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Space hotel eng_1


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Space hotel eng_1

  1. 1. MULTI-STOREY SPACE HOTEL Author: Sergey MakarovAddress: Esplanades, 6 - 64, Riga, Latvia E-mail: Website: March 2013
  2. 2. More than a hundred years ago Konstantin Tsiolkovsky called mankind to the creation oflong-term human settlements in the open space.Such settlements he called «essential cities.» Butonly now his dream began to get real outlines. Atthe present time about ten countries of the world have already announced their plans to establish in the space of human settlements. The nextplacement of the first such settlement in space is planned for 2015. We do not yet know what will be the design of the first space settlements.However, even Tsiolkovsky recommended in the creation of essential cities use the cable-stayed structures. It is this constructive direction in the construction of essential cities is devoted to the presentation.
  3. 3. Since about 1983 I have been designing and researching various cable-stayed structures. It turns out that from the system of flexiblecables, you can create quite large and quite hardstructures. To those who are interested in it, I can recommend to visit the page of the British encyclopedia entitled «Space Architecture»: Category:Space_architectureThe using of cable-stayed structures in the outer space buildings has a lot of advantages, amongwhich I would like to note their maintainability: inthe event of damage to any of the cables, it may be replaced with a new one without damage to the structure as a whole.
  4. 4. If we have a hard support contour for a goodcable-stayed network creation, we will get the space platform, which can be used for different purposes. On the basis of such a space platform further we can create, for example, multi-store construction by blockingseveral such platforms in the vertical direction. Apparently, the first high-rise construction, which will be aimed on a long-term residence people in it, will become a multi-storey space hotel. In this hotel, the people will live a few days, and then the space Shuttle will return people to the Earth and moved to the hotel of new tourists. My project of such multi-storey space hotel is presented on the next slide.
  5. 5. Many, probably, can not have absolutely clear understanding the design of this hotel and theappointment of all its elements. Lets consider thisstructure from the beginning. Each space platformbegins with the support contour. And each support contour begins with an one contour element. Isuggest to create a support contour from series ofelastic plates, which are long and hard at the same time, for example, of stainless steel. As a contour elements can also be used rods tubular cross- section. One the outline element in the form of a long plate is depicted on the next slide.
  6. 6. In the middle of the plate is made the hole for theoriginal plates joining into the pairs. At the ends ofthe plate - openings for the connection of contourblanks between themselves. In addition, there are few holes (at this picture of their eight) to further attaching of load-carrying cables to the contour elements of support contour.
  7. 7. After joining of linear elements into pairs, we get the following cross-type workpiece.
  8. 8. By combining a series of cross-type workpieces, we get a support contour. Below shows the supportcontour of 32 full-color cross-type elements. After the installation of all elements of the contour all contour nodes have to be forced for the stiffness. Green closed line we will consider as the first contour, the red line - as the second one.
  9. 9. After the creation of the cabling network for the first contour and the subsequent creation of the secondnetwork for the second contour, we get a very tough double-layer joint cable-stayed network. I considersuch network as the «field for further construction».About the schemes of joining cables into the network will be told next.
  10. 10. For creation the living rooms of the space hotel can be used inflatable construction of the «Bigelow Aerospace» system (see ) or similar to them in the form of a capsule from a hardmaterial. These capsules can be, for example, four in one level.
  11. 11. These capsules can be and another quantity. One ofthe variants of formation of the «residential floors» of the six residential boxes and possible their mutual location are shown below.
  12. 12. During the construction of the outer hotelaccommodations living boxes are placed directly on the cabling network of the formed as described above space platform. Boxes are attached to the nodes of the network of special anchors.
  13. 13. Similarly we can build the second floor of the hotel with the same number of residential boxes. Thesecond floor support contour is mounted at the upper nodes of the first floor contour.
  14. 14. Then similarly we will build the third floor.
  15. 15. Then we will build the fourth floor and so on...Because in space the stores practically will not put pressure on each other, they can be combined in very large quantities
  16. 16. When the very upper floor will be mounted, the living boxes should not be placed to it. This floor I call "technical floor", it will serve as a «launch site» for the arrival and departure of the space Shuttle.
  17. 17. And here came the «space Shuttle». We assumethat into our cosmic hotel profits of the first tourists!
  18. 18. I want to add the following: in this project I for great visibility showed very dense cable network in my space platforms. The real cable network in space can be much less dense. For communicationsystems between the living boxes all communicationcables could be laid along the cables of my network. After the release of the space Shuttle all «guests» will be able to go down to the floor, they need, right between the cables of network. In the absence of gravity for them to do so do not even need anelevator. Since each inhabitant of the hotel will have the space suit in his room, sometimes they will be able to make their walks on the cabling network directly in the open space. In the presence of such my network on each floor they, I think, will not be able to get lost in the open space.
  19. 19. I recommend space tourists placing just in separateboxes. Proposed earlier before me scheme of boxes blocking of «bunch of grapes» type (see in Russian are much more vulnerable in terms of survival of the inhabitants of the hotel as in case of various technogenic catastrophe and the meteor attack. Created from the top of the hotel landing site for the space Shuttle will provide him a soft landing due to the fact that cable-stayed network will soften the blow.
  20. 20. For all of my cable-stayed networks there is only one law of their formation. I opened this law back in 1989. Its name is «The Law Compatibility of Quasi-ortogonalTangentially-undulated Cable-stayed Networks». This lawallows to obtain the scheme of creation for any network of my class for the case of any beforehand specified number of waves on the support contour. In the basis of all the endless series of my cable-stayednetworks is laid my «Inventors Certificate SU № 1270256 A1». More in detail about the law, which was opened byme, you can read in my article «Discovery in Mechanics», which was published by the «Agency of Technical and Scientific Information, Scientific and Technical Library». THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!