Cmmi - An overview


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An quick overview about CMMI. This will be good start to find out what and why CMMI

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Cmmi - An overview

  1. 1. Capability Maturity Model Integration - CMMI Dhanasekaran, Sivaraj, PMP
  2. 2. What is CMMI? What is Maturity Model? – It is a structured collection of elements that describe characteristics of effective processes. OR – Simply GOOD, WELL DEFINED PROCESS What is CMMI? – Maturity Models applies at individual departments/unit/organization levels – CMMI framework allows them to integrate across departments/unit/organization levels
  3. 3. Why CMMI? Why Process? – I don't need them Because I have Really good people Advanced Technology An Experienced Manager – I have Processes!!! but they are not delivering Commitments consistently missed No management visibility into progress Quality problems Poor morale
  4. 4. CMMI Benefits  Organization's activities are explicitly linked to business objectives  Visibility into the organization's activities is increased to meet the customer's expectations  Learn from new areas of best practice (e.g., measurement, risk)
  5. 5. CMMI – Integrate traditionally separate organizations – Set process improvement goals and priorities – Provide guidance for quality processes – Provide a yardstick for appraising current practices
  6. 6. CMMI Without CMMI  Work randomly, lots of energy and not much progress  No teamwork, individual effort, high frequency of conflicts  Not knowing where we are going to end up With CMMI  Work with Directed motion, right energy and closer to the goal  Coordinated efforts, Cooperation  Predictable end results
  7. 7. CMMI Levels 1. Initial 2. Managed 3. Defined 4. Quantitatively Managed 5. Optimizing
  8. 8. CMMI Certification – Individuals can't obtain CMMI certification like PMP, ITIL and others – Individual can obtain only Appraiser's Certification – Only Companies can obtain CMMI level certification
  9. 9. CMMI Companies  US has more CMMI accredited companies  Japan and India have more CMMI accredited companies in ASIA  IT Services companies sets priority to obtain CMMI accreditation
  10. 10. Appendix - A Some useful links