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Jack Ma PowerPoint


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Jack Ma

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Jack Ma PowerPoint

  1. 1. + Jack Ma Holly Wood, Veronica Cevallos, Renato Segatto, Adriel Reyes Social Media
  2. 2. + Overview  Early Life  Alibaba Company  Current Status  Future
  3. 3. + Early Life  Born on October 15, 1964 as Ma Yun in Hangzhou  He became a tour guide and would trade tours for English lessons  He saw education as his ticket to success.
  4. 4. + Early Life  After applying to several jobs, he finally got hired by a nearby university as an English teacher!  1995: First trip to the US and first experience with the Internet, after that he was determined to make a Chinese internet company.  Four years and two failures later, he persuaded 17 of his friends to invest in his plan for “Alibaba”
  5. 5. + Alibaba in China  Alibaba has become one of the biggest marketing company in China.  This company wants to compete with foreign countries.  Jack Ma founder of Alibaba said “My vision is to build an e- commerce system”.  He wants to create one million jobs to change China’s Social economic environment.
  6. 6. + Alibaba  Alibaba has a unique fun culture environment for employees.  Employees participate in a talent show annually.  They cherish brotherhood, morality, courage emotion and conscience.  Jack Ma believes that is not about the money but to help China’s development.
  7. 7. + Current Status  Close knit partners  Interconnected  Important Roles
  8. 8. + Current Status  Worth  Improvement  Growth  Drones
  9. 9. + Future - Executing the Global Strategy  Alibaba is currently discussing a deal with an Indian Internet Firm One97 Communications  $575 Million Dollar investment  Mobile payment system called Paytm  Over 25 Million registered users  High-profile clients include UBER, Expedia, and Airbnb  Jack Ma believes that economically, India is very similar to China 5-10 years ago. Expects success in India to replicate the success in China.  Alibaba currently owns 80% of China’s e Commerce Market
  10. 10. + Expansion in the US  Alibaba has shown interest in entering the US market  Launched shopping site  Investments in US startups  Lyft  Tango  ShopRunner  E-Commerce experts believe these investments are pointing in the direction of an acquisition of a big US e Commerce Company.  Ebay Rumors - Buying a major US company will expedite Alibaba’s growth.  Alibaba’s acquisition of a US company will help polish its brand and allow them to adapt to US culture.  Acquisition over Competition
  11. 11. + Summary  Early Life  Alibaba Company  Current Status  Future
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