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Zap App : Smart Ordering


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ZapApp makes the service experience at a restaurant (or any eatery) better for the guest. Also increases the service staff efficiency. It allows the guest to scan a QR code on the restaurant table to place an order through their smartphone. The order is directly sent to the kitchen and the waiter gets the food to the table. The digital menu is attractive with pictures and description about the food. We do not plan to make the waiters redundant we just want to make the service experience better.

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Zap App : Smart Ordering

  1. 1. Scan the QR code on your restaurant table to order from your smartphone
  2. 2. Who likes waiting?
  3. 3. Solution ORDER
  4. 4. Customer Segmentation
  5. 5. Channels B2B (Eateries) - Door to door marketing - Referrals and recommendations B2C (Users) - Partner eateries - Word of mouth - Content Marketing showcasing the interactive restaurants menu
  6. 6. Revenue Structure Rs. 2999 per month for ordering system Delhi/NCR 8000 + Eateries
  7. 7. Cost Structure Team - Engineers - 5 * 4,00,000 pa = Rs 20,00,000 pa - Customer Acquisition Cost - Rs 6250 per eatery for the first 6 months
  8. 8. Unique Value Proposition - No new hardware required - Provide real time reports to eateries
  9. 9. Road Map - Geographical Expansion - Feature Development
  10. 10. Team Divyanshu Sehgal Technology Mahesh Ramachandran Operations Yatharth Bhuwalka Business Development
  11. 11. Scan the QR code on your restaurant table to order from your smartphone Thank You Contact us: