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WildStone Presentation (EN)


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WildStone Presentation (EN)

  1. 1. Content• About Us• The advantages of Wild Stone• Development and history• The product´s portfolio• Product characteristics• Catalogue• Top photos• Additional program, accessories• Exhibitions we participate in• Our partners• Certificates
  2. 2. About usWe are the Czech manufacturing companyfounded in 2003. We specialize in theproduction of stone veneer, floor tiles andaccessories.Our philosophy is based on the highestlevel of the quality, which gets transferredthrough the manufacturing process to theconsumer.We are constantly developing andimproving.Currently, we have a strong and stableteam of 25 employees.
  3. 3. The advantages of Wild StoneYears of experience, a leading company inthe Czech Republic and Europe in terms ofthe quality and design.Modern technological equipment, stableteam of employees, high quality of theproducts.Own development, regular innovation andproduct portfolio expansion, flexibility,reliability.Own production of the moulds.Certificates of quality.Capacity of the plant, excellentserviceability, logistical accessibility -Central Europe (Austria, Germany, Slovakia,Italy).
  4. 4. Development and historyIn 2003 – rent of a production plant – first import of the technological equipment – development and self-certification process.In 2004 – increase in wholesale – contract - supplies to Hornbach, Bauhaus – development of marketing, production and trade – participation in international exhibition For Arch.In 2005 – construction of own production facilities – development of trade relations - cooperation with Baumit – certification of production.In 2007 – expansion of production – renovation of the product lines – own production of the construction chemicals – implementation of the quality management system ISO 9001-2001.From 2008 – by now – an increasing share of the domestic and foreign markets – innovations – selling products to: SVK, AUT, Germany, IT, SLO.
  5. 5. The product’s portfolioStone veneerBrick facingPortland´s slabsAdditional programAccesories
  6. 6. Product characteristicsPerfect replacement for the natural stone, bricktiles and slabs.Material is 100% natural, lightweight stone veneer- made from a mixture of expandedshale, Portlands cement, river sand and naturaldyes.Usage - interior, exterior / frost resistance /Decor – natural.Stone veneer and floor tiles meet theenvironmental and sanitary regulations, buildingstandards.Applications - brick walls, aeratedconcrete, gypsum plasterboard, concretestructures, polystyrene, cotton wool with verticalfiber, wooden buildings.Packaging, Transport - Cardboard boxes andpallets.Maintenance - maintenance free.
  7. 7. Catalogue
  8. 8. Catalogue
  9. 9. Additional program, accessories• Reveals, window sills• Cover plates• The sundial• Adhesive mortar• The jointing material• Waterproofing coatings• Priming
  10. 10. Exhibitions we participate in• Bau Mnichov• BVV Brno• For arch Praha• Coneco Bratislava• Stonetec Norinberk
  11. 11. Our partners• Hornbach CZ, SVK• Saint Gobain CZ• Baumit• Holcim• Architekts• Chamber of Commerce• Oresi• And others
  12. 12. Certificates