Praxis sterling sp04


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Praxis sterling sp04

  1. 1. Types of Comprehension Questions 12 types of questions students wil encounter
  2. 2. General category: Literal comprehension Understand what is explicitly stated in the passage
  3. 3. Main Idea Primary purpose What would be a good title for this passage?
  4. 4. Supporting Ideas Main Idea Supporting Idea Supporting Idea Supporting Idea
  5. 5. Vocabulary Meaning of the word in the context of the passage
  6. 6. Organization of a passage Author’s purpose How one paragraph relates to another
  7. 7. General category: Critical and analytical comprehension questions
  8. 8. Inference Clearly suggested or implied by the author
  9. 9. Supporting evidence Did the author provide proof? Where in your reading supports your belief?
  10. 10. Identify assumption Ideas or facts the author accepts as true or takes for granted
  11. 11. Fact from opinion
  12. 12. Identify the attitude of the author What does the author believe? Advertisements
  13. 13. Extending & predicting Anticipating what is most likely to occur in the future
  14. 14. Drawing conclusions What can be the consequences? Cause & effect
  15. 15. Application to another situation Ability to see relationships between situations or idea How is this like ____? What are the similarities?