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Industry Business - Helping you to produce more while using less of your energy

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  • First of all, I want to give you a brief overview of our heritage. Despite the Germanic sound our name, we are a French company, created in 1836 at Le Creusot, a small town in Burgundy. We started out as canon-makers, before going into other areas of the steel industry. In the second part of the 20th century, we entered into what would eventually become the historical business of Schneider Electric : Power & Control, first and foremost by acquiring Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique in France, followed by Square D and Modicon in the US. Thanks to those acquisitions, we also became an international company. (For instance, we have been in India since 1963 and in China since 1988.) At the end of nineties, as a symbol of our shift in focus towards Power & Control, Groupe Schneider was renamed Schneider Electric. In 2001, we embarked on a wave of targeted acquisitions to again refocus our business from Power & Control to Energy Management. We acquired MGE in Secured Power as well as APC in order to become a leader in Critical Power and Cooling (2007). We then proceeded to acquire TAC in the sector of Building Management in 2003 and Pelco in 2008, thus becoming a top player in building automation and security, Power measurement for power and monitoring systems (a crucial element in energy efficiency). Last but not least, we acquired Xantrex, a leader in connectivity and reliability systems for renewable energies. In 2010 we entered into the process of acquiring Areva Tranmission & Distribution together with Alstom. Today this acquisition makes us N°2 worldewide in the medium voltage field, ready to lead the smart grid challenges To sum up, the company has been transformed since 2001. We extended our business portfolio as well as doubling our sales and our number of people. Our dynamic history explains who we are today: the global specialist in energy management
  • Our playground is in the gap between energy production (coal, nuclear, hydraulic, etc) and energy usage (what energy enables us to do in our everyday lives). It is what we call “energy management”. It consists in making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. With this unique position we can provide up to 30% savings on almost 3/4 of the final energy consumption. Meaning industrial, infrastructure, tertiary and residential buildings. Basically everything expect transportation!!! Let’s take a closer look at how we do this…
  • Easy to indentify are: lighting. Less obvious are: motor that don't work in it's optimal efficient point; machines powered by electric motors that are not being used to produce but are on; pumps and fans that work without a VSD and need variable speed; a ball mill without an advanced and optimized control; a flotation circuit that is managed integrated by MES and SCADA; an underground mine without a ventilation and drainage automated control system. Just some examples.
  • Schneider Electric’s Projects and Services Team leverage global best practice, competencies and methodology, together with local delivery and know how to deliver you outstanding results. Our tools, standards and proven architectures allow us to apply these best practices in your project with the safety, quality and confidence you demand. Businesses today know that implementing technology alone will not automatically deliver the solution they demand. We understand that any project you implement requires improved productivity and safety, combined with reduced costs and risk. By considering the business, change management and technical aspects of an implementation we ensure that you optimize your assets and reduce your total cost of ownership, whilst achieving the business outcomes you require. Providing integrated solutions across our market segments, we bring you the benefits of our expertise in industry and infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings, data centers and networks. Our tools, standards and proven architectures allow us to apply these best practices in your project with the safety, quality and confidence you demand.
  • Safe: we are protecting humans and assets (ex : avoid risks related to electrocution, fire etc.) Reliable: we are helping to keep power on at a time when the grid is not always perfectly reliable and the users’ expectations are growing higher and higher Efficient: with the rising cost of energy, we want to help our customers make savings and be more efficient, we want to help our customers optimize their Capex and Opex Productive: through more automation within the premises of our customers, more connectivity, more services at all stages of the lifecycle Green: renewable energy solutions Apart from us, there are no companies that can solve this difficult equation today, since It requires a fairly broad portfolio as well as strong capacity to build integrated solutions based on this portfolio These 5 directions are not always compatible easily (if you shed loads to be efficient, this does not help with reliability, adding safety to a process may not help to be more productive etc.). It requires strong application knowledge of the main segments we want to focus on. 
  • Evolving from the Primordial Ooze Emerging ability to answer basic questions Building comfort management How do I control the temperature in the building? White space management Are the batteries in my UPS OK? Security management Can I put in a system so I can get coverage with less people? Power management Am I getting good power quality from the utility? Process & machine management How can I improve my manufacturing process? The Dark Ages Getting better – “separate but equal” All domains have independently evolved to a similar stage within their domain and solve similar customer problems Efficiency Availability Performance Safety and Security All have similar levels of capabilities Alarming Monitoring Discovery The Renaissance Moving toward “solution excellence” Goal: Solve the same problems at the facility level, independent of domain Efficiency Availability Performance Safety and Security How: High-level dashboards, mashups, metrics – easily understood by humans Energy management requires collaboration between domains Collaboration opens new capabilities for building-level solutions Cannot “evolve backwards” – deep domain expertise still required
  • Schneider Electric’s multi-pronged approach to optimizing energy: 1) Undergo an Energy Audit to discover energy waste in the process via the EnergySTEP services. 2) Get a detailed view of process energy with PowerStruxure . 3) Automate active energy management into the process by connecting automation and control to energy monitoring systems using PlantStruxure . Use advanced process control to achieve more and operate within optimal efficiencies. 4) Track energy and production data for long term analysis in order to quantify energy waste in the process and identify continuous improvement projects using the EcoStruxure suite of solutions.
  • Tested, Validated, and Documented architectures provide value to OEMs by reducing not only design time, but also risk. In our laboratories we test multiple combinations of products in different arrangements and to the limit of their performance, to ensure the functionality under extreme conditions. The generation of the documentation which must accompany every machine is a time-consuming process. Using TVDs the process is simplified and the OEM can leverage ready-to-use designs in common CAD formats.
  • Zigbee : 10 meters
  • Industry business

    1. 1. Industry BusinessHelping you to produce more whileusing less of your energy
    2. 2. Schneider ElectricThe global specialist in energy management Balanced geographies – FY 2011 sales , Year-end 2011 employeesbillion € sales in 2011 Western North Europe America 32% 23% 44,200 Asia 28,300 Pacific% of sales in new economies Rest of 27% World 42,600 18% 22,000 , Diversified end markets – FY 2011 salespeople in 100+ countries Utilities & Infrastructure 24% Industrial processes & machines 22% Data centres 16% Non-residential buildings 29%of sales devoted to R&D Residential 9% Listed on the ParisSchneider Electric - Division - Name Market – CAC40 Stock – Date 2
    3. 3. More than 175 years of history Energy 2010 Acquisition of Areva’s distribution 1999 Management activity (in process) Power & Groupe Schneider becomes 2008 Schneider Electric, Control focused on Power & Control Acquisition of Xantrex 1996 2007 Acquisition of Modicon, historic leader in APC corp. and Pelco Automation, becomes a Schneider brand 2005 Acquisition of 1991 Power Measurement Inc.Steel Square D joins Groupe Schneider 2003-2008 Targeted acquisitions in wiring devicesIndustry 1988 and home automation (Lexel, Clipsal, Merten, Ova, GET, etc.) Telemecanique joins 2003 Groupe Schneider Acquisition of1836 T.A.C 1975Creation of Schneider 2000 Merlin Gerin joinsat Le Creusot, France Acquisition of Groupe Schneider MGE UPS Systems 19th century Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 20th century 21st century 3
    4. 4. A unique positioning Global specialist in Energy Management Energy production Making energy: Covering Energy usage & transmission •Safe •Reliable World Energy •Efficient consumption •Productive •GreenSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 4
    5. 5. Industrial Processes and Machines Business size Strategic directions of the Business Geographies New • Solutions and architectures for Machines €4.4bn and Plants economies • Best in Class products 35 % #2 • Targeted Segments 56 % worldwide Industrial automation • Solutions for Energy Management and Mature Installed Based Services countries Main levers of differentiation • Global Coverage • Comprehensive solutions for our customers • Energy Management through EcoStruxureSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 5
    6. 6. Multiple delivery channelsto meet customer needs… End Users / System Integrators OEM Machine Builders OEM Panel Builders Distributors Automation Automation Machine Plant Components Bundles Solutions Solutions Product BusinessSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date Solution Business 6
    7. 7. Industry Products Push Sensors Optimum Power Motor buttons & & RFID temperature supplies Starters & signaling control Contactors AC servo drives & motors AC Innovations drives Wireless and Battery less Pushbuttons All-in-one integrated drive and HMI servo motor advanced panels Ultrasonic proximity sensor, to detect all materials Supervisory, PAC, engineering & PLC & Programming Controllers software 14-P1Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 7
