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Day 3


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Published in: Technology
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Day 3

  1. 1. OUTSIDE OF THE OFFICE Threats from the outside
  2. 2. BE AWARE We have covered many ways that you might be targeted while using your computer. However, there are other ways hackers may target T VA when you are out of the of fice. One example, given in the last session, was baiting. More methods than baiting threaten employees:  Tailgating  Shoulder Surfing  Theft
  3. 3. TAILGATING AND SHOULDER SURFING Tailgating: when someone unknown enters through security by following someone else with a badge through the doors. Shoulder Surfing: When others look over your shoulder to see private information
  4. 4. AWARENESS CONTINUED You must be aware of your surroundings not only when you are traveling, but when you are at your of fice as well. Travel  Be aware of shoulder surfing  Use secure networks  Keep private information secure  Strong password Of fice  Strong password  Be aware of tailgating  Keep identification on person
  5. 5. TRAVEL When traveling unsecure networks can leak information to prying eyes  Always use your VPN (provided by TVA) when accessing the internet away from the office  The VPN (virtual private network) encrypts your identification so prying eyes cannot decipher what your activities are  If you are very worried about others looking at your screen you can always purchase a mirror for your laptop so you can see what people are doing behind you
  6. 6. AT THE OFFICE When leaving your of fice ALWAYS lock your computer (CTRL + ALT + DELETE) Never leave private information out in the open Do not keep lists of usernames and passwords Always keep your ID badge on you Keep your laptop locked into the dock if it is not being used Never leave your T VA credit card unattended Never leave your VPN tokens unattended
  7. 7. PASSWORD Password strength is vital for you security  Must be at LEAST eight characters  Do NOT use the same password at TVA for other programs (personal e-mail, ebay, amazon, ect…)  Password must contain at least one lower case letter, upper case letter, number, and symbol (@#$%&!?)  Try to use words that are not easily guessable  Enter passwords quickly so shoulder surfing individuals cannot figure them out  Never share your password with anyone  Change your password regularly
  8. 8. LEAVING WORK When leaving work keep your laptop in a secure knapsack Do NOT leave your laptop in out in your car The trunk is also not safe. Thieves will first look in the trunk for valuables If you must leave your laptop in the car keep it in a locked container. This will assist in preventing theft