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Innovate Something Wonderful


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The Schneider Electric ‘Innovate Something Wonderful” contest helps you innovate something new by solving jigsaw puzzles.

You just have to solve 6 puzzles over a period of 20 days and make sure you solve them smartly and quickly.

Participate in the Wall contests.

Participate in contests on other Social Media channels of Schneider Electric.

What do you win?
Schneider Electric Pen Drives
A pair of Bose Headphones
A Samsung Galaxy Tab

Contest Duration – March 12th to Mar 31st, 2013

Published in: Technology
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Innovate Something Wonderful

  2. 2. Hello… Schneider Electric India takes immense pride in launching ACTI 9, an MCB & RCCB range with 21 new patents and 5 generations of experience. Its exciting new range of features makes it the most innovative MCB around! To celebrate ACTI 9, we bring you “Innovate Something Wonderful”
  3. 3. What is“Innovate Something Wonderful”? Schneider Electric believes that innovation can be achieved through the simplest of things. This campaign Innovate Something Wonderful is launched to encourage smart innovation through simple things in day to day life and this is what our product ACTI 9 represents. So, do you have what it takes to challenge our ACTI 9? Are you smart? Are you innovative? Go ahead and show us by INNOVATING SOMETHING WONDERFUL!
  4. 4. What is“Innovate Something Wonderful”? We will bring to you 6 unique jigsaw puzzles between 12.03.13 and 31.03.13. All you have to do is solve them smartly, quickly and innovatively to win exciting prizes everyday. The judgment parameters are “number of moves made” and the “time taken”. You could also win weekly prizes by participating in our other contests and the final prize by being the most active participant over all during the campaign phase! Hurry, get innovative!
  5. 5. DAILY PRIZES  A Greener day, Every day. Who wins? Whoever solves the puzzle fastest. What do they win? A Schneider Electric Pen Drive Where? On Schneider Electric India’s Facebook page/ Innovate something wonderful app
  6. 6. WEEKLY PRIZES  Wall Contests every Friday. Who wins? The best reply. What do they win? A pair of Bose Headphone Where? On Schneider Electric India’s Facebook page
  7. 7. GRAND PRIZE  What do they win? A Samsung Galaxy Tab  Who wins? The Most Active participant. The number of times a participant has solved the puzzle fastest, participated in the weekly contest and the score overall contribute to the decision. Your activity on Schneider Electric India’s other Social Media channels also counts!
  8. 8. TAKE THE CHALLENGE Click here