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Public Service

  1. 1. Hello, all! Seeing as I’ve reached one whole year in the Boolprop Forum (whoa, time flies!) and have not yet even come close to concluding Gen. 2, I decided that I ought to compensate by giving you all a helpful public reminder. You know, be beneficial to the Simming community and all that. Of course, this is not an apology of sorts for taking an eon to set a new chapter up, so do press on and push forward!
  2. 2. Wait a minute... This is the wrong place, the wrong time! I’m quite sure my Sims live in that time-stuck place, you know, the Isla, with all the medieval–esque theme going on. So just what is this slide doing here?
  3. 3. “R & R. Oh yeah.” Ah, here he is! But... What’s Damian doing here?
  4. 4. Jeannie! There you are! “Yep!” You’re a kid playing cops and robbers! And in modern clothing! “Yep!”
  5. 5. And how is this possible, pray tell? “Er... Dunno. You’re the creator guy, you explain.” Hmmm, good point. Well, continue playing with Artie then. “Oh, yeah! Bang, bang!”
  6. 6. “Hey, Bel-bel! Wanna join us? We know you want to! Ten Playful points and all.” “Nah, it’s okay. Three shy points and all.” “So you’re gonna just stand there and be cute?” Jeanne further teases. “Pretty much, yes.”
  7. 7. Artie, of course, grabs the opportunity to aim a good shot at his distracted sister. “Hey, no fair!”Jeannie protests amid laughter, the loudest being her own. “I’m gonna get you, you policeman you! “...As soon as I get out of jail, that is.”
  8. 8. But while Jeannie tries to figure out how to free herself from the makeshift carton prison, our policemen celebrate with wild abandon. “What the heck’s that dance move, Ro! That’s not the way to go!”
  9. 9. “Huh? What am I doing wrong this time? You’re the one dancing all the wrong moves, bro!” Or, well, maybe both of them are in the wrong.
  10. 10. Jeannie busts herself out in record time, however. “That’s ‘coz I work my logic skills!” And your gossip skills too, for that matter.
  11. 11. And there was much more smustling. “Charlie’s angels hi-ya!” Roland shouts as he prepares for a flying roundhouse kick. You know, you three remind me of another set of butt-kicking Angels. “Whoa, aren’t we sneaking an Avatar reference again?”
  12. 12. “Yes, I would like to reserve a room for two. The one with the private hot tub and such.” “Mom and Dad’s going on vacation! Awesome!”
  13. 13. “Bye, kids! Don’t wreck the house while we’re gone!” “You’re such a dreadful Daddy. Children, take care of yourselves, okay?” “Woot! ...Oh, and we promise not to demolish the house, jump on the sofas, dirty the toilets, cook without supervision, watch TV for hours on end... Yeah.”
  14. 14. “Great going, Artie. Now, what will we do?”
  15. 15. “Hmmm... What’s this?”
  16. 16. “HEY, GUYS! COME OVER HERE! I think I know what we can do!”
  17. 17. “Whoa, a bubble blower! Awesome find, Jeannie!” “Whoever knew Mum and Dad have one of these things at home?” “Nah, you’re just clueless as usual, Artie.”
  18. 18. “Oh, shush Ro. You’re always treading upon poor Artie,” Jeannie mockingly snaps. Gesturing right beside her, she says to Artie, “Here. Try it! It’s fun!”
  19. 19. “Well, if you say so...” Artie accordingly samples the bubble blower. It does not take a full minute for him to remain unconvinced of its pleasure, however. “Hey! This is good stuff, Jeannie!” he exclaims. “Eh, since when have I been ever wrong?”
  20. 20. Bel-bel has her own objections, however. “Guys, I really don’t think it’s wise for us to... you know... blow bubbles.” “Why not, