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Ibm F Co E Blade Center Battle Card


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Ibm F Co E Blade Center Battle Card

  1. 1. IBM Battle Card QLogic’s Fibre Channel over Ethernet Solution for IBM BladeCenter QLogic brought you the industry’s first 8Gb Fibre Channel Target Customer enabled BladeCenter with IBM. Now QLogic extends that New and existing System x Rack or Tower server customers leadership with the first IBM BladeCenter enabled for can take advantage of the new QLogic 10Gb CNA for IBM Fibre Channel over Ethernet. With the Dual Port 10Gb System x. CNA CFFh for IBM Blade servers and the 10GbE Pass- thru Module, you now have an affordable BladeCenter • Datacenters with Ethernet LANs and FC SANs Cost savings via LAN and SAN convergence solution for your FCoE fabric. Preserve investment in LAN & SAN infrastructure • Virtualized datacenters Value Proposition Reduced hardware, power, cooling and management costs. Fewer I/O slots needed converged I/O solution. High Performance • Not targeted for the SMB market, 10GbE is too expensive Full line rate 10Gb FCoE performance directly to your and not required in that environment. external CEE fabric or traditional Ethernet LAN. Zero bandwidth degradation or resource contention. Lower TCO Pain points The dual port 10Gb CNAs replace both a HBA and NIC PAIN: Current TCO is too high lowering hardware costs and the 10GB Ethernet Pass-thru Solution: QLogic’s new 10Gb CNAs and QLogic 10Gb Ethernet is a great, lower cost alternative to a full function Pass-thru Module for IBM BladeCenter give you an affordable 10Gb Ethernet switch module. solution for your FCoE connectivity requirements. You’ll need less hardware, power & cooling and management. And the Pass-thru Ease of Use module is over $7000 less expensive that a full 10GbE switch. 10Gb Ethernet Pass-Thru module automatically detects BladeCenter chassis type and any CAN- enabled servers. PAIN: Running out of power in the data center Maximum Connectivity Solution: QLogic’s new QLogic 10Gb Ethernet Pass-thru Module for IBM BladeCenter is a low power option for your converged Ethernet 14 external ports to connect to Ethernet LANs and connectivity needs. CEE/FCoE devices and up to 14 internal connections for CNA-enabled server blades. PAIN: Too many switches in my solution Flexibility in Cabling Solution: The easy-to-install, low cost pass-thru module does not Supports copper or optical cable connections, or a impact management or performance and is ideal for attaching mixture of both on a single 10Gb Ethernet Pass-thru BladeCenter systems to environments that have already standardized module. on a specific Ethernet/FCoE infrastructure.
  2. 2. IBM Battle Card QLogic’s Fibre Channel over Ethernet Solution for IBM BladeCenter Why QLogic? Handling Objections: • QLogic has a long and proven track record of industry leading I have a lot of expense and time invested in my current products, and is now offering the 10Gb CNAs and 10Gb networking solutions: Ethernet module for IBM BladeCenter. QLogic’s new 10Gb CNA allows you to leverage the LAN • This builds upon the proven success QLogic has had as and SAN infrastructure you already have. Since it is built on pioneer in the FCoE market. proven QLogic fibre channel and Ethernet drivers, your • Extensive IBM ServerProven testing on all QLogic products deployment and retaining time is minimal. ensures that your solution works flawlessly upon installation. • As the market leader in storage connectivity solutions you can It’s too expensive: be assured that your SAN & LAN investment is protected. Actually, QLogic’s new 10Gb CNA costs less that an 8Gb • Hardware is designed with industry leading power conservation fibre channel HBA and a Ethernet NIC, and the 10GbE Pass- initiatives. thru module is over $7000 less expensive than a full 10GbE switch giving you superior performance, power reduction and less complexity lowering your TCO. Qualification questions: I have a solution from another vendor: • Are you planning a purchase of a new IBM BladeCenter ? The QLogic 10Gb CNA will send signal to any vendors FCoE Will they be in either a BladeCenter H or H-T? switch. Since it is in standard ethernet protocol, all • Do you need to run CEE to an external Ethernet or FCoE standards compliant switches can accept & process it. Your switch? existing SAN and LAN storage and devices treat the signal • Do you want to protect the investment you have already made in Ethernet infrastructure? Learn more at: • Is your datacenter running low/out of power? or 888-ShopIBM QLogic's Dedicated IBM Account Team Steve Eiland Business Development Manager - East Coast 919.600.4138 Vickie Martin Business Development Manager - West Coast 612.850.7051 Raphael Chocron Business Development Manager—EMEA +33.677.726098 John Fitzgerald Senior Marketing Manager 919.656.3547 Corporate Headquarters QLogic Corporation 26650 Aliso Viejo Parkway Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 949.389.6000 © 2009 QLogic Corporation. Specifications are subject to change without notice. All rights reserved worldwide. QLogic, the QLogic logo, SANbox, Enterprise Fabric Suite, StarPower, Designed to the Core, and HyperStack are Europe Headquarters QLogic (UK) Ltd. Quatro House Lyon Way, Frimley Camberley Surrey, GU16 7ER UK +44 (0) 1276 804 670 trademarks or registered trademarks of QLogic Corporation. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. FCoE_IBM 005 / May 26, 2009