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Finance your boat


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Yacht loans are available against various collaterals including home equity, stocks and bonds and life insurance. Various newspapers and boating magazines carry advertisements of entities that offer yacht financing services. You may also want to Google. Make sure your do a detailed research encompassing all possible fund sources including banks, credit unions, non-banking finance companies that offer boat financing services.

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Finance your boat

  1. 1. Yacht Sales & Marketing. Simplified CASH OR FINANCE YOUR BOAT? Presented by:, the #1 Listing & Marketing Portal for Yachts & Boats for Sale.
  2. 2. Finance your boat So, you’ve decided to buy a boat, but are at crossroads when trying to decide how to buy it? We can help! This presentation puts forth the various pros and cons of buying a boat on finance or for cash.
  3. 3. Deductible Interest • The interest on your boat loan will qualify as a deduction for income tax if the boat makes it to the ‘Qualified residence’ status. For a boat to be considered as a qualified residence, it should satisfy the following minimum requirements: It should have a berth, that facilitates sleeping aboard. It should have a toilet and shower head. It should have a galley, that serves as a kitchen.
  4. 4. Better boat becomes affordable • If you qualify for a loan, chances are, you can probably buy that bigger, better boat. • A loan will provide you access to more funds than what your savings might have.
  5. 5. Budget • If you have financial constraints, buying a boat on loan might be a better option than buying a boat for cash. • Buying a boat on a boat loan requires you to pay only about 25-30% as upfront costs compared to what you would shell out if you were to buy the boat for cash.
  6. 6. Finance made easy • There are various resources available for guidance. • National Marine Banker’s Association (NMBA) is one such useful source.
  7. 7. Advantages of buying a boat for cash • Buying a boat for cash has its advantages such as:  Often, when you are paying for the boat by way of loan, you can get carried away.  The initial down-payment of 25-30% and monthly payments may seem less, but in the long run, you might end up paying a lot more than you wished to, for a boat  If you pay cash for your boat, you don’t have to worry about paying installments every month.  You save on the interest payments if you don’t take a loan to buy a boat.
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