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Home is where the heart is. You want to spend more of your time enjoying the pleasures of home and hearth.

What are you really looking for in your home? At different times of your life there are different answers – new meanings to old words, new definitions of common phenomena. And the whole thinking will be further complicated by
technologies evolving faster every day.

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Home improvement

  1. 1. A new perspective to look at your home
  2. 2. Eye Your HOME ANEW
  3. 3. Home is where the heart is. You want to spendmore of your time enjoying the pleasures of homeand hearth.What are you really looking for in your home?At different times of your life there are differentanswers – new meanings to old words, newdefinitions of common phenomena. And thewhole thinking will be further complicated bytechnologies evolving faster every day.
  4. 4. Time changes. Technology advances. Lifestyle evolves.So does your idea of perfection. One thing is certainthough, your need for electricity is more important thanever and is an indispensable part of your life.Twenty years ago, there might be little disruption toyour home life during a power outage. You might lighta candle or go to bed early. However, with the internetrevolution and technological advances, our home lifeis different now. Just imagine, being “disconnected”because there is no electricity for your internet router orcordless phone, you are “inconvenienced” because thereis no electricity to power your home appliances, and you“lack security” because there is no electricity to keepyour security system running.Look at your home from a new perspective.
  5. 5. Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energymanagement and pioneer in catering to your sophisticatedelectrical needs. An in-depth understanding of lifestyle,technology and sustainability ensure what we do ismeaningful and relevant to you. We rewrite the answers tothe traditional questions about electrical safety and homedecor, and provide the solutions to environmental causeswhilst enhancing comfort and convenience.That’s why you have to eye yourHOME ANEW, from a high groundbuilt for you by Schneider Electric.Carefree Home ∙ Beautiful Home ∙ Enlightened Home ∙ Wiser Home
  6. 6. Carefree HomeTo enjoy your home you must feel carefree – sleep well andwake up happy, with the peace of mind that your home is up andrunning in good order with the minimum chance of electricalhazards, communication disconnection, criminal intrusion orhome accidents.
  7. 7. Always-on Connectivity Lifestyle changes with the internet. Now many people are used to online video entertainment, social media, web surfing or web chatting at home. But with a sudden power cut, you can be disconnected completely from the outside world as your internet router, computer and digital cordless phone all use electricity. Schneider Electric’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) gives you backup power so that you can stay connected with your family and friends miles away even during an extended power outage. raditionally, your From a new perspective, family’s peace there is an ever rising need of mind once for electricity from modern Quality Power, Quality Enjoyment Home electricity is actually full of noise andcame from basic home day sophisticated systems and interference, and the quality of electricity iselectrical safety with no appliances – virtually everything often unstable. Even electronic components orelectrocution or accidents in a good home needs electricity. appliances will generate electromagnetic noise. Schneider Electric helps youfrom short-circuits, All of these affect the audio and visual quality of to ensure a safe, continuous, your TV and home entertainment system. Withoverloads, or electrical quality electricity supply so that isolated noise filtering and voltage regulationleakages and lightning you can have a carefree home, functions, Schneider Electric’s AV Power Filter andstrikes. Home security on top of safety and security. Power Conditioner eliminate electrical noise andsimply meant “lock up”. interference to minimize audio and visual distortion with the best picture and sound for your discerning eyes and ears.
  8. 8. Full Time Protection Have you ever used wet hands to turn switches on or off in your kitchen? Are you using your hairdryer in a wet washroom after a shower? More electrical and electronic items such as small TVs and radios are being installed in humid places like bathrooms, outdoor gardens or balconies. Waterproofing and weatherproofing is vitally important. Schneider Electric’s sockets with RCD add ground fault protection, while the Kavacha membrane switch covers and socket covers give you and your family full-time protection from dangerous electricity leakages due to wet hands. In addition, our Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) and Residual Current Devices (RCD) provide reliable electrical distribution and protection of the electrical circuits throughout your home. Uninterrupted Safety and Security Power surges and voltage spikes caused by lightning or electronics will damage your valuable home entertainment systems, while a sudden power outage will shorten their lifetime too. Safe and continuous electricity supply is essential to operate and protect your home equipment and systems. Schneider Electric’s surge protectors provide better electricity surge absorption, and our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) helps to ensure your security system and valuable home entertainment system are always up and running.Light on DemandAccidents can happen when you step up to yourdark front entrance at night, or when you goinside the garage or storage room, or when yourlittle ones get up and walk down the corridorin the middle of the night. Keep safe withSchneider Electric’s simple lighting automationthat uses Argus occupancy sensors to detectmovement and turn lights on only when andwhere you need it.
