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Inb101 music planfind

  1. 1. » With the introduction to more and more innovative Information technologies, now services can be delivered in several new ways. » Service computing includes the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture, Mashups, Software as a Service, and Cloud Computing. » “Service Computing is where application components are assembled with little effort into a network of services that can be loosely coupled to create flexible dynamic business processes and agile applications that may span organisations and computing
  2. 2. » Personally service computing has made day to day activities easier. A variety of forms of infrastructure as a service is being used to effortlessly interact with people, like Dropbox, and Google drive. Such services make team collaborations easier. Other services like social networks have also made interactions easier, especially with it branching into the world of mobile devices. » Local areas are significantly impacted with service oriented computing and Software as a service. Users are able to have access to services anywhere if there is access to internet, enabling employees to work from home. This creates efficient and effective ways to access documents and data that is necessary to perform their task. Locals can also effectively use mash up services that provides geographical and other information presenting users with great amount of information on services regarding Personal Local
  3. 3. » Globally, service computing has transformed the way businesses operate and compete. Service computing has increased business agility, creating an adaptive businesses environment. Furthermore it makes conducting businesses easier and efficient through faster web services with intranets and Extranets. Finally it brings easier ways to attract and interact with markets and customers. Global statistics Statistics retrieved from
  4. 4. » In todays modern world the influence of technology has greatly increased the range and influence of the music based market throughout the world. » The market consists basically of the businesses and individuals who use music to make money. » It is estimated that the broader music industry was valued at $168 Billion dollars in 2011 • February 6, 2013―Apple announced that music fans have purchased and downloaded more than 25 billion songs from the iTunes Store® which roughly equals 25billion dollars
  5. 5. » Functionality – ITunes is a multimedia based application that allows you to organise and play digital video and music on your computer. Whereas Spotify is a digital music-streaming service that gives you on-demand access to millions of songs on all your devices with the Spotify application. » Intended Users – . The intended audience of ITunes is anyone who owns an Ipod, Iphone, Ipad or any other apple based product, or anyone who wants to obtain music, videos and applications legally. And the users of Spotify include anyone who wants to stream and listen to music. » Constraints – An internet connection is initially required to install the ITunes application whereas Spotify can be downloaded and installed from the Spotify website however it requires a constant internet connection due to it being a music streaming service. » Pricing – ITunes and Spotify are both free to signup, download and use. However, the purchasing from music, videos or apps from the iTunes store will cost money. And a premium account on Spotify will also cost a small monthly surcharge. » Legality of the services – ITunes is a legal service and comes with several security measures to decreases chances of fraud such as email and password confirmation when purchased music is played on unauthorised computers. Spotify’s music streaming service is legal due to the licenses and contracts that it has made with major recording companies ITunes is owned by the Apple corporation and Spotify by Spotify Inc.
  6. 6. » Functionality – Songkick is a website service that provides personalised updates for users on their favourite bands and allows them receive instant event updates in addition to news, reviews, photos and videos of them via email or through notifications on the app. » Intended Users – Anyone who wishes to follow an artist, or wishes to know about their favourite artists upcoming events and concerts or music related information about their surrounding area. » Constraints – An internet connection is required to use songkick and is accessed trough the Representational state transfer style of software architecture . However emails are sent to the users personal account about artist updates/tickets/concerts they have liked or are attending and local music realated news. It is also available on smartphones as an application, requiring the internet to receive news. » Pricing – Songkick is free to signup and use. Their revenue is generated from a commission from ticket websites that get customers from the songkick website » Legality of the services- Songkick is a legal service as it works by indexing different ticket vendors, venue websites and local newspapers to create a comprehensive database of upcoming concerts happening around the world.
  7. 7. » Functionality – All music is a online music guide service dedicated to help users find out more about the albums, bands, musicians and songs they love. It provides a wide range of media and data such as videos, songs and popular song rankings, reviews and much more. » Intended Users – Anyone who listens to music and would like to know information more about artists, bands and other musical oriented things. » Constraints – Allmusic exists in the form of a website and is accessible so long as the users have a internet connection and is accessed trough the Representational state transfer style of software architecture . » . » Pricing – similar to songkick users can create a account on the Allmusic website for free and users will be able to rate albums and receive recommendations for music to check out. Allmusic is a commercial business similar to songkick taking revenue from sales trough their website and allowing different music applications to access its databases for a fee. Some include the Itunes store and windows media Player 11. » Legality of the services – Allmusic is a legal service, since it has licences and agreements with major publishing labels and companies to display musical information. Previously owned by Rovi it is now owned by the All Media Guide.
