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What am i usi review

  1. 1. W hat Am I?USI ReviewVir ginia SOL’s6TH Grade ReviewAll SOL’S 1.2 -1.9Portsmouth Public Schools
  2. 2. What Am I? Alabama  South Carolina Arkansas  Tennessee Florida  Texas Georgia  Virginia Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina
  3. 3. I Am… Slave States The South The Confederate States of America http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/b/bf/550px-Map_of_CSA_4.png
  4. 4. What Am I? Powerful empires Located in West Africa Became powerful by controlling trade
  5. 5. I Am… Ghana, Mali, and Songhai http://www.ucalgary.ca/applied_history/tutor/imageislam/westAfrica.gif
  6. 6. What Am I? Provided a weak national government Gave Congress no power to tax or regulate commerce Provided for no common currency Gave each state one vote regardless of size Provided for no executive or judicial branch
  7. 7. I Am… The Articles of Confederation http://www.celdf.org/Portals/0/Images/Articles%20of%20Confederation.bmp
  8. 8. What Am I? Battle during the Civil War Occurred in the first state to secede from the Union Confederate forces won First battle of the Civil War
  9. 9. I Am… The Battle of Fort Sumter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:FortSumter1865.jpg
  10. 10. What Am I? Written by James Madison Written guarantee of individual freedoms The first ten amendments to the Constitution
  11. 11. I Am… The Bill of Rights http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/bill.jpg
  12. 12. What Am I? Poor maps and navigational tools Disease/starvation Fear of the unknown Lack of adequate supplies
  13. 13. I Am… Obstacles to exploration
  14. 14. What Am I? Located west of the Interior Lowlands and east of the Rocky Mountains Flat land that gradually increases in elevation westward Grasslands
  15. 15. I Am… The Great Plains http://www.stephentrimble.net/gp/closeup.asp
  16. 16. What Am I? Worked the land according to region Relied on family members for labor
  17. 17. I Am… A farmer in Colonial America http://www.wm.edu/niahd/journals/display_image.php?id=17543
  18. 18. What Am I? Economic venture Also called the Lost Colony
  19. 19. I Am… Roanoke Island http://www.lib.unc.edu/blogs/ncm/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/roanoke.jpg
  20. 20. What Am I? Occurred in 1774 Delegates from all the colonies met The delegates discussed problems with England and promoted independence
  21. 21. I Am… The First Continental Congress Carpenters Hall, where the first Continental Congress took place. http://www.generalatomic.com/AmericanHistory/carpentershall.jpg
  22. 22. What Am I? War between England and France Fought over land in the Ohio River Valley England would go on to tax the colonists to pay for this war
  23. 23. I Am… The French and Indian War http://reenacting.net/images/maps/1754areamap.gif
  24. 24. What Am I? Holds some of the oldest rock formations in North America Hills worn by erosion Hundreds of lakes carved by glaciers Wrapped around Hudson Bay in a horseshoe shape
  25. 25. I Am… Canadian Shield http://www.nucleartourist.com/images/shield1.jpg
  26. 26. What Am I? Occurred in 1775 Happened in Massachusetts Site of the first armed conflict of the Revolutionary War
  27. 27. I Am… Lexington and Concord http://theamericanrevolution.org/images/battles/lexcon.gif
  28. 28. What Am I? Occurred in 1803 Bought from France Happened when Thomas Jefferson was President Meriwether Lewis and William Clark explored it
  29. 29. I Am… The Louisiana Purchase http://www.washington.edu/uwired/outreach/cspn/Website/Graphics/LA%20Purchase%20Map.jpg
  30. 30. What Am I? Settled by a group of people who wanted freedom to practice their faith without interference William Penn was the founder
  31. 31. I Am… Pennsylvania (Quakers) http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en-commons/thumb/e/ef/400px-Penncolony.png
  32. 32. What Am I? Occurred in 1863 Divided the South The North gained control of the Mississippi River
  33. 33. I Am… Battle of Vicksburg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/bf/Vicksburg_battle_map2.svg/424px-Vicksburg_battle_map2.svg.png
  34. 34. What Am I? Appalachian Mountains  Fishing Boston Harbor  Shipbuilding Hilly terrain  Industry and naval Rocky soil supplies Jagged coastline  Trade and port cities Moderate summers and  Skilled craftsmen cold winters  Shopkeepers Religious reformers and  Village and church are separatists center of life Town meetings
  35. 35. I Am… New England Colonial Region http://www.nps.gov/ethnography/aah/aaheritage/images/NewEnglandColonies.gif
  36. 36. What Am I? One of the 5 territories acquired by the U.S. Acquired with the Onis-Adams Treaty of 1819 Acquired it from Spain
  37. 37. I Am… Florida
  38. 38. What Am I? There are four Slave states Remained in the Union
  39. 39. I Am… Border States http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/3f/US_map-South_Historic_1.PNG Striped states are the four border states.