    8. 8. Our Vision Segment Focus Energy Management Best in Solutions Class and Products Services We see a world where our industrial customers produce more while using less of their energySchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 8
    9. 9. How do we do it?Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 9
    10. 10. Schneider Electric can help beyond the easily identifiable energy efficiency opportunities Less obvious, but with higher impact: Energy Efficiency through process and machine efficiency… •Energy Procurement Services •Process Optimization •Asset Management •Energy Audits •Demand Response •Renewable IntegrationSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 10
    11. 11. Guarantees compatibility andenhances user experience Enterprise portal Power management Process & Machines management White Space Supervision management Building management Security managementSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 11
    12. 12. Process & Machine Management Business Process Business Operations SoCo Project > Process Expert Ampla > Plant Operation Allows industrial and infrastructure companies to meet their automation needs while delivering on growing energy management requirements. In a single environment, measured energy and process data can be analysed and used to yield a holistically optimized plant. Helps machine-building OEMs achieve faster, lower-risk, and more energy-efficient designs and installations through the use of tested, validated, and documented architectures and function blocks incorporating flexible machine control, a seamlessly integrated hardware platform, and a comprehensive and integrated software suite called SoMachineTM.Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 12
    13. 13. Delivering Projects and Services Worldwide • Continuous improvement initiativesSpecialty • • Energy audits Asset utilization and plant optimizationConsulting • Plant maintenance optimization • Proven engineering processes Project • • Strong partner network Project planning, control and certification Management • Risk and issue management • Cost and budget management • Scope and requirements definition System • • Application design best practice ExcoStruxure standards & design, proven architectures Design • 3rd party product integration (ERP, Historian, OPC etc) • Hardware architecture and interface design • Configuration and custom development Project • System integration and implementation Engineering • • System and user optimization Hardware programming and configuration • Migration services for legacy and 3rd party systems Installation • On site support and training Lifecycle • • Spares and repairs service and maintenance contractsSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 13
    14. 14. 837 partners in 37 countriesAustralia MalaysiaAustria MexicoBelgium NamibiaBrazil NetherlandsBulgaria New ZealandCanada PolandChina PortugalColombia RussiaCzech republic Saudi ArabiaDenmarkEstonia or Serbia SingaporeFinland South AfricaFrance SpainGermany SwedenIceland SwitzerlandIndia ThailandIndonesia United KingdomIreland USAItalySchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 14
    15. 15. In detailSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 15
    16. 16. The energy equation:a system under tension and conflict Environmental impact People safety Asset integrity Safe Energy availability Energy quality Offer quality Gre e en el iabl R Energy efficiency Reduced Opex Reduced Capex e tiv Deployment speed Ef uc Ability to integrate fi od Ability to scale ci en Pr t Carbon free Easy installation Easy connectionSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 16
    17. 17. The evolution of management systems forfacilities Emerging ability to answer Getting better – “separate Moving toward “solution 1 basic questions 2 but equal” 3 excellence” “Facility management” Integrated quasi-system MANAGEMENT system Domain excellence + The five management The reign of “domain collaboration evolves “domains” take shape excellence” towards “solution excellence”Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 17
    18. 18. : the right ecosystem to supportthe convergence of 5 key domains promise: Power White Space ● Guaranteed compatibility / synergy / Management Management capability between the 5 domains of expertise ● Energy monitoring everywhere, with Process Building & Machine Management up to 30% EE Management ● Enabled by the right connecting Security Management technologies: ● IP as a common highway ● Web services as a common language (SOA architectures) Making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and greenSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 18
    19. 19. A complete system approach Domain Services Products Control Supervision Enterprise Cloud Power Quality Energy Energy savings & CO2 Power & Energy monitoring portal IPMCC POWER Local MV control Local LV control Power SCADA EEM Renewables energy conversion Continuous process Discrete process General machine control PROCESS & Packaging Process Control SCADA MES MACHINES Material Handling Hoisting Pump & fan control PDUs (rack, traditional) White space monitoring UPS WHITE Cooling (in raw, perimeter) Inventory mgt & workflow SPACE Surveillance Environmental monitoring Capacity simulation & modelling Lighting Heating BUILDING Ventilation Air conditioning Building Control CONTROL Zone control Lifts & escalators Access control Video surveillance Video surveillance SECURITY Emergency lighting Access control Alarms THIRD PARTIESSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 19
