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Using a boat cover


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Getting a boat can be tedious but the real challenge is in protecting it while in mooring or storage. The best way to maintain the good condition of your boat is to use boat covers. Boat covers shield the boat from undue damage caused by sun and obnoxious weather.

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Using a boat cover

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  2. 2. Advantages of using a boat cover • Protection from wear and tear • Prevents damage to the exterior and interior of the boat • Keeps the boat dry after use and during rains • Safety from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun • Saves time and efforts in maintaining boat
  3. 3. Points to consider when buying a boat cover • Choose a boat cover as per the boat type (motor boats, cruiser boats, power yachts etc.). Custom fit boat cover is the best option and is readily available in the market. • Next important thing is the material and fabric of the cover. Canvas boat covers are great for long term storage and sunbrella covers are good for protection against sun rays. • Different boat covers are priced differently. Check the internet for good offers and discounts.
  4. 4. • Moorings covers can be used while the boat is in water, on hoist, on the trailer or when in storage. However, they are unsuitable when towing boats. Types of boat covers
  5. 5. Pontoon Playpen Covers • Pontoon Playpen Covers are similar to mooring covers but they do not cover the front deck.
  6. 6. Winter Storage Covers • Winter Storage Covers are used for long term storage during winter, which are taller and made with heavy coated fabric.
  7. 7. Towing Covers • Towing Covers are specially made for use when towing and are made of low and tight enough to cut the wind while towing at 55 to 65 mph. Suitable for mooring and storage, but not for aggressive winter.
  8. 8. Bass Boat Cover • Bass Boat Covers are made low and tight to cut the wind while towing up to 80 mph. These covers are made with heavy coated fabric and can also be used for storage.
  9. 9. Bow Cover • Bow Cover is used to cover the open bow area of a boat. They come in handy while the boat is in use, or while towing. Not suitable for storage and winter.
  10. 10. Cockpit Cover • Cockpit Cover is used to cover the cockpit area of a boat and generally used as a quick cover while at the dock and for towing. They are unsuitable for storage and winter.
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