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how to use instagram for business

  • Instagram is a popular image sharing mobile application which can be used to edit images with new feature and share with millions of online users. Business organizations are using Instagram to make their business services and products and services visible to everyone. Some of the instagram marketing services such as Instagram comments and likes will help to make you popular quickly.
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  1. 1. Sejal Visawadia
  2. 2. What Is Instagram  Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network that was launched in October 2010  Users can upload or take photos, apply a digital filter to it  Users can then share it with other Instagram users they are connected to on the social network as well as on other social networking services (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr)
  3. 3. Instagram User Growth  Instagram has grown to 100MM users in the past year
  4. 4. Photo-Sharing Apps Among Fastest Growing App Categories  This growth is reflective of the popularity of photo sharing apps among social media users
  5. 5. Instagram’s Daily Active Users Eclipses That Of Pinterest’s Instagram has 11MM Daily Active Users A number significantly higher than Pinterest’s Daily Active Users
  6. 6. Who Is Using Instagram  Most Instagram users are between the ages 18-29 but Gen Xers closely follow
  7. 7. Instagram Is About Visual Content  Content Discovery   Content Creation   Users can find new content by searching for users and hashtags Instagram’s unique filters allow users to create interesting content Content Curation  Users can like, share via social networks and comment on photos by other users
  8. 8. How Does Instagram Work Once a user has installed the app, he create a profile and include a bio and a website URL Instagram allows users to find friends from other social network to follow Users can also search by username or hashtag in the Explore tab Photos posted by a user appear in their followers’ streams Photos that appear in a user’s stream or photos from the Explore tab can be shared on Twitter
  9. 9. Instagram Features     Instagram Filters Explore Tab Hashtags Photo Map
  10. 10. Filters   Instagram has seventeen filters users can choose from to create unique photos Filters remain the single most interesting feature that engage users
  11. 11. Explore  This tab features the most popular photos on Instagram     Popularity is based on the number of likes and comments Users can also search for a specific user by the username or for hashtags Brands must strive to post unique photos that are likely to be featured on the Explore tab Brands must create easily searchable usernames
  12. 12. Hashtags   Brands can leverage hahstags to enable users to discover and share photos Hashtags can also serve to drive awareness of the brand   E.g. Nike adapted the tagline Make It Count as a hashtag #counts Also, when users share the photo on Twitter with the hashtag it helps build awareness on that channel
  13. 13. Track Popular Hashtags To Participate In Conversations  Users and brands alike can track popular hashtags by using services such as  tracks trending/hot topics by hashtags   Using these hashtags help get in front of users who maybe searching for content Brands can also use these hashtags to participate in conversations resonating with users
  14. 14. Photo Map   Photo Map feature allows brands and users to geo-tag their photos with locations Brands can use this feature to add location to the photos and give followers a sense of intimacy  For example, sharing behindthe-scenes photos of a brand’s retail or manufacturing location gives consumers a front row access
  15. 15. Instagram Web Profiles    Instagram recently rolled out web profiles Users' web profiles resemble Facebook's Timeline template with a selection of recent images tiled above the profile photo Viewers can follow users, comment and like images as they do on the mobile app
  16. 16. Is Instagram Right For Brands  Search for photos that maybe tagged with the brand name    If users are already sharing content with the brand name it could signal an opportunity If competitors are using the platform it could mean a missed opportunity if the brand is not there Consider resources required to create visuals   Instagram is about storytelling, and compelling photos are integral Instagram also requires brands post regularly throughout the day and engaging with followers and users
  17. 17. Major Brands Are Quickly Adopting The Platform  40% of top 100 interbrands have a presence on Instagram
  18. 18. Some Brands That Are Doing It Right  Starbucks –   for its seasonally relevant content that centers around the product but does not feel forced Burberry –  for its stunning images of London, runway, red carpet celebrities and behind-the-scenes of shows and photo shoots
  19. 19. Starbucks   Hashtags used: #itsfallwhen, #StarbucksRefreshers, #Frappuccino Product shots promoting seasonal themes, sponsorship, events and offers
  20. 20. Burberry   Hashtag Burberry, BurberryWeather, LFW Images of city of London, Fashion shows, Cultural Events (e.g. Live Bands)
  21. 21. Instagram Strategy For Brands • Build Cross-promote on other social channels • Hold Instagram contests • Create a photo contest that will encourage followers and generate content • Post photos that go beyond product Engage Sustain • Leverage visuals to bring the brand voice to life • Give followers access to exclusive images to encourage shares, likes and comments • Participate in conversation with users and followers • Like/Share photos of users the brand follows • Comment and mention users to alert them
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