  40. 40. What Am I? Economic: gold, natural resources, trade Religious: spread of Christianity Competitions for empire Belief in the superiority of their own culture
  41. 41. I Am… Motivating forces for European exploration
  42. 42. What Am I? Located along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Broad lowland providing many excellent harbors
  43. 43. I Am… Coastal Plain
  44. 44. What Am I? Men and women who did not have money for passage to the colonies Agreed to work without pay for the person who paid for their passage Were free at the end of their contract
  45. 45. I Am… Indentured Servant
  46. 46. What Am I? States that people establish government to protect their rights Government derives power from the people People have a right to change a government that violates their rights States people have unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Inspired by John Locke Thomas Jefferson was the major author
  47. 47. I Am… The Declaration of Independence http://www.archives.gov/historical-docs/doc-content/images/declaration-of-independence-m.jpg
  48. 48. What Am I? Order issued in 1862 Issued by Abraham Lincoln Freed enslaved people in areas controlled by the Confederacy Made ending slavery a new goal for the North
  49. 49. I Am… The Emancipation Proclamation http://www.americaslibrary.gov/assets/jb/civil/jb_civil_subj_e.jpg
  50. 50. What Am I? Economic venture Virginia Company of London 1607 First permanent English settlement in North America
  51. 51. I Am… Jamestown http://www.history.com/classroom/jamestownstory/images/JAMESTOWN_OVERVIEW_01.gif
  52. 52. What Am I? Occurred in 1865 Happened in Virginia Courthouse Lee surrendered to Grant Ended the Civil War
  53. 53. I Am… Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse http://cache.eb.com/eb/image?id=5764&rendTypeId=4
  54. 54. What Am I? Appalachian Mountains  Cash crops Piedmont  Wood products Atlantic Ocean  Small farms Coastal Plain  Slavery Good harbors  Indentured servants Rivers  Few cities/schools Humid Climate  Church of England Large farms/plantations  Counties
  55. 55. I Am… Southern Colonial Region http://www.east-buc.k12.ia.us/00_01/CA/13c8.gif
  56. 56. What Am I? California  New Hampshire Connecticut  New York Illinois  New Jersey Indiana  Ohio Iowa  Oregon Kansas  Pennsylvania Maine  Rhode Island Massachusetts  Vermont Michigan  West Virginia Minnesota  Wisconsin
  57. 57. I Am… North Free states Union http://www.worldbook.com/wb/content/np/na/fom/civil_war/img/dividednation.gif
  58. 58. What Am I? Exchanged goods and ideas Improved navigational tools and ships Claimed territories
  59. 59. I Am… Accomplishments of European exploration
  60. 60. What Am I? Worked as caretakers, house workers, homemakers Could not vote Had few chances for education
  61. 61. I Am… Women in Colonial America http://www.southampton.k12.ny.us/ColonialSourcebook/j0128946.gif
  62. 62. What Am I? Led by strong women who began their campaign before the Civil War and continued after the war ended Declared “all men and women were created equal” Believed women were denied basic rights such as the right to vote, educational opportunities, equal opportunities in business, and limited in rights to own property
  63. 63. I Am… The Suffrage Movement Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony http://z.about.com/d/womenshistory/1/0/i/9/stanton_anthony.gif
  64. 64. Who Am I? Relied on geography and climate for food, clothing, and shelter Lived in a rainy, mild climate Inhabited the Pacific Northwest Coast
  65. 65. I Am… Kwakiutl Kwakiutl Fisherman http://eprentice.sdsu.edu/S04X/deggleston/wq/images/pl_the_fisherman-wishham.jpg
  66. 66. Who Am I? Located west of the Rocky Mountains and east of the Sierra Nevadas and the Cascades Area of varying elevation containing isolated mountain ranges and Death Valley, the lowest point in North America
  67. 67. I Am… The Basin and Range Region http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/LivingWith/VolcanicPast/Notes/basin_and_range.html
  68. 68. What Am I? Happened during the Revolutionary War Boston 1770 Colonists were shot after taunting British soldiers
  69. 69. I Am… Boston Massacre http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/0/09/350px-Boston_Massacre.jpg
  70. 70. What Am I? Appalachian  Unskilled and skilled Mountains workes and Coastal lowlands fishermen (harbors and bays)  Villages and cities Rich farmlands  Varied and diverse Moderate climate lifestyles Livestock and grain  Diverse religions Trading  Market towns
  71. 71. I Am… Mid-Atlantic/Middle Colonies http://wps.ablongman.com/wps/media/objects/31/32716/figures/DIVI037.jpg
  72. 72. What Am I? Relied on geography and environment for food, clothing, and shelter Inhabited the southwest in present day New Mexico and Arizona Lived in desert areas bordering cliffs and mountains
