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WebEx Social to Jive content migration case study


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High level overview of the rationale and mechanics for migrating content (posts, comments), profiles, followers and whole communities from Cisco WebEx Social to Jive-n (on-prem). Complex API to API development that enables content to be migrated right up to the day before switching off WebEx Social.

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WebEx Social to Jive content migration case study

  1. 1. Collaboration 1 Content Migration Case Study Virgin Media WebEx Social to Jive Content Migration 17 Dec 2015
  2. 2. 2About Sei Mani PROFILE → Social collaboration adoption practitioners → Vendor neutral → Unique methodology → Human behaviour/psychology → Multi disciplinary team → Agile software development → Platform integrations
  3. 3. Virgin Media: Preserving Institutional Memory 3 SITUATION → Three year effort to create critical mass of use of WebEx Social to support strategic initiative of Flexible Working → 20k employees. 50% peak adoption → Cisco announces end of life of WebEx Social. Stakeholders promise content will be preserved and people should continue using the platform because: → Content and effort required to create/share is valued → Prevents flight risk → Cisco announces strategic alliance with Jive which VM selects as new target platform COMPLICATION → Cisco develops end user migration tool for its internal WxS- Jive implementation → Promises tool to VM but fails to deliver → Urgency to transition as quickly as possible → All VM collaboration tools are on-prem → Complexity: Content, communities and follow relationships to be preserved (+ profile pictures)
  4. 4. Summary 4 RESOLUTION → Sei Mani requested to conduct 4 week POC to explore alternative to Cisco migration tool → Focus on one time migration of most relevant content. No end user involvement → Agile methods used to create Minimum Viable Product → WxS-to-JiveAPI’s stress tested → POC results in investment in production migration tool → Sei Mani delivers MT in 16 weeks → Business UAT complete and application RFS OUTCOMES → Content migrated to Jive production with only ‘delta’ to move on migration weekend → IT confident of preserving institutional memory and able to ‘look the business in the eye’ → Breathing space to choose timing of live migration → Scheduled Feb 2016 → Content migrated set as hidden to prevent ‘crap’ being preserved and displayed in search results → Users given instructions on how to ‘liven up’ most relevant content
  5. 5. 5Migration Tool Detail - Relationships WebEx Social Jive
  6. 6. 6Migration Tool Detail - Communities WebEx Social Jive
  7. 7. 7Migration Tool Detail - Communities WebEx Social Jive
  8. 8. 8Migration Tool Detail - Communities WebEx Social Jive
  9. 9. 9Migration Tool Detail - Search WebEx Social Jive
  10. 10. 10Migration Tool Detail - Post WebEx Social Jive
  11. 11. 11Migration Tool Detail - Post WebEx Social Jive
  12. 12. 12Migration Tool Detail - Post WebEx Social Jive
  13. 13. 13Complex API Mapping
  14. 14. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Sei Mani Contact: Leon Benjamin +44 7974 766615