  9. 9. AV Power Filter & Power Conditioner Schneider Electric’s AV Power Filter protects high performance home audio-video systems from electrical noise interference and damaging power transients. Its isolated noise filter banks can improve sound and video quality by eliminating electromagnetic and radioKavachaWeatherproof Membrance Switch & Socket Covers frequency interference (EMI/RFI) as a source of audio- video signal degradation. AV Power Conditioner not only offers noise filtering functions, but also pure sine- wave battery backup power to prevent interruptionsConventional weatherproof covers help to keep switches and sockets and lost multimedia server data.dry when they are closed, but they must be opened for people to usethe switches and sockets. This creates the strange scenario where theprotection is gone when you need it most. With its patent-pendingdesign, Kavacha full-time weatherproof covers enable the switchesand sockets to be operative even when the covers are closed, offeringuninterrupted protection. Better still, the crystal-clear material ensuresthat the interior design is uninterrupted too. Kavacha is the superior full-time shield for switches and sockets operating in damp conditions. Back-UPS® Uninterruptable Power Supply The Back-UPS® family offers guaranteed power protection for your internet network, computers, routers/modems, high performance electronics, lighting, etc in your home. It provides abundant backup battery during electricity outages and unsafe voltage fluctuations, as well as protection from damaging surges and spikes. The Back-UPS® family also runs an automatic periodic battery self-test to ensure early detection for battery placement and proactively notifies you of changing UPS and utility power conditions. It is designed to allow the use of up to two transformer block plugs without blocking access to other receptacles. Available in tower and floor styles.
  10. 10. Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) Schneider Electric’s low voltage miniature circuit ARGUS breakers provide safe and reliable electrical distribution as well as protecting electrical circuits against short- circuit and overload currents. The closing contacts and tripping mechanism allow high load currents to be held Ceiling-mount Occupancy Sensors and isolated from the circuit and the ON/OFF status is clearly indicated. The add-on residual current module ARGUS occupancy sensors automate the switching or dimming of lights by detecting detects electric current leakage and disconnects the movement within a space. They even automate motor load switching for air-conditioners, circuit to prevent electrocution and injury from electric fans, blinds and curtains. Passive Infrared (PIR), Dual-tech (PRI+Ultrasonic) and dimmable shocks. IEC compliant. sensors are available for various applications. PIR occupancy sensors detect motion by sensing temperature profile changes, which is suitable for detecting large body movements. Dual-Tech occupancy sensors combine both PIR and ultrasonic technology, detecting the tiniest movement to ensure maximum effectiveness for almost every application in every space. Dimmable occupancy sensors can work alone or in systems. They detect natural light and movement to control lighting for optimal ambience. IR remote control makes programming simple. With ARGUS occupancy sensors, there is no more fumbling for lightSurgeArrest® switches in the dark or leaving lights on that you don’t really need.Surge ProtectorSchneider Electric’s Surge Protectors protect your audio andvideo electrical equipment from lightning and power surges ZENcelo and NEOtraveling over COAX and data lines. Its state of the art circuitryoffers sensitive electronic equipment excellent protectionagainst large surges and multiple surge events. Additional Wall-mount Occupancy Sensorsfeatures like plentiful outlets, long power cord, phone linesplitter, status indicator, cord management and more make Wall-mounted 2-wire PIR occupancy sensors canthis one of our most complete surge offerings. replace normal switches to automate switching or dimming of lights by detecting movement within a space. Wall-mounted occupancy sensors are available in ZENcelo and NEO styles to match other ZENcelo and NEO switches and sockets in your home.
  11. 11. Beautiful HomeEvery artist knows that true beauty lies in the details. Great interior designers are also awareof this and demand perfection in even the smallest detail, physically and sensually.
  12. 12. raditionally, From a new perspective, furniture and in addition to these physical fixtures, lamps, design elements, you also needflooring, wall colour to take care of every little detailand materials were well such as discreetly placed lightmatched with the overall switches to match the interiors. And a truly beautiful homeinterior design in a would also provide the mood andbeautiful dwelling. ambience to infuse your home with character and life. Schneider Electric helps you to enhance your interior design and take care of your senses with the smallest details.
  13. 13. Wall switches as a Design Element You can never avoid wall switches at home as they are located at eye level and you touch them every day. Ugly light switches become unavoidable eyesores, while beautiful switches explicitly enhance the overall interior design. Schneider Electric’s switches and sockets boast a full spectrum of attractive colours, patterns, materials and finishes that will fit in various design concepts, match different decoration context, and actually enhance them. Why be content with conformity when a little extra attention to detail will achieve true distinction?Fine Lighting for Mood and AmbienceTo go from better to the best interior design, your mood and senses shouldalso be well taken care of. With the right ambience, a space can provide asensual experience, from cosy peacefulness to passionate romance. The bestway to achieve that is through Fine Lighting. Fine Lighting is the art of creatinginspiration with light that’s matched to the occasion. This is implemented byinterplaying designer lighting fixtures with light intensities from various artificialand natural light sources. Lamps, blinds and curtains are adjusted via onetouch scene control system to ensure the same perfect mood and ambienceevery time. This can be easily achieved with Schneider Electric’s 2-wireTruRetrofit lighting control or interoperable control systems. Lighting Control in Action There are 3 general approaches to dimming and scene control. Standalone dimming uses a dimmer to control a single light source to manually adjust the brightness to create simple ambience. Collective dimming makes use of more than one dimmer to control different light sources to create ambience by a multitude of lighting effects. Scene control systems are used to control different light sources simultaneously, allowing different combinations of light sources to be switched on or off to the pre-set brightness. You can recall your pre-set scenes at one touch of a button with wireless control. There are 2 types of scene control systems: the 2-wire TruRetrofit that directly replaces the existing 2-wire mechanical switches, offering scene control without the hassle of rewiring; and the interoperable control system that suits situations where the whole house rewiring is done, providing more scene options and compatible with upgrades to a home control system.
  14. 14. Based on art deco and tech-chic, NEO is a breakthrough in switch design. It demonstrates horizontal thinking, with unconventional horizontal dollies and layered details, and is the first mechanical switch to use LED locators and indicators. A comprehensive range from mechanical switches to interoperable systems, NEO is the forward thinking switch range for forward thinking people.This exquisite blend of design and patented innovation isa modern classic statement of style. With its ultra-cleanlines, sleekly chic square profile and instantly identifiableround dollies, ULTI blends two contrasting geometries tocreate a modern simplicity of unprecedented freshness.The design also offers the maximum scope to showcasethe synergy of colour, material and finish in a standard-sized wall plate. Another brilliant touch is the LED locatorrings that emit a pleasing glow to guide fingers to theswitch at night. Offering everything from mechanicalswitches, 2-wire TruRetrofit to sophisticated interoperablesystems, ULTI is the haute couture of lighting control.
  15. 15. Boasting an uncluttered design with a distinctive jumbo dolly and an overall slim profile, Pieno has pushed the boundaries of the switch design paradigm. Each dolly fills its space, reaching the edges like no other. The maximized space of the integrated faceplate has enlightened the clean and clutter-free design, and seamlessly fits any space. Bold straight lines accented by small curves bring sleekness to the muscular design language. Pieno is yet another example of Schneider Electric’s design excellence.Inspired by the fully-flat design trend that has transformed Inspired by the influential Bauhaus movement, Vivaceeverything from airplane seats and TVs to mobile phones expresses a pleasing form following function. With a slimand electric stoves, ZENcelo mechanical switches are ideal and trim profile, the sleek clean lines and subtle curvesfor interior design concepts that call for switches to be as manifest a simple, elegant minimalism. Every piece inunobtrusive as possible. Thanks to the patented “impress” this robustly constructed range sits perfectly within the(iso-motion-press) mechanism, mechanical switches can context of any modern interior design. Vivace, a style ofnow achieve the same full-flat form factor as electronic modern simplicity that is always within your reach.switches in a slim profile. Instead of signaling the on/offstatus by the rocker position, the “Ondicator” is a cleverdevice that reveals the operating status of a full-flat switchwithout increasing its cost or carbon footprint.
  16. 16. Enlightened HomeCare for your children, your planet and their future. Be theenlightened one and start your green living from home.
  17. 17. Optimum Lighting Often forget to turn lights off? Always turn on lights to their maximum brightness when you don’t need it? Lighting accounts for 20 to 30% of electricity consumption at home. The easiest way to save energy is to stop wasting and optimize the usage of lighting. Daylight harvesting saves energy by adjusting lighting levels based on the amount of daylight in your home. Schneider Electric’s ARGUS dimmable occupancy sensors help to eliminate light-related electricity wastage by turning lights off in unoccupied areas, and dimming the lights to optimum brightness according to the light intensity of the environment. raditionally, From a new perspective, saving energy with good use of technology, simply means you can optimize electricityturning everything off usage without sacrificing comforteven when you need it. and convenience by cuttingTo save energy, you may out wastage, redundancy, and unnecessary usage. Schneiderturn lights off in a gloomy Electric helps you to be theenvironment or turn the enlightened one to start and Monitoring Energy Consumptionair-conditioner off during You can save more when you know and understand sustain your green living at the energy consumption of your home’s utilitieshot summer days. home painlessly. better. You may not be aware which area of your home uses the most electricity. With Schneider Electric’s Power Monitor, you can conduct regular checks on energy consumption levels in different zones of your home. A deeper understanding will help you go green, save on electricity bills, and attain real in-home energy management.
  18. 18. TV TV TV Amplifier Amplifier Amplifier Music Music Music Curtn Dn Curtn Dn Curtn Dn Family Family Family Heater Heater Heater Reading Reading Reading Screen Up Screen Up Screen UpAll off All off All off Relax Relax Relax Hi-Fi 1 Hi-Fi 1 Hi-Fi 1 Scene Device Scene Device Scene Device Saving Simply Did you know that when your TV, AV system and other electronic devices are on standby mode, they are actually still drawing power? It’s inconvenient to unplug the devices one by one every time. Trouble-free and simplicity encourage green habits. Our Powex Green Standby Power Auto-off Socket Hub eliminates energy wastage by powering off all appliances automatically even when they are in standby or off mode. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) accounts for most of the electricity consumption in most homes, especially during summer. You may forget to turn off air-conditioners in unoccupied areas of your home. With our occupancy sensors installed, your air-conditioner will be turned off when no movement is detected in that area for a period of time.
  19. 19. ARGUS Ceiling-mount Occupancy Sensors ARGUS occupancy sensors automate the switching or dimming of lights by detecting movement within a space. They even automate motor load switching for air-conditioners, fans, blinds and curtains. Passive Infrared (PIR), Dual-tech (PRI+Ultrasonic) and dimmable sensors are available for various applications. PIR occupancy sensors detect motion by sensing temperature profile changes, which is suitable for detecting large body movements. Dual-Tech occupancy sensors combine both PIR and ultrasonic technology, detecting the tiniest movement to ensure maximum effectiveness for almost every application in every space. Dimmable occupancy sensors can work alone or in systems. They detect natural light and movement to control lighting for optimal ambience. IR remote control makes programming simple. With ARGUS occupancy sensors, there is no more fumbling for light switches in the dark or leaving lights on that you don’t really need.ZENcelo and NEOWall-mount Occupancy SensorsWall-mounted 2-wire PIR occupancy sensors can replace normal switches toautomate switching or dimming of lights by detecting movement within aspace. Wall-mounted occupancy sensors are available in ZENcelo and NEOstyles to match other ZENcelo and NEO switches and sockets in your home.
