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Before Onboarding: An Executive Integration Overview


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This is an overview of DHR International's Executive Integration Global Practice. EI is a process that begins when an offer is accepted and concludes 90 days after the new hire's start date. The new leader arrives fully prepared to secure early wins, sustain them and avoid costly, preventable mistakes.

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Before Onboarding: An Executive Integration Overview

  1. 1. Before Onboarding An Overview of DHR’s Executive Integration Practice
  2. 2. What is Executive Integration?• Executive Integration is a facilitated process that prepares new senior leaders in advance of their start date to arrive fully briefed and equipped to get the right results quickly and avoid costly, preventable mistakes.• Specific information, priorities and guidance is obtained by a DHR Executive Integration consultant from the new leader’s boss, peers, direct reports and other key stakeholders, which is then synthesized, packaged and presented to the new executive during a thorough debriefing ahead of the start date.• The consultant prepares the new executive for a first day kick-off meeting with the new leader’s direct reports and facilitates that meeting.• The consultant , new leader and boss have follow up meetings at 30-day intervals for the first 90 days to ensure the new leader remains on track.
  3. 3. Is Executive Integration Necessary? Studies point to the need
  4. 4. Executive Transition Challenges• 2011 “Executive Transitions” Study › Ramp up time for new external hires—6 to 9 months › Ramp up time for internal transfers—3 to 9 months › 30% of external executive hires fail within 2 years › 23% of internal executive transfers fail within 2 years Source: Institute of Executive Development and Alexcel Group
  5. 5. Executive Transition Challenges• Each year >500,000 managers enter new positions in the Fortune 500 alone.• Failure rate for external senior hires is 40 to 50%• The first three months will largely determine the ultimate success or failure of a new executive• The “Breakeven Point” is 6.2 months (new leader has contributed more value than consumed) “The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels” by Michael D. Watkins. Harvard Business Press, 2003
  6. 6. Executive Moves Underway• 73% of employed senior executives are considering new career opportunities in 2011 and are actively entertaining their options. › The majority expects it to be a lateral move › Indian executives are looking to progress far quicker than the global average › Indian, Australian and Chinese executives are some of the most mobile executives in the world The Bluesteps/AESC 2011 Executive Mobility Report
  7. 7. Current Emphasis is on Selection“Typically, organizations work extremely hard toidentify and hire new talent…but then rely onhope when it comes to making their newinvestment successful.”Scott SaslowExecutive DirectorInstitute of Executive Development
  8. 8. Integration Guidance is Lacking “Given the stakes, it is surprising how little good guidance is available to new leaders about how to transition more effectively and efficiently into new roles.” Michael D. Watkins, “The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels”, Harvard Business Press, 2003
  9. 9. ROI for Executive Integration“Adoption of a standard framework foraccelerating executive transitions can yield bigreturns for organizations.”Michael D. Watkins, “The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies forNew Leaders at All Levels”, Harvard Business Press, 2003
  10. 10. DHR’s Solution Executive Integration (“Pre-boarding”)New Executives are able to:• Secure early wins (get the right results sooner)• Avoid costly and preventable mistakes• Minimize staff productivity declines• Minimize key staff turnovers• Accelerate management team cohesiveness• Sustain their early wins over the long-term
  11. 11. Pre-boarding versus OnboardingPre-boarding begins when an offer is acceptedOnboarding begins on the start dateOnboarding focuses on employee assimilationPre-boarding focuses on executive results
  12. 12. How is Pre-boarding Packaged?Pre-boarding is an optional feature of a DHRsenior executive search (VP and higher)
  13. 13. Pre-boarding Stages• Consultant Entry• Structured Interviews• Documentation• Executive Debriefing / Coaching• Facilitated Start Date Kick-Off Meeting• Follow-Up
  14. 14. How is Pre-boarding Delivered?• Assigned Executive Integration consultant interviews the slate of candidates (explains the process in person or by phone)• Search consultant keeps Integration consultant informed as to the timing of a hire• Offer accepted…Process begins• Integration consultant interviews boss, peers, direct reports and others as assigned• Consultant documents the structured interviews• Consultant provides document to the new executive• Consultant debriefs the new executive and preps for start date• Consultant facilitates new leader kick-off meeting on the start date• Consultant assists new executive for the first 90 days as needed• Consultant and new executive meet with the boss at 30-day intervals
  15. 15. Executive Integration Practice Leader• Michael K. Burroughs is DHR’s Global Practice Leader for Executive Integration and Development• 10+ year executive recruiter with DHR• Three time Fortune 500 “OD” executive• Developed, implemented and refined the process (15 yrs)• Seasoned executive developer and coach (20+ years)• Retired U.S. Army colonel with extensive leadership and leadership development experience• Thought leader in Executive Integration• Author: “Before Onboarding: How to Integrate New Leaders for Quick and Sustained Results” (June, 2011)
  16. 16. For More InformationContact Mike BurroughsDHR Global Practice Leader—Executive Integration and Development314-727-2000 ext. 3002 (St. Louis office)8000 Maryland Avenue, Suite 1010, St. Louis, Missouri