  73. 73. I Am… Pueblo http://www.mikeantonucci.com/TaosPuebloIllustration1893.jpg
  74. 74. What Am I? Battle during the Civil War Confederate forces won First major battle of the war
  75. 75. I Am… Battle of Manassas/Bull Runhttps://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/vol50no2/graphics/774176_bullrun.jpg
  76. 76. What Am I? Occurred during the Revolutionary War 1773 Led by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere Patriots threw tea into Boston Harbor to protest tea taxes
  77. 77. I Am… The Boston Tea Party http://bostonist.com/attachments/boston_caroline/121607-boston-tea-party.jpg
  78. 78. What Am I? Located west of the Appalachian Mountains and east of the Great Plains Rolling flat lands with many rivers, broad river valleys, and grassy hills
  79. 79. I Am… Interior Lowlands Region
  80. 80. What Am I? Leaders included both men and women Demanded immediate freeing of slaves Felt slavery was morally wrong, cruel, inhumane, and a violation of democracy
  81. 81. I Am… Abolitionist Movement http://z.about.com/d/womenshistory/1/7/-/M/2/frederick-douglass.jpg
  82. 82. What Am I? One of the thirteen colonies Settled by people who wanted a new life and economic freedom Settled by people who had been in debtor’s prisons in England
  83. 83. I Am… Georgia
  84. 84. What Am I? Battle during the Revolutionary War 1777 Turning point of the war Americans won
  85. 85. I Am..  Battle of Saratoga http://www.easternct.edu/depts/edu/textbooks/saratoga222.jpg
  86. 86. What Am I? Civil War battle July 1863 North repelled Lee’s invasion The South lost so many men that Lee’s army would never have the strength to invade the North again Turning point of the Civil War
  87. 87. I Am… Battle of Gettysburg http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/5600/5660/gettysburg_battle_1_lg.gif
  88. 88. What Am I? Relied on geography and climate for food, clothing, and shelter Inhabited present day Alaska and Northern Canada Lived in Arctic areas where the temperature is below freezing much of the year
  89. 89. I Am… Inuit http://www.cbc.ca/sevenwonders/images/pic_wonder_igloo_lg.jpg
  90. 90. What Am I? Located west of the Great Plains and east of the Basin and Range Rugged mountains stretching from Alaska to Mexico High elevations Contain the Continental Divide, which determines the directional flow of rivers
  91. 91. I Am… Rocky Mountain Region http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/monarch/WesternPopulationTagUtah.html
  92. 92. What Am I? Revolutionary War event 1781 Happened in Virginia American and French forces defeated the forces of Lord Cornwallis Marked the end of the Revolutionary War
  93. 93. I Am… Surrender at Yorktown http://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/revolution-images/images/cornwallis-surrender.gif
  94. 94. What Am I? One of the new territories gained by the U.S. after 1801 Became an independent republic
  95. 95. I Am… Texas
  96. 96. What Am I? Located west of the Coastal Plain Extends from eastern Canada to western Alabama Old, eroded mountains Oldest mountain range in North America
  97. 97. I Am… Appalachian Mountains region http://www.worldbook.com/features/lewisandclark/assets/appalachians.gif
  98. 98. What Am I? Lived predominately in the South Relied on indentured servants or slaves for labor Were educated in some cases Had a rich social culture
  99. 99. I Am… Large landowner in Colonial America Great Hopes Plantation in Williamsburg http://www.wm.edu/niahd/journals/display_image.php?id=12800
  100. 100. What Am I? Relied on geography and climate for food, clothing, and shelter Inhabited the interior of the United States Great Plains Dry grasslands
  101. 101. I Am… Sioux http://www.old-picture.com/indians/pictures/Sioux-War-Party.jpg
  102. 102. What Am I? Settled by separatists from the Church of England Colonists wanted to avoid religious persecution
  103. 103. I Am… Plymouth Colony (Pilgrims) Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock http://cache.eb.com/eb/image?id=94561&rendTypeId=4
  104. 104. What Am I? 1783 Document England recognized American independence Treaty
  105. 105. I Am… Treaty of Paris http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/graphics/treatyofparis1783.jpg
  106. 106. What Am I? Were captured in Africa Shipped to the colonies Owned as property for life with no rights Often born into their situation
  107. 107. I Am… Slaves http://www.earlyamerica.com/portraits/jefferson.html
  108. 108. What Am I? Interacted with the Native Americans during the European Exploration Era Established settlements and claimed ownership of land Learned farming techniques from the American Indians Traded
  109. 109. I Am… English/England