    20. 20. optimizes energyby connecting automation & control with energymonitoring Energy MES Process Process Control Energy Control & MES & Automation Monitoring Energy SCADA Process • Optimize Production SCADA • Optimize Energy Consumption • Maximize availability Control & assets utilization. Process • Maximize availability Control Energy & energy utilization. Monitoring Devices & I/Os Collaborative Production energy optimization: Better consumption architecture bridging reduced energy consumption per forecasting, critical for silos to yield optimized unit of production & improved engaging in demand- plants & processes. emissions reporting. response programs.Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 20
    21. 21. Help you manage yourprocess more efficientlywhile using less energySchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 21
    22. 22. Reduce complexity for OEMs One single Unique TVDA* End-to-end Simple and easy software value service support to use environment proposition In t e g r a t e d s o f t w a r e S o M a c h in e : Simplify machine Motion centric programming & commissioning Drive centric Speed up Logic “concept to centric design” 4 hardware control Optimise machine platforms production, flow Embedded Intelligence where it is needed and capacity Optimise on- site intervention costs 6 targeted applications HMI centric Hoisting, Textile, Packaging, Conveying, HVAC&R, Elevators & EscalatorsSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 22
    23. 23. TVD Architectures● Tested ● Tested in laboratory by experts ● Ensuring the right functional performance in all possible configurations● Validated • Full functional compatibility of the devices● Documented ● A complete user guide gives all the details required for installing and building your application with confidence • Ready to use with e-plan: predefined CAD panel designs & wiring diagrams ● Up to 50 % control system design time savings ● Installation time reductionSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 23
    24. 24. Innovation for Simplicity Simplified offers Simplified maintenance Modicon M218 Controller for new economies Altivar 32 and Lexium 32 drives  MMS  e-mail  Wap  Internet Getting closer and being more responsive to local needs Send-Receive Configuration everywhere & any time Adapting our offer to meet customer needs Upload-Download Configuration with Drive Best Monitor-Control Drive In Self powered wireless pushbutton and Class Altivar 212 – for HVAC applications Magelis STU Communications with all BMS • Modbus • Apogee FLN P1 • Metasys N2 Ensure permanent • BacNet availability - battery less Ø 22mm mounting system Robustness for harsh Dedicated HVAC Ethernet embedded environment features/blocks Powered by Vijeo Designer Mobile control Simplified assemblySchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date Simplified integration 24
    25. 25. EcoStruxure references Wastewater Treatment Plant, Torrevieja Alicante Cementos Argos Csepel (HUNGARY) Desalination plant (SPAIN) (COLOMBIA) One of the most important The new Europes largest One of the leaders in cement manufacturer in wastewater treatment reverse osmosis Latin America, invested to plant desalination build the largest plant in the region •95% of wastewater treated instead of 54%. •20% energy savings •10% energy savings tracked and •15% design cost reduction •Reduction of the electrical risks to guarantee sustainable along the time •Budapest City will comply with European the equipment operation and the people Union regulation protection •The new wastewater treatment plant will •Ergonomic solution that offers easy allow Energy efficiency maintenance, long life utility and easy future upgrades Global supervision Global supervision Global supervision > Vijeo Citect SCADA > Vijeo Citect SCADA > ION E and Citect SCADA Power management Power management Power management • Power quality mitigation • Metering • High density metering • Local LV/MV protection & control • Power quality mitigation • Power quality mitigation • Intelligent power & motor control • Local LV/MV protection & control • Local LV/MV protection & control • Intelligent power & motor control • Intelligent power & motor control Process and machines management Process and machines management Process management • Process automation • Pump & fan control • Process automation • Substation automation • Industrial applications control • Pump & fan control Services Services Complete study and design of the architecture. Services • Commissioning • Project management • Installation • Standardization and objects library creation • Commissioning • Tests • Full delivery and commissioning of motor • Installation • • Programming & configuration control, process automation and energy Tests efficiency from MV to LV. • Programming & configurationSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 25
    26. 26. Make the most ofyour energy™Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 26