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comic satire in Gulliver Travels


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comic satire in Gulliver Travels

  1. 1. Topic • • • • • • • • • Comic satire in Gulliver’s Travels Name: Sejal Chauhan Paper No: 2 Paper Name: The Neo-Classical Literature Roll No: 31 M.A. Part:1 Sem:1 Year: 2013-15 Submitted to: Smt.S.B.Gardi Department of English M.K.Bhavanagar University.
  2. 2. Part-I • Swift is generally regarded as a master of corrosive satire and comic satire is not lacking in Gulliver’s Travels.
  3. 3. First Voyage-Voyage to Lilliput • Example of Comic Satire • Chapter-4 • One outstanding passage of comic satire in this account and it is the passage dealing with the • High-heels and low-heels • Big-Endians and the Little-Endians • Chapter-6
  4. 4. • Gulliver defends the reputation of the Lilliputian Lady whose name had been scandalously linked with his own. • Chapter-7 • Gulliver is in Blefuscu, lying on the ground to kiss the hands of the Emperor and the Empress.
  5. 5. Part-2 • Voyage to Brobdingnag • The increased comic effect is achieved mainly at the expense of Gulliver,because in the second voyage he is reduced in status and becomes obviously an object of comic satire. • Swift achieves a bitter yet comic irony in Gulliver’s unawareness and continued self-assurance.
  6. 6. • Gulliver is so small that the king can just lift him with his hand and stroke him as if he were a pet.
  7. 7. Part-3 The Flying Island • At least one critic thinks it to be the funniest part in the whole book. • Actually there is considerable laughing matter in part III. • Chapter-2 • Flappers • We are told that the people of Flying island are capable of catching the music of the spheres.
  8. 8. • Chapter-5 has been regarded as a satire on the kind of work which the Royal society in England was engaged upon in those days. • Chapter-6 describes political projects is also very funny. • Chapter-7 Gulliver finds that ghosts and spirits are in attendance at the dinner table.
  9. 9. Part-4 • Swift is attacking the Yahoo in each one of us. • Houyhnhnms produce a comic effect. • First nine Chapters of part 4 swift further simplifies and concentrates his attack by making almost no used of irony. • The attack on the Yahoos is not only severe, but literal and direct. • In every point wherein man and horse differ.
  10. 10. • Example:- four legs are better than two or that the human anatomy is defective because Gulliver cannot eat without lifting one of his fore-feet to his mouth. • Swift has fun with Gulliver in chapter-10. • In the final satirical vision of the concluding chapters of the book,Gulliver’s discontentment is enclosed in comic satire, with Gulliver himself as the target.
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