The secret ingredient of listening to your fans, VEGA - Community Conference 2014


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Head of Communication at Denmark's biggest music venue VEGA, Magnus Restofte, was at Community Conference in Copenhagen on the 3rd of April 2014 to speak about the secret ingredient of listening to your fans and community and what innovation that brings to your business.

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The secret ingredient of listening to your fans, VEGA - Community Conference 2014

  1. 1. Community Conference #VEGACPH
  2. 2.  VEGA is the biggest live venue in Denmark  Best European Live Venue (by Live Magazine)  Second largest music site in DK  Located in the listed building Folkets Hus, 1956 (Wilhelm Lauridsen)  Established in 1996  Approx. 200.000 guests each year  300-330 concerts each year – 700 bands/artists  Primary target group is between 18-40 years old. But our guests range between 15-65 in age. Magnus Restofte, Souschef & Kommunikationschef, VEGA,
  3. 3. Halls in VEGA
  4. 4. Community & Big Data …how can we make things even better? Before, during and after the concert • Building up anticipation and creating expectations starts long before the core experience. • After the concert – seeking confirmation. • We want you to remember… It is all part of the marketing and branding strategy. - Selling tickets and having people relate to VEGA.
  5. 5. Community & Big Data …how can we make things even better? The Mission • Building an even closer relationship between our guests and our venue – and thereby getting more dedicated and better ambassadors. • Secondary goal - Easier access to gatekeepers and ’word of mouth’ communication in online communities. To do that we need to keep making the experience in VEGA better • The experience is not just the concert! What we do: Collect and analyse data!
  6. 6. Making the experience better Analyse before, after and during the concert • What routines/rituals are there? • What barriers do the guests meet? • What can we control and what can we change for the better? Methods • Digital data – Facebook, Twitter, Insta,, apps, direct mail, ticket sales etc. • Observation – We can see, touch and talk to our guests! • Study – We work with partners who can ’go native’ and conduct ethnographic and anthropological studies. Not just in our venue but also in our guests’ home before and after the concert.
  7. 7. Making the experience better What kind of information do we get? Digital Band requests, how to…, where to…, praise and criticism, likes and shares, geographic and demographic data, what are you listening to right now. Observation and study • How do people move around at the venue? • What influence does the weather have? • What are the routines/rituals before and after? Babysitting, eating, transport, warm up. • Who is the gatekeeper for buying tickets? How do they get people to join the concert? • How do you decide where to stand at the venue?
  8. 8. Case: Your Concert Another way to collect data and looking at the concert experience. Digital – recruitment Physical - coaching and observation Focus: How do the event makers use our venue? What content do they focus on? Do they bring new guests in?
  9. 9. Future - Find Your Concert Personality A data collecting platform that tells what kind of concert guest you are CBI – new findings and new goals We need to get more useful digital data to analyse on. It is not what you say or want – but what you do not say or do not know you want. It has to be both data you normally do not share or tell us about and data you will happily give us – so you can get a result. We need more useful data to be more innovative. Goal: Make an app or a digital tool that will make it possible for guests/users to define (and be defined) and be put in a concert/music personality ‘box’. • It will help us communicate even better with our different types of guests. • It will make it possible for guests to find new music • It will make it possible for guests to find new friends • It will make it possible for guests to plan their concert even better and reduce some of the barriers We can make the experience even better – and keep the customer coming back… more often…
  10. 10. Magnus Restofte Vice CEO & Communication Manager / #vegacph