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A Primer on Network Analysis for Business

Slides of the course on big data by C. Levallois from EMLYON Business School.
For business students. Check the online video connected with these slides.

-> Definition of networks and discussion on how useful they can be for business.

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A Primer on Network Analysis for Business

  1. 1. MK99 – Big Data 1 Big data & cross-platform analytics MOOC lectures Pr. Clement Levallois
  2. 2. MK99 – Big Data 2 A primer on network analysis for business • Network - A dataset made of entities and their relationships • Quasi synonym: – Graph
  3. 3. MK99 – Big Data 3 This is a network
  4. 4. MK99 – Big Data 4 Social networks Source: Network of friends on Facebook
  5. 5. MK99 – Big Data 5 But also network of products Source: “Recipe recommendation using ingredient networks”
  6. 6. MK99 – Big Data 6 Or network of terms in a text “Journal Editorials give indication of driving science issues” Source: Visualization created with VosViewer
  7. 7. MK99 – Big Data 7 Networks can be huge 50,000 Twitter accounts of Swedish speakers Source: In a non visual way: “The Anatomy of the Facebook Social Graph” (2011) -> study of 721 million active Facebook users and the 69 billion friendship links connecting them
  8. 8. MK99 – Big Data 8 A note on the terminology X Y A “node” (also called a vertex, plural vertices). An “edge” (or a tie, or a link…) A directed network (the direction of the relation matters) An undirected network (the direction of the relation does not matter) A weighted network (the edges have a “strength” represented by a numerical value) 3 Y was born in … Y’s marital status is … Y’s latitude is … Y’s longitude is … Nodes attributes (NB: edges can have attributes too!)
  9. 9. MK99 – Big Data 9 Networks: what use for business?
  10. 10. MK99 – Big Data 10 Segmentation Same network, with segments highlighted Car drivers and their similarities Families with young children Single men with sports tastes Professionals who need pick-ups
  11. 11. MK99 – Big Data 11 Finding key players Same network, with key players highlighted A social network Key player? Gate keeper?
  12. 12. MK99 – Big Data 12 Understanding info spread 1. initial tweet 2. one retweet 3. retweets of the retweet 4. 3rd degree of propagation Initial tweet: @seinecle: “sentiment analysis on Twitter for free... finally put back” Service provided by
  13. 13. MK99 – Big Data 13 Full dynamics, incl. for large networks Video of the Dutch interbank money market: all transactions, 2008-2013.
  14. 14. MK99 – Big Data 14 Network visualizations in these slides were created with:
  15. 15. MK99 – Big Data 15 This slide presentation is part of a course offered by EMLYON Business School ( Contact Clement Levallois (levallois [at] for more information.