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Boating is a great activity, so it’s of little surprise that it is one of the most preferred activities of Americans. Considering 90% of the Americans live within one hour’s drive to a water body that permits boating, this is really not a surprise. However, the challenge is, not every month of the year allows boating. Barring a few states, there are times during the year when the boat is out of use. However, irrespective of whether the boat’s in use or not, it should be checked at regular intervals.

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Check your boat

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  2. 2. Check your boat There are times during the year when the boat is out of use. However, irrespective of whether the boat’s in use or not, it should be checked at regular intervals. Here’s a couple of things you need to check before going yachting or boating.
  3. 3. Things to check before boating • Safety equipment: Check if: The boat has sufficient fire extinguishers and they are usable and in working condition. The lifelines and railings on the boat are in good conditions. All hardware is tight and sealed well on the deck.
  4. 4. The rails are free of corrosion or snags that might cause it to break suddenly. The surfaces skid. Lifejackets, emergency horns, watertight flashlights etc. are in good condition and at easy reach. The navigation devices like GPS, radios, alarms etc. are functional.
  5. 5. Things to check before boating contd.. • Check the fuel system to ensure it is fit properly and look for any possible leaks from the fuel system. • Make sure the right kinds of anchors are aboard. Always have an extra anchor aboard. • If you are hitting the water after a whole season, ensure the electrical system is safe.
  6. 6. Things to check before boating contd.. • If your boat has a galley, then ensure the area is properly ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide build up. • Ensure the batteries are stored right. Ideally they should be in a corrosion proof, water-tight container. • Ensure the bilge pumps are working properly. Check the boat’s hull and other parts for corrosion or strains.
  7. 7. Things to check before boating contd.. • Taking a damaged boat into water will cause accidents. Hence it’s advisable to always maintain your boat well and check your boat before hitting the water.
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