Review for 4.4 12-10-12


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Review for 4.4 12-10-12

  2. 2. Who Am I? I led the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War
  3. 3. I Am…George Washington
  4. 4. Who Am I? I supported independence during the American Revolutionary War I was a writer I wrote poems and plays supporting independence from England I was a former slave
  5. 5. I Am…Phyllis Wheatley
  6. 6. Who Am I? I was an outspoken member of the House of Burgesses I inspired colonial patriotism with my speeches I declared “Give me liberty or give me death!”
  7. 7. I Am…Patrick Henry
  8. 8. Who Am I?I was the major author of an important documentMy document outlined the grievances of the colonists against the King of England
  9. 9. I Am…Thomas Jefferson
  10. 10. Who Am I?I was involved in the American Revolutionary WarI opposed the colonies gaining their independenceI was the King of England
  11. 11. I Am…King George III
  12. 12. Who Am I? I was a Patriot during the American Revolutionary War I gave colonists advanced warning of British arrival I am often quoted as saying “The British are coming!” on my nighttime ride
  13. 13. I Am…Paul Revere
  14. 14. Who Am I?I was as prominent member of the Continental CongressI helped frame the Declaration of Independence
  15. 15. I Am…Benjamin Franklin
  16. 16. Who Am I?I fought during the Revolutionary WarI fought for the British ArmyI surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown
  17. 17. I Am…Lord Cornwallis
  18. 18. What Am I? People have certain “unalienable rights” to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. (Unalienable rights are rights that cannot be taken away.) People establish government to protect those rights. Government derives power from the people People have a right and a duty to change a government that violates their rights.
  19. 19. I Am…… Key Philosophies in the Declaration of Independence
  20. 20. Who Am I?I championed the cause of independence during the American Revolutionary War
  21. 21. I Am…John Adams
  22. 22. WHAT AM I?Occurred in 1774Delegates from all the colonies metThe delegates discussed problems with England and promoted independence
  23. 23. I Am… The First Continental CongressCarpenters Hall, where the firstContinental Congress took place
  24. 24. What Am I? War between England and France Fought over land in the Ohio River Valley England would go on to tax the colonists to pay for this war
  25. 25. I Am… The French and Indian War
  26. 26. What Am I?Occurred in 1775Happened in MassachusettsSite of the first armed conflict of the Revolutionary War
  27. 27. I Am…Lexington and Concord
  28. 28. What Am I? States that people establish government to protect their rights Government derives power from the people People have a right to change a government that violates their rights States people have unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Inspired by John Locke Thomas Jefferson was the major author
  29. 29. I Am…The Declaration of Independence
  30. 30. What Am I? Happened during the Revolutionary War Boston 1770 Colonists were shot after taunting British soldiers
  31. 31. I Am…Boston Massacre
  32. 32. What Am I? Occurred during the Revolutionary War 1773 Led by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere Patriots threw tea into Boston Harbor to protest tea taxes
  33. 33. I Am…The Boston Tea Party
  34. 34. What Am I?Battle during the Revolutionary War1777 Turning point of the war Americans won
  35. 35. I Am..Battle of Saratoga
  36. 36. What Am I? Revolutionary War event 1781 Happened in Virginia American and French forces defeated the forces of Lord Cornwallis Marked the end of the Revolutionary War
  37. 37. I Am…Surrender at Yorktown
  38. 38. What Am I?1783DocumentEngland recognized American independenceTreaty
  39. 39. I Am…Treaty of Paris
  40. 40. What Am I? Specific time period War 1775-1781 Americans fought against the British Fought for independence
  41. 41. I Am…Revolutionary War
  42. 42. What Am I? Men and women who did not have money for passage to the colonies Agreed to work without pay for the person who paid for their passage Were free at the end of their contract
  43. 43. I Am…Indentured Servant
  44. 44. What Am I? Appalachian Mountains  Cash crops Piedmont  Wood products Atlantic Ocean  Small farms Coastal Plain  Slavery Good harbors Rivers  Indentured servants Humid Climate  Few cities/schools Large farms/plantations  Church of England  Counties
  45. 45. I Am… Southern Colonial Region
  46. 46. What Am I?Worked as caretakers, house workers, homemakersCould not voteHad few chances for education
  47. 47. I Am…Women in Colonial America
  48. 48. What Am I? Appalachian  Unskilled and Mountains skilled workers and Coastal lowlands fishermen (harbors and bays)  Villages and cities Rich farmlands  Varied and diverse Moderate climate lifestyles Livestock and grain  Diverse religions Trading  Market towns
  49. 49. I Am… Mid-Atlantic/Middle Colonies
  50. 50. What Am I? Lived predominately in the South Relied on indentured servants or slaves for labor Were educated in some cases Had a rich social culture
  51. 51. I Am… Large landowner in Colonial America Great Hopes Plantation in Williamsburg
  52. 52. What Am I? Were captured in Africa Shipped to the colonies Owned as property for life with no rights Often born into their situation
  53. 53. I Am… Slaves
  54. 54. What Am I?Worked as craftsmen in towns and on plantationsLived in small villages and cities
  55. 55. I Am…Artisans in Colonial America
  56. 56. What do you know? Which of the following Colonial Protesters, 1773 took place before the event shown in this picture? A The signing of the Declaration of Independence B The meeting of the First Continental Congress C The Stamp Act D The Battle of Saratoga
  57. 57. AnswerC The Stamp Act
  58. 58. What Do You Know? What was the most important result of the 1783 Treaty of Paris? A Britain gained American territory. B France agreed to fight with the Americans. C Britain recognized American independence. D France decided to trade with the Americans.
  59. 59. AnswerC Britain recognized American independence
  60. 60. What Do You Know? By the mid 1700s, American colonists were unhappy with English rule because — A England refused to protect them from the French B they thought the British king was weak C England would not buy colonial-made goods D they had no representation in Parliament
  61. 61. Answer D they had no representation in Parliament
  62. 62. What Do You Know? England passed the Stamp Act in the colonies to — F raise money to pay for a war G take control of foreign trade H put governors in total control J give people the right to vote
  63. 63. AnswerF raise money to pay for a war
  64. 64. What Do You Know? What contribution did Phyllis Wheatley make to the American Revolution? A She wrote poems that supported independence. B She helped African Americans escape to freedom. C She taught soldiers in the Continental Army. D She served as a member of the colonial legislature.
  65. 65. AnswerA She wrote poems that supported independence.