  20. 20. Scene Control SystemsScene control systems are used to control different lightsources simultaneously, allowing different combinationsof light sources to be switched on or off to the pre-setbrightness. You can recall your pre-set scenes at one-touchof a button with wireless control available. There are twotypes of scene control systems: the 2-wire TruRetrofit thatdirectly replaces the existing 2-wire mechanical switches,offering scene control without the hassle of rewiring; and theinteroperable control system that suit situations where thewhole house rewiring is done, providing more scene optionsand compatible with upgrades to home control system. Enexx Power Monitor With a clean and simple interface, the energy consumption, estimated energy cost, and greenhouse gas emission by appliance can be measured and viewed in real time. Accumulative and historical data are available so that you can track the trend of your usage and detect any unusual consumption. This is total in- home energy management for green living. Standby power is electrical power consumed by an appliance in standby mode. The energy wasted ranges typically from 0.5 to 10 watt which doesn’t seem much on the surface. But when all the devices in your home draw standby power 24/7, it can add up to a significant amount of energy and cost in your electric bill. No need to unplug the electrical appliances one by one, Powex Green Standby Power Auto-Off Socket Hub powers off all appliances automatically, including standby power, when the appliances are off or in standby mode. Recommend for TV, audio and video equipment and peripherals such as Hi-Fi, DVD player and set-top box.
  21. 21. Wiser HomeFor those who know what the right choices are and always make them, they enjoythe ultimate control that will help save the planet, yet perpetuate the exquisitestyle and impeccable quality of life.Live with Wisdom. Control with Style. Stay in Front.
  22. 22. Once there were smart Now there are wiser homes.homes… From a new perspective, raditionally, a home control nowadays is the smart home was enabler for you to have better a concept that control of your home life, Truly Out-of-home Controlover-promised and under- helping you to achieve a With the advance of smart homes and 3.5G networks, thedelivered functionally. better environment, a better mobile phone is fast becoming the device where everything home and a better lifestyle. converges. Through your smartphone, you can accessSmart homes were seen social networking, play games, listen to music, shoot photos You can control your lighting,only as something for air-conditioning, home theatre and do a lot more. Why not home control too? Wiser Homethe rich to look different and home security system Control incorporates encrypted wireless technology torather than a practical ensure secure data transmission. You can remotely access, from anywhere and at anytimesystem. monitor and control your home from any computer, your with one single scalable and smart phone or any web-enabled device from anywhere at interoperable solution – Wiser any time. Wiser Home Control takes home control to a new Home Control. level of connectivity and simplicity.
  23. 23. Seamless and User-friendly Control Now, you don’t need to learn how to operate a whole lot of different and often bewilderingly complicated equipment. Wiser Home Control truly integrates your electrical, multi-media and telecommunications technologies into one single user-friendly and interoperable solution. It makes technologies in your home easy by providing seamless control of music, home theatre, lighting, air-conditioning, curtains and shutters, security systems, etc. Wiser Home sets you free from the trouble of independent controls for different devices with our consistent and intuitive graphic user interface installed across different control devices. With a touch of the icon, you can activate any pre-set scenes or it will be automatically activated accordingly to your pre-set time. A New Way to approach Green Living You won’t need to compromise your home’s style or sacrifice your family’s quality of life by cutting down on lights or switching off your air-conditioner to be more eco-friendly. Wiser Home Control provides the ultimate control while automation makes energy savings happen. You can enjoy the optimal scenes with one touch by recalling optimized pre-sets for sustainable savings every time. You can also manage your energy consumption according to occupancy, natural light level and time of the day using Wiser’s sensors and time scheduling function. By knowing your energy habits and monitoring your energy usage, you will be able to optimize the use of energy and minimize wastage through Wiser’s various functionalities. Wiser’s power monitoring function gives you a real time visualization of your energy usage in terms of kilowatt hours, dollar terms or carbon footprint.Comfort and Convenience in the palm of your handHave you ever forgotten to turn off lights or air-conditioning whenyou are rushing out? With Wiser Home Control you can turn it offthrough your mobile phone when you are on the road or through youroffice computer instead of rushing home to turn it off, or leaving iton and wasting energy all day. Also, with the time scheduling and onetouch scene control, things in your home can happen automaticallyaccording to your lifestyle and routine without having to get out ofyour bed at midnight.
