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Military armedcombat


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Published in: Technology
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Military armedcombat

  1. 1. Military and Armed Combat Simulator Jake Wauchope, Sam Young, Andrew Parnell, William Nguyen, Chris osborne
  2. 2. Service Computing  An idea that seeks to provide essentially merge business strategy and IT strategy  This is achieved by the use of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  3. 3. Service-Oriented Architecture  A design methodology in which the inter- compatibility of a multitude of separate software  Implementations is exploited to provide the functionality of a more traditional software application  Facilitates the exchange of information between systems without substantial interaction of an agent required
  4. 4. Personal  The most obvious example is that of Software as a Service (SaaS).  Essentially software 'on-demand'  Compatibility problems essentially erased  Examples Include:  Microsoft Office 365  Google Apps
  5. 5. Local  Allows smaller businesses to more easily extend their reach  Enables these businesses access to the same level of software as the larger businesses at an appropriate price
  6. 6. Global  Hastens communication and transactions between multinational businesses, while at the same time lowering the costs necessary to facilitate these transactions  Automates processes while allowing changes to be distributed almost instantaneously
  7. 7. The services... Force Feedback Microchip Implants Virtual RealityMotion Sensing
  8. 8. Virtual Reality • Many Applications (Pilot training, Gaming) • 360o visual environment • Accompanying directional audio • Experienced through wearable headset or specially designed room (360o Projectors)
  9. 9. Motion Sensing  Allows user input through movement  Provides realistic experience (no controller  Feel like you’re in that world
  10. 10. Force Feedback  Provides output from the application directly to the user  New technology allows support for first person shooters  Realistic bullet fire direction, explosion and other environmental damage feedback  Compressed air impacts to simulate damage
  11. 11. Microchips  Quick easy identification  Safe for human use  Can provide information on: - Allergies, - medical records, - personal information, - contact information
  12. 12. BPM
  13. 13. Virtual Reality  The visual display of the system provides the user with an immersive environment for their training to take place in. It also displays information on local conditions and communications for use in the field  Military simulators have many different facets for training different troops, the system will give troops a much more immersive experience helping them learn the best tactics and actions to improve their effectiveness in the heat of battle
  14. 14. Force Feedback  Force feedback allows the user to feel the impacts of the environment on their body. This includes mechanical feedback, sensory stimulation and visual indicators  An electrified vest provides feeling to indicate the location of injuries  The VirtuSphere increases rolling resistance to simulate hills and moving slower over rough terrain
  15. 15. Motion Sensing  The system uses motion sensing technology to track the user. This can be transmitted in real time to monitor the user’s behaviour and to allow more realistic motion based controls in the simulation  The VirtuSphere is fitted to transmit data on the speed and direction of movement into the simulation  Kinect video tracking systems provide accurate information on the movement of individual limbs to translate complicated gestures into simulated actions
  16. 16. RFID Microchips  Provides easy identification of users and equipment  Allows for vital information to be passed between users instantly (Medication, past injuries, next of kin etc.)  Can allow tracking to reduce incidence of friendly fire and aid in locating friendly units  RFID chips can be repurposed for many different tasks, so this one solution will support many future advancements and technologies
  17. 17. Uses  Gaming  Virtual Tours  Private Security  Army Training  Scoring System  Training civilians  Chip insertion for Medics
  18. 18. Software  New design of game  3rd Space game drivers  Softkinect for 3D body tracking  AUTOCAD 3DS MAX  Run on windows
  19. 19. Design
  20. 20. Design
  21. 21. Design
  22. 22. Design
  23. 23. Design
  24. 24. Design
  25. 25. Weaknesses  Cost  Over $50 Million all up  Ethical issues with microchips  Privacy  Security  Theft  Travel sickness  Hard to use
  26. 26. Viability  Very useful for countries armies  Help improve fitness of population  Saves lives in times of war  Chips help stop criminals
  27. 27. Future  Massive increase in online games  More accurate virtual reality  Mind control  Chips  No need for physical money  No need for ID
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