  8. 8. » Functionality – Lyrics. Com is a website that provides the lyrics of most songs to users for free. Lyrics are uploaded by users so their database of music lyrics is very extensive spanning numerous genres. » Intended Users – Anyone who is searching for the lyrics of their favourite song or music. Users who are looking to join a sort of social network with people who have similar taste to music as you. » Constraints – An internet connection is required to use as it is a website. All countries with access to the internet has access to and it is once again is accessed trough the Representational state transfer style of software architecture . » Pricing – Lyrics. Com is free to sign up and to use as it merely serves as a database of lyrical information. Revenue is generated by advertisements on the site. » Legality of the services – is a legal service, however it is not endorsed by actual artists and lyrics uploaded are transcribed by users of the site. Therefore no legal issues are faced.
  9. 9. » Functionality – Google maps is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google through a web users browser. Google maps is a very powerful platform incorporating several significant features of maps into its service such as topography, live traffic feeds, street and road names, heading and travel planning. » Intended Users – Anyone that needs to use a map, get directions on foot or by car, see traffic patterns, find businesses or landmarks. » Constraints – Google maps is accessible on multiple platforms including windows & Mac or other operating systems trough the browser such as Firefox, Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets so long as they have connectivity to the internet and is accessed trough the Representational state transfer style of software architecture . » Pricing – Google maps is completely free to use with user not even requiring a account to use the services it provides. However by having a Google account the maps can be marked with additional data such as favourite places or additional information as travel routes and suggestions. » Legality of the service – Google map is completely legal with Google collecting, sourcing and then providing the data from satellites on various features of a regular map such as topography, locations etc.
  10. 10. • Music has a deep and rich online community with lots of information and ports to listen to your favourite music. However no specific service covers all services. • Making a service that provided all services is a mammoth and risky task. • What music services are people interested in, which services work best?: • ITunes – purchasing music. • Google maps – what's on near you. • Songkick – booking and viewing tour dates. • – viewing the lyrics of a song. • MTV – Newest news, info and articles on all things music. • Provided a service that incorporates music streaming, information and purchasing all in one easy to navigate location through the use of mash up integration. • Brought these services together to create our product.
  11. 11. » The online music market is a thriving community. Only recently have some of the biggest names in tech world have branched into it with the likes of Google launching there new music platform to rival Spotify and Twitter purchasing a Brisbane based business and renaming Twitter #Music. » Example: Spotify launched in 2008 based out of Sweden. In 2010, two years later, they were dubbed the top tier music revenue source in Sweden.
  12. 12. Strengths » Information is easy to manage » Provides information on multiple levels » Online » Emerging into an already thriving market » Many services rolled up into one mash up Weaknesses » Emerging into competition heavy field » Initial low market share » Start up costs
  13. 13. Opportunities » Expansion into various different markets » New features are always being developed Threats » Competition » Change in customer needs
  14. 14. Home Page
  15. 15. Artist Search Page
  16. 16. Artist Page
  17. 17. Album Page
  18. 18. Song Page
  19. 19. Map Search Page
  20. 20. » Our service will allow user’s to experience the benefits of various existing services such as: > iTunes > Google Maps > Songkick > MTV » Because these services are integrated with our service, the strong points of each of them are able to be taken advantage of, giving the user a very high quality experience. The service will allow users to not only find information about artists, but also extensive information about individual albums and songs, as well as interactive touring information. » This Mash-Up service has been targeted at users between the ages of 16-30. However, the app can really be used by anyone who enjoys music.
  21. 21. » Songkick. (2013). About Songkick. Retrieved May 10, 2013, from » Cross, D. (2013, February 13). 5 fun facts about iTunes' 25 billionth song. Retrieved May 10, 2013, from » Spotify. (2013). About Us . Retrieved May 10, 2013, from us/contact/ » Spotify. (2013). What is spotify?. Retrieved May 10, 2013, from » (2008). Privacy Policy. Retrieved May 10, 2013, from » Google. (2013). Welcome to Google maps. Retrieved May 10, 2013, from » Resnikoff, P. (2011, September 6). How Much Is the Music Industry Really Worth? Try $168 Billion.... Retrieved May 10, 2013, from » Condon, D. (2013). ARIA REPORT: OVERALL SALES UP, PHYSICAL SALES DOWN. Retrieved from » Ruehl, M. (16 May 2013). Google launches All Access music streaming service in bid to divert flow of online music profits. Retrieved 17 May 2013, from gadgets/google_launches_online_access_music_CbQd5CA9uvhS8pKP4lutCM » Geere, D. (2010). Spotify now top-tier music revenue source in Sweden. Retrieved from