  24. 24. Wiser Home ControlWiser Home Control is a centralized system that fully integrates electrical, multimedia andtelecommunications technologies into one user-friendly and scalable solution, enabling people to havebetter control over their home life, helping them to achieve a better lifestyle, a better home and a betterenvironment. Out-of-home function enables you to control, monitor and access your home when you areaway. The user-friendly intuitive graphic user interface is easy-to-use and easy-to-learn across differentcontrol devices. The Power Monitoring function gives you a real time visualization of your energy usageat home and facilities green living. Wiser Home Control brings you comfort and convenience, homeentertainment, peace of mind and connectivity that are fully integrated in the palm of your hand.Consistent and intuitive graphic user interfacefor different control devices Web Tablet Mobile Phone TV Door Entry System Personal Computer Colour Touch Screen Wiser Home Control applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  25. 25. Air Conditioning Internet Mobile Phone with Wi-Fi Blinds andLighting Curtains Laptop Wi-Fi Internet Security Modem System Multi-Room Audio Home Controller Wi-Fi IP Network Web Tablet with Wi-Fi IP Camera with Wi-Fi Mobile Phone Laptop with Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Wi-Fi LAN TV and IP Camera Media Centre PC (Windows, Apple or Linux) Wiser Home Control System Architecture
  26. 26. Eye your HOME ANEW from a high groundbuilt for you by Schneider Electric.
  27. 27. HOME ANEW Checklist
  28. 28. Action Checklist. What do you desire for your home? Safe electricity Reliable power No feelings of panic when my kids press a switch or touch a socket with wet hands in the backyard Knowing my lights, security system, telephone and internet access won’t fail during a power cut Don’t want to encounter ugly switches on my walls every day, and have them mess up my interior design Want adjustable lighting so instead of just brightness or darkness, I can always have the right light I need every moment, whether reading, watching TV, family dinner, parties or anything Continuous excellent sounds and images from my home theatre with no interference at all Be green and reduce energy wastage without much effort Lamps in storage rooms aren’t on overnight even if I forget to turn them off Automatic front-door lights that turn on when I step up the entrance and look for my keys in the dark, and turn off automatically after I go inside the house An instant understanding of how much energy I’m using instead of constantly guessing A simple graphic interface that controls lighting, music, home theatre, curtains and blinds, security system, web cameras, air conditioner and everything When I’m on the road, the ability to check what’s running at home and switch air conditioning using my web tablet in case I rushed out forgetting what’s off or on Switch every required device on when I come home with one click on a button Start a movie right away with the perfect room lighting Everything will be turned off except the security system with one click on a button before I leave home to workIf you checked five items or more, visit our website for more details on products and solutions that fulfill your desires.
  29. 29. About Schneider Electric As the global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centres/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, and efficient, the company’s 110,000 plus employees achieved sales of 19.6 billion euros in 2010, through an active commitment to help individuals and organizations “Make the most of their energy”. The LifeSpace Business of Schneider Electric provides solutions that represent the best in lifestyle and innovation for offices, hotels and homes. These solutions include award-winning products in the areas of building and home automation, structured cabling, and designer switches and sockets. They help the finest architectures around the world to achieve more with less. www.schneider-electric.comSE053-1111-00 All rights reserved by Schneider Electric.