Eu horizon 2020 promoted by sejojo


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Eu horizon 2020 promoted by sejojo

  1. 1. EU-Horizon 2020 Promoted by Think Tank Entrepreneurs ( PTY) LTD, and Life Wise Consultants for Lesotho and Africa• Do you want to be constantly updated on European funding opportunities? Think Tank Entrepreneurs provides you with news on EU calls publication, reminders on deadlines and tips and tricks on how to submit / manage a proposal / project . We are specialised and registered in the EU as Health NCP. We provide information, guidance and technical assistance on European funds for health research projects. Our clients are researchers willing to participate and in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 and now the Horizon 2020• The bulk of EU research funding in FP7 go to collaborative research, with the objective of establishing excellent research projects and networks able to attract researchers and investments from Europe and the entire world.• This is to be achieved through a range of funding schemes: Collaborative projects, Networks of Excellence, Co-ordination/support actions, etc• We help you with proposal writing, consortia building, collaboration aspects, IPR issues and financial issues of your project in the thematic area.•