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Pre micro power


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Pre micro power

  1. 1. Micro Power Changing tomorrow By Josh Jewkes and Michael Bingham
  2. 2. The Solution This technology is mainly aimed at medical purposes and scientific research of living organisms. This is because infectious diseases cause about 67% of all preventable deaths of children under five years of age.
  3. 3. Power Source This revolutionary power source is powered by wireless charging. By placing the patient on a charging pad it will charge and run micro technology until patient is removed.
  4. 4. Safety Features Some safety features are: the use of a masking signal to stop the body resisting the treatment and lays dormant in the system until the patient is injured or diseased.
  5. 5. Repercussions • Could fry nerves • May cause memory loss
  6. 6. Repercussions • Could fry nerves • May cause memory loss