  110. 110. What Am I? Rugged mountains along the Pacific Coast Stretch from California to Canada Contains fertile valleys
  111. 111. I Am… The Coastal Range region http://www.coastrange.org/images/project_map3.jpg
  112. 112. What Am I? Worked as craftsmen in towns and on plantations Lived in small villages and cities
  113. 113. I Am… Artisans in Colonial America http://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/liberty/images/01_history/page01_casting02_hiRez.jpg
  114. 114. What Am I? Relied on geography and climate for food, clothing, and shelter Inhabited Northeast North America Heavily forested Eastern Woodland
  115. 115. I Am… Iroquois http://cache.eb.com/eb/image?id=92050&rendTypeId=4
  116. 116. What Am I? New England colony Settled by people seeking religious freedom Puritans
  117. 117. I Am… Massachusetts Bay Colony John Winthrop, the first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony http://www.winthropsociety.org/graphics/splashportrait.gif
  118. 118. What Am I? Time period Many people migrated during this time The Abolitionist and Suffrage Movements began The U.S. acquired 5 new territories during this time frame
  119. 119. I Am… Westward Expansion Era http://shs.westport.k12.ct.us/jwb/AP/Images/LAPurchMap.jpg
  120. 120. What Am I? Interacted with the Native Americans during the European Exploration Era Brought European diseases Brought Christianity to the New World Conquered and enslaved Native Americans
  121. 121. I Am… Spanish/Spain http://www.map-of-spain.co.uk/maps-of-spain/spain/map-of-spain2.jpg
  122. 122. What Am I? Structure of the government Based on James Madison’s “Virginia Plan” Consists of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial
  123. 123. I Am… The Three Branches of Government http://www.seaford.k12.de.us/webdigs/images/govt.h2.jpg
  124. 124. What Am I? Increased the production of cotton Increased the need for slave labor Invented by Eli Whitney
  125. 125. I Am… Cotton gin http://z.about.com/d/inventors/1/5/o/W/cotton_gin.gif
  126. 126. What Am I? European Explorers Did not explore North America Explored along the coast of West Africa
  127. 127. I Am… Portugal
  128. 128. What Am I? Provided faster river transportation Connected Southern farms and plantations to Northern industries Invented by Robert Fulton
  129. 129. I Am… Steamboat http://www.ulster.net/~hrmm/diglib/fulton/stanton012s.jpg
  130. 130. What Am I? Allows each branch of government to check the power of the other Prevents any one branch from gaining too much power
  131. 131. I Am… Checks and balances
  132. 132. What Am I? One of the 5 territories added to the U.S. after 1801 Located in the northwest Divided between the U.S. and Great Britain
  133. 133. I Am… Oregon Territory http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/graphics/territorygrowthmap.jpg
  134. 134. What Am I? Specific time period War 1861-1865 Disagreements over cultural issues, constitutional issues, and economic issues Country was divided in two Disagreements over slavery
  135. 135. I Am… The Civil War http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://brothersinarms-thecivilwar.8m.co
  136. 136. What Am I? Increased the productivity of the American farmer Invented by Cyrus McCormick and Jo Anderson
  137. 137. I Am… The reaper http://www-pe.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/lincolns/nation/images/gal_technology_reaperlg.jpg?Log=0
  138. 138. What Am I? Explored North America Had the best relationship with the Native Americans Established trading posts
  139. 139. I Am… French/France http://www.wordtravels.com/images/map/France_map.jpg
  140. 140. What Am I? One of the 5 territories added to the U.S. after 1801 Gained this territory as a result of a war with Mexico
  141. 141. I Am… California and the Southwest Territory http://www.historycooperative.org/journals/jah/93.3/images/ruiz_fig01b.jpg
  142. 142. What Am I? Invention Provided faster land transportation
  143. 143. I Am… Steam locomotive http://www.old-picture.com/old-west/pictures/Locomotive-Steam.jpg
  144. 144. What Am I? Specific time period War 1775-1781 Americans fought against the British Fought for independence
  145. 145. I Am… Revolutionary War http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/dd/American_Revolutionary_War_ collage.jpg/800px-American_Revolutionary_War_collage.jpg
  146. 146. What Am I? Overland trails Allowed people to migrate westward
  147. 147. I Am…  Oregon and Santa Fe Trails http://iloveoregon.com/images/Oregon_Trail_Map.jpghttp://www.legendsofamerica.com/photos-oldwest/SantaFeTrailMap.jpg
  148. 148. What Am I? Many people flocked to California Earned the nickname “49ers” In search of a precious metal
  149. 149. I Am… California Gold Rush http://www.legendsofamerica.com/photos-california/CaliforniaGoldMiners.jpg