational orientation and educational schemes. A largepart of these schemes are carried out by the bfi and they are financed by the Public EmploymentService, often in cooperation with companies and workers.A WAY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS
  8. 8. PROJECTS IN EUROPEProject examples:• bfi Burgenland: Tourist Counsellor – a health tourism training course in co-operation with Hungary (INTERREG)• bfi Oberösterreich: FELLOWS – facilitating and enhancing access to ICT in education and training by e-learning (5thFRAMEWORK PROGRAMME)• bfi Salzburg: Tourism Quality – further qualification and specialisation of skilled staff in the hotel and restaurantindustries (LEONARDO)• bfi Steiermark: ProBiQ – EDP education for visually impaired and blind persons (LEONARDO)• bfi Wien: Fit for E-Commerce – New Business training programme for educationally disadvantaged people(LEONARDO)• bfi Österreich: E-Qualification in Vocational Training – a modular course for the promotion of equal opportunities in(continuing) vocational training (LEONARDO)The EU supports innovative projects, exchange programmes and educational visits throughout Europe.Participation in the relevant programmes, such as Leonardo, Socrates or ESF Community Initiatives, also involvesinternational co-operation, which in turn provides new impulses.Therefore the bfi takes part in the development and implementation of transnational EU projects, either as the contractoror as a partner.A WAY TO CREATE BRIDGES
  9. 9. OUR INSTITUTESBerufsförderungsinstitut ÖsterreichA-1060 Wien, Kaunitzgasse 2Tel.: 01/586 37 03Fax: 01/586 33 06E-Mail: info@bfi.atwww.bfi.atBerufsförderungsinstitut KärntenA-9020 Klagenfurt, Bahnhofstraße 44Tel.: 05 78 78Fax: 05 78 78-2099E-Mail: info@bfi-kaernten.or.atwww.bfi-kaernten.or.atBerufsförderungsinstitut NiederösterreichA-2700 Wiener Neustadt,Babenbergerring 9bTel.: 02622/853 00Fax: 02622/853 00-451E-Mail: bfinoe@bfi-noe.atwww.bfi-noe.atbfi UngarnBurgenlandi Felnöttképzési IntézetSzent Márton u. 38H-9700 SzombathelyTel.: +36/(0)94/501-820Fax: +36/(0)94/501-821E-Mail: info@bfi.huwww.bfi.huBerufsförderungsinstitut Tirol6010 Innsbruck, Ing.-Etzel-Straße 7Tel.: 0 512/59 6 60-0Fax: 0 512/59 6 60-27E-Mail: info@bfi-tirol.atwww.bfi-tirol.atBerufsförderungsinstitut WienA-1034 Wien, Alfred Dallinger-Platz 1/7Tel.: 01/811 78-10100Fax: 01/ 811 78-10111E-Mail: anmeldung.bat@bfi-wien.or.atwww.bfi-wien.or.atbfi KroatienBerufsförderung Zagreb d.o.o.Ilica 242HR - 10 000 ZagrebTel.: +385/(0)1/ 455 30 21Fax: +385/(0)1/ 455 30 29E-Mail: l.maric@bfi.hrwww.bfi.hrBerufsförderungsinstitut SalzburgA-5020 Salzburg, Schillerstraße 30Tel: 0662/88 30 81-0Fax: 0662/88 32 32E-Mail: info@bfi-sbg.atwww.bfi-sbg.atBerufsförderungsinstitut SteiermarkA-8020 Graz, Mariengasse 24Tel.: 0800 230 230Fax: 0316/72 70-710E-Mail: info@bfi-stmk.atwww.bfi-stmk.atBerufsförderungsinstitut BurgenlandA-7400 Oberwart, Grazer Straße 86Tel.: 03352/389 80Fax: 03352/389 80-2204E-Mail: info@bfi-burgenland.atwww.bfi-burgenland.atBerufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreichund BBRZ LinzA-4020 Linz, Raimundstraße 3Tel.: 0810 004 005Fax: 0732/69 22-5215E-Mail: service@bfi-ooe.atwww.bfi-ooe.atbfi CERTVerein Zertifizierungsstelle bfiA-8700 Leoben, Parkstraße 11Tel.: 03842/484 88Fax: 03842/484 88-4E-Mail: