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Ist Think Tank Entreprenuers Forum in Lesotho ( invitation , call for papers and registration forms


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In front of the current main disruptive changes the world is facing, entrepreneurship, creating both wealth and social justice, is key for shaping the world.

It embraces the regionality of the entrepreneurial ecosystem
•Business Entrepreneurs
•Social Entrepreneurs
•Policy Makers
•Youth empowerment
•Research scientists
•Health professionals

It is altogether a Think Tank and a Do Tank

•We will share the latest trends and issues about global entrepreneurship.
•We will develop ideas and recommendations aimed at promoting and spreading entrepreneurship regionally .
•We will facilitate and implement entrepreneurial initiatives on a local or global scale

•By Creating Innovative and High-Growth Companies, to generate millions of jobs around the planet;
•Developing Entrepreneurship at the Bottom of the Pyramid, to alleviate poverty and create new markets;
•Implementing Entrepreneurial Education, to disseminate entrepreneurial mindset, skills and competencies throughout society, on a lifelong basis

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Ist Think Tank Entreprenuers Forum in Lesotho ( invitation , call for papers and registration forms

  1. 1. Invest in Life Box 9560, Maseru 0100. Lesotho Phone (+266) 63102600 . .Email: / Fax +27862742199! 05/01/2014 TO:________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Invitation Dear Sir/Madam RE: Think Tank Entrepreneurs Network, Statesmen Forum, Social Contract, and Youth Empowerment Forum in Lesotho and Brand Lesotho and Basotho in association with peoples welfare and development., You are cordially invited to the above forum to be held in Lesotho on the 28th to 31st May 2014 at Maseru Sun Hotel convention centre. Mission To hold a successful International conference that serves as a platform for the Think Tank Entrepreneurs Network, Statesmen Forum, Social Contract, and Youth Empowerment and development for which participants around the world can meet and discuss some of the challenges facing the continent today while creatively taking positions as leaders and coming up with solutions to some of the problems raised for discussion by engaging in constructive, intellectually stimulating debates. Additionally, the conference aims to encourage intercultural dialogue, and promote solidarity of African professionals, and entrepreneurs all over the world in an attempt to nurture existing friendships as well as create new networks around the world to build trade strategies. Vision We have a vision of all African professionals around the world coming and working together in one accord towards the achievement of the most vibrant economic growth and experience. To stand collectively, debate on pressing issues facing the continent and strive together for creative, innovative solutions for Africa’s problems and to show the creativity and passion the youth of Africa has for a better Continent. Cause In front of the current main disruptive changes the world is facing, health, entrepreneurship, creating both wealth and social justice, is key for shaping the world. Think Tank Entrepreneurs LTD is a partnership of experts who work with businesses, individuals, governments, and organizations to transform the way they work. Our blend of creativity and innovation with entrepreneurial spirit results in inspired leadership energized teams and engaged customers. Your bonafied office is humbly requested to partner and provide a sponsorship for the success of the above forum as a contribution to the social responsibility. Think Tank Entrepreneurs forum in association with people’s welfare and development is organizing the above forum which is also mingled with the trade exhibition, social
  2. 2. functions and tourism tours in the fabulous picturesque of the Country. It embraces the rationality of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and branding of Basotho professionals, Lesotho, and its beauty. The forum is intended to be attended by business associates, ministers, diplomats, high-level government and public sector officials, African and international organizations, international and African specialized organizations, as well as African intellectuals, academics, private sector and civil society from international and African countries. In the spirit of the brotherhood and in light of the current global social and economic challenges, it is prime to advance the African-international cooperation in all fields and build on what has been accomplished thus far Acknowledgement of the sponsorship will be made in a product market mix and promotion of the event, vested in your logo or emblem. It is to that backdrop that the Think Tank Entrepreneurs forum, the socio-Economic Forum, and youth empowerment forum is organized          To shed light on the status of Africa-international development cooperation based on the experiences of their entities involved in development operations, especially in the infrastructure sector. To improve investment a climate in international and African countries through further reforms in policies, procedures, and laws relating to domestic and foreign investment to attract more investments by both public and private sectors, particularly direct domestic and foreign investments. To determine potential cooperation domains in the fields of real estate, infrastructure construction, health, education, agriculture and food security. To highlight potential sectors and areas for public and private investments. To exchange views on the reasons underlying the sub-optimal commercial transactions between African countries themselves, and international countries and identify means for encouraging trade flow. Remove obstacles and difficulties including tariff barriers that hinder the flow of goods and products between the International, Arab and African regions and establish free trade areas to promote investments and trade between regions. To make practical recommendations to the on policies and instruments for encouraging mutual investments and improving trade. Bringing energy poverty alleviation to the forefront of Arab-African cooperation and in the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in view of energy's cross-cutting nature and being central to development and poverty reduction Encourage international, African and Arab financial institutions to develop mechanisms that encourage inter-investments in the Arab and African regions, and identify investment opportunities while working to remove difficulties and obstacles facing investors. Call upon the USAID, UNAIDS, World Bank, European Union, African Union Commission and the Secretariat of the League of Arab States to organize Think Tank Entrepreneurs Forum for financial institutions banking systems, investment agencies and investment funds to periodically discuss investment perspectives in the African regions.
  3. 3.     Establish a specialized mechanism that assists in identifying direct investments, their nature and location in all available areas, exchange of information and data about them, and promote and attract necessary funding for Businesses and youth empowerment forums. We will share the latest trends and issues about global health, wealth and entrepreneurship. We will develop ideas and recommendations aimed at promoting and spreading entrepreneurship regionally and globally. We will facilitate and implement entrepreneurial initiatives on a local or global scale Call upon all Entrepreneurs, statesmen, social think tanks, and youth empowerment bodies to organize regular workshops for investors and entrepreneurs in different the Arab and African countries to consult and exchange views about the implementation of joint projects. Develop a data base and network of existing institutions, and financial institutions for reciprocity, continued value added mutual benefits European, Asian, Australian, Asian, American, Arab and African national and regional financial institutions are encouraged to continue supporting socio-economic development including achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 and beyond, especially financing relevant projects in sectors such as agriculture, education, health, energy, drinking water and other social services. Follow Up on Implementation Think Tank Entrepreneurs Recommendations. The recommendations of the Think Tank Entrepreneurs Repertoire should be of high caliber and aims to Call upon the institutions to intensify their efforts in financing small and medium-sized projects through supporting operations of national, regional and international development banks and social funds in the International, Arab and African regions in view of their role in reducing unemployment and providing new business opportunities in the private sector. Encourage governments and private sector to support infrastructure in each of the African regions and between them, especially projects such as electrical grids, roads, other projects that facilitate trade and encourage investment, and pursue innovative financing mechanisms. Call upon the European Union, African Union Commission and the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States to review existing cooperation mechanisms between the international nations, Arab and African regions and take necessary measures to strengthen them and to establish innovative mechanisms as needed to implement decisions related to economic cooperation. Thank You Sejojo Phaaroe - CEO Think Tank Entrepreneurs (PTY) LTD Box 9560 Maseru Lesotho Phone: (+266) 63102600 Fax: +27 862742199
  4. 4. see registration information below Think Tank Conference Registration form; Affix Passport size photo above Initials Surname Name ____________________ REGISTRATION _______________________________ Flight Day registration R250 Visa requirement Yes Fulltime R1250 no Pass port number________________ Nationality ______________________ Accomodation Lesotho sun Accommodation Les otho boasts a variet y of accommodati on establishments, ranging from Hot els, L odges, and Guest Houses to Bed and Br eakf asts and t he unique Home stays which enabl e one to enjoy the uni que cult ure and hos pitalit y of t he Basotho Nati on. The Thi nk Tank Entr epr eneurs For um vehic les as an initi ative t hat promis es to improve the overall qu alit y of i nfrastructur e and ser vices to t he t ourism lodging f acilities thr oughout the kingdom. Tourism is a ver y competitive business and ther efor e we ar e operati ng at int ernational standar ds Maseru Sun REGI STER ON THE LINK BELOW AND BRING W ITH YOU THAT FREE VOUCHER TO THE REGI STRATI ON DESK FOR PAYMENT Victoria Hotel http://www. eventbrit e/thi nk -tank-entr epr enuers net work-statesmen-for um-social-contract-and-yout hempowerment-forum-tickets-9275522337?aff =eor g Khali Hotel W OULD YOU COMMI SION THE CONFERENCE SECRETARIATE TO ARRANGE ACCOMODATION FOR YOU YES NO Tribute Guest House IF NOT YOU CAN BO OK YOUR NEEDS HERE
  5. 5. http:// visitlesot avel/travel/ Accommodati on. aspx Black Swan Guest House Marits’oana Guest housE Trade exhibition Social function Opening banquet flyers/ Stand Beer fest Medical/lab equipment Jazz fest University Qala dinner Financial institution products Health walk Manufactured goods Other ______________________ Afro-els Trips Shuttle need Mohale dam Yes no Malea-lea Call for abstracts /paper to submitted Katse dam yes Kome village Semonkong Afroski paper
  6. 6. PAYMENT METHOD BANK TRANSFER CREDIT CARD If payment is by bank transfer we will furnish you with our banking details 