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Sarah F Ehrhardt  Prairie Creation!
Bergamot & Stiff Goldenrod
Indian grass & Big Bluestem
Shooting star
Rattle snake master & Compass             Plant
Golden Alexander
Lupine & Thimble weed
New England Aster
Gray headed Coneflower & Blazingstar
Create, Enhance, Revitalize!
Prairie Creation!
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Prairie Creation!


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Create your own prairie!

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Prairie Creation!

  1. 1. Sarah F Ehrhardt Prairie Creation!
  2. 2. Bergamot & Stiff Goldenrod
  3. 3. Indian grass & Big Bluestem
  4. 4. Shooting star
  5. 5. Rattle snake master & Compass Plant
  6. 6. Golden Alexander
  7. 7. Lupine & Thimble weed
  8. 8. New England Aster
  9. 9. Gray headed Coneflower & Blazingstar
  10. 10. Create, Enhance, Revitalize!