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Enayet kabir education tech summit 2013


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Ed Tech Summit 2013.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Enayet kabir education tech summit 2013

  1. 1. Need for Technology Enabled Educationfor Growth and InnovationEnayet Kabir21 June 2013
  2. 2. For a country like India technology could be the only hope• Huge and all pervasive deficits in educationacross all segments• Very limited resources available• Arrival of the enabling conditions• Broadband connectivity• Falling prices of tablets and smart phones• There is a need for creative thinking to mitigateresource problems• Flipped classroom?• Virtual labs?• Canned lectures?• Tools to improve accountability of teachers?
  3. 3. In the next five years, relentless waves of technologywill strike educationTime to Adoption Horizon K-12 Higher EdNear Term: One Year orLessCloud Computing MOOCsMobile Learning Tablet ComputingMid Term: Two to ThreeYearsLearningAnalytics Learning AnalyticsOpen ContentGames andGamificationLong Term: Four to FiveYear3 D Printing3 D PrintingVirtual andRemote LabsWearable Technology
  4. 4. Cloud computing makes learning – anywhere,expandable and on-demand
  5. 5. Mobile devices connectedto internet offer richtapestry of knowledge topeople on the move
  6. 6. When Stephen Downes and GeorgeSiemens coined the term in 2008,massively open online courses (MOOCs)were conceptualized as the nextevolution of networked learning
  7. 7. Tablets allow users to seamlesslyuse apps and content oftheir choosing, making itself aportable personalized learningenvironment
  8. 8. Learning analytics,in many ways, is“big data,” appliedto education
  9. 9. Gamification of educationis gaining further supportamong researchers andeducators who recognizethat games stimulateproductivity and creativeinquiry among learners
  10. 10. 3D printing for teachingand learning enables moreauthentic exploration ofobjects that may not bereadily available toinstitutions
  11. 11. Virtual and remotelabs are resourcemultipliers and offergreat flexibility
  12. 12. Wearable technology,though currently at anascent stage, mayopen many doors indata aggregation,analysis and feedbackin real time
  13. 13. The Indian Scenario…• Little or incremental innovation• Disruptive models• Turn challenges into opportunities• Indian customer is loath to pay for information/data;but they would pay for services!!
  14. 14. Opportunities for Funding• Key imperatives are• Pedigree of promoter group• Need-gap• Scalability• Pace• Ticket size• Bullet proof business plan
  15. 15. Thank