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Headstart Morgenseminar: Working as a Network


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Thomas Asger Hansen, Head of Global Working Culture hos Grundfos, har de sidste 5 år har han arbejdet med at implementere konceptet "digital workplace". I dette oplæg til Headstart Networks morgenseminar om "Netværk i organisationer" fortæller han hvordan en global virksomhed skaber bedre rammer for at arbejde sammen på tværs af afdelinger og tidszoner gennem en intern netværksplatform.

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Headstart Morgenseminar: Working as a Network

  1. 1. Working as a Network Digital Workplace Vision & Reality @thomasasger Click to edit Master text styles Global Working Culture (2012 – 2017) Purpose “To drive business growth, innovation, and strategy execution, by making it normal to engage openly in the globally connected Grundfos – internally and externally”
  2. 2. @gilaridgewell @thomasasger
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  4. 4. Grundfos Big Data Lab (2016 - ) 4 MISSION “We can and must use our data better to create new value and business opportunities” Consequentially, we will create a Grundfos big data platform and capability which serves the needs for big data computing, business development, and local agility. @thomasasg er
  5. 5. Big Data Lab Network: Network is growing steadily 5 4Q2016 1Q2017 IS Big Data Lab T&I IS Big Data Lab T&I Building Services D&E EMEA GEE Group Coms Group Sales & Marketing IS Opera- tions @thomasasg er
  6. 6. COLLABORATON NON-NEGOTIONAL STANDARDS This is why we do it  We do it since one of the strengths of an Enterprise is its ability to best use its capabilities and expertise, using the Enterprise Network at its full capacity  We do it since Working Out Loud and Open by default creates transparency (transparent silos)  We do it since the full potential value in digital project lies within how well different components and processes connect and interact together Rich Profile WOL Project overview One place  Any Team, Project, or Stream store files, documents, videos, notes, actions in one central place/site of their choice in our O365 ecosystem.  Cross links from front page to other important sites and projects  Master presentations are available in public folders  Update and maintain Projects, Skills, and Expertise in the personal Delve profile (5 minutes per month)  Weekly WOL by project members; max 1—5 lines (5 minutes per week) Cross link Open by default (make private sub-sites / folders if necessary) @thomasasger
  7. 7. Big Data and IoT Lab Collaboration Principles PUBLIC (O365 Group Site) Big Data and IoT Lab Yammer (public) Email Public Documents Planner VSTS Notebook Calendar Lists Cross links Private Documents Video  Cross links from front page to other important sites and projects  Master presentations are available in public folders  Members rich profiles (Delve) are updated  Weekly WOL by project members; max 1—5 lines (5 minutes per week)  We use Planner for our tasks! Only the tasks which are not born out of either VSTS or Plans/Buckets/Tasks in other projects end up in the Team Planner (i.e. Big Data and IoT Lab. Team Collaboration Platform PUBLIC Team Y PUBLIC Project X @thomasasger
  8. 8. GLOBAL WORKING CULTURE Mission (WHY) • Identify new ways of working effectively • ‘Push Grundfos across the gap’ Method (HOW) • Frontloading and Innovating • Design Thinking Actions (WHAT) • Pilot Projects • Business Consultancy SMARTWORKER Mission (WHY) • Give back 1 million hours to our business functions • ‘Pull Grundfos across the gap’ Method (HOW) • Scalable Deployment Models • User Adoption Framework Actions (WHAT) • WorSsmart portal • Productivity Teams & Ambassador Communities • Communication framework • Adoption metrics . . . AND IT HAPPENS ONE PERSON OR USE-CASE AT A TIME. WE HELP THE ORGANIZATION CROSS THE CHASM . . . @thomasasger
  9. 9. ‘LEARNING’ A GLOBAL WORKING CULTURE 1st Employee Advocacy pilot 1st Social Media Management pilot launched by Marketing Prospect- Finder pilot SAP Jam Social Listening pilot (NetBase) 2nd Maturity Assessment Pulsar for Yammer Analytics New InSite mock-up Product Centre Customer Community Thought Leader Social Business Enablement Reach for the Stars Lead App 2nd employee advocacy pilot BD Project Template 1st YamJam (MWB1) DACH OneOffice team concept Sprinklr Ramp-Up UX Excellence Guide Collabora- tion Analytics 2012 20152013 2014 MWB5 definition Yammer with HR (P&S) Grundfos Social Business Policy Launch of Global Working Culture Talent Event 1st Maturity Assessment 1st integrated Social Business strategy framework (Cookbook) Mads Blog Social Business Intelligence pilot (Sprinklr) MHD Strategy Engagement Case Community Planning Guide Virtual Leadership Module 1 Strategy 2020 MWB5 Practises Voice of the Customer Community (VoC) Community Management Enablement Global Purchase Enablement Key Collaboration Behaviour Analytics IN PROGRESS CLOSED DOWNCOMPLETE CHANGE DRIVER: BEHAVIOR TECHNOLOGY Worksmart Portal Internal Personas Surveys, Self Assessment, and Leadership Communication Design Thinking: Rich Profile Digital Workplace and Productivity user journeys @thomasasger