Solutions               Four practical steps for reducing               overall energy costs               Individuals and...
30%* off your building’s              energy bill is just the beginning              Imagine what we could do for the rest...
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Four practical steps for reducing overall energy costs


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Four practical steps for reducing overall energy costs

  1. 1. Solutions Four practical steps for reducing overall energy costs Individuals and companies realise that energy consumption ‘rules’ have changed Individuals, corporations, and governments drives in motors, pumps, or cooling across the globe waste billions of dollars in devices or the installation of high- energy each year. This is due to traditional efficiency UPS can have an immediate energy consuming habits that were formed impact on your electrical bill. when energy was plentiful and inexpensive. 3. utomate – this eliminates reliance on A These habits must be modified for two unpredictable human behaviour and critical reasons: the steep cost of energy allows for the fine tuning of lighting ‘Energy negatively impacts profits and personal and HVAC systems so that the facility management is wealth, and greenhouse gas emissions or home can respond in an energy not a one-shot contribute to the deterioration of the overall efficient manner to dynamic quality of life on the planet. environmental conditions. operation, but a 4. onitor – easy-to-use software identifies M continuous loop Schneider Electric™ has spent years developing energy waste trends and areas of of improvement’. solutions that address this energy efficiency concern so that management can quickly challenge and has established a tested respond before money is wasted. Energy energy management methodology. Energy management is not a one-shot operation, management has evolved from the simple but a continuous loop of improvement. isolated actions of individuals (such as people Our approach to active energy efficiency in their homes or businesses who change their light bulbs from incandescent to CFL, but who still continue to leave the light on 1 Measure Energy audit and metering when no one is in the room), to an integrated life cycle characterised by management of multiple energy delivery and support systems. How to accrue some quick energy wins The Schneider Electric methodology to energy management involves the following Passive Energy Efficiency Active Energy Efficiency four steps: 1. easure consumption – energy audits M Optimise through Monitor, and the installation of reliable power 2 Fix the basics 3 automation and 4 maintain, regulation improve quality meters establish the benchmark Lower consumption Building management, Metering, monitoring, or starting point from which you can devices, insulation material, power management, motor and consulting services, power factor correction control, lighting control EE analysis software build an energy management plan. 2. Fix the basics – low-cost easy fixes, such as the installation of variable speed Passive + Passive Active EE solutions Sustained Energy Savings =   Active EE Solutions    Sustained Energy Savings To learn more about how to benefit from a small investment/rapid payback energyBHEN-8K4PTW management scenario, download ‘Making permanent savings through Active Energy Efficiency’. 14 Intelligent Energy • • 1800 180 1707
  2. 2. 30%* off your building’s energy bill is just the beginning Imagine what we could do for the rest of your enterprise Managing complex building environments while meeting your energy efficiency targets is no small task. Our EcoStruxureTM energy management architecture addresses this challenge through intelligent integration of building systems on a single IP platform. Learn about saving energy The savings go far beyond buildings Today, only EcoStruxure by Schneider Electric™ energy from the experts! management architecture delivers up to 30% energy savings, Download ‘The Key to by combining energy-intensive systems like HVAC, access Cost-Effective and control, video security management, and lighting control across Sustainable Buildings: A your entire enterprise. Saving up to 30% of a building’s energy Intelligent Energy!’ and RS.25000 value! demand is a great beginning and thanks to EcoStruxure energy enter to win a FREE iPad! management architecture, the savings don’t end there. Complete promotion terms and conditions are available online. 30%TMCY-8MUNSQ *EcoStruxure architecture reduces energy consumption by up to 30%. ©2012 Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. Schneider Electric and EcoStruxure are trademarks owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. 35 rue Joseph Monier, CS 30323, 95506 Rueil Malmaison Cedex (France)