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Exploration show


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Exploration show

  1. 1. Exploration• The Motivating Forces for Exploration• The Obstacles to Exploration• The Accomplishments of Exploration
  2. 2. Why did the Europeans want to explore?To find Gold, Natural Resources and Trade Routes
  3. 3. Why did the Europeans want to explore? To spread their religion-- Christianity
  4. 4. Why did the Europeans want to explore? They wanted to help make their empire/country the BEST or superior ANDThey believed in the superiority of their own culture.
  5. 5. Obstacles to Exploration: Bad/Poor Maps (Early explorers thought the world was flat. They didn’t know that North or South America were here) Bad/Poor Navigational Tools(If they would have had better tools, they would’ve known about North and South America)
  6. 6. Obstacles to Exploration Fear of the Unknown(early sea travelers thought there were sea monsters like the Loch Ness Monster) Lack of adequate supplies (They didn’t pack enough food or water for the trip. Many men starved to death and Others ate rats to survive.)
  7. 7. Accomplishments of Exploration Exchanged goods and ideas (food, clothing, new trade partners) Improved navigational tools and ships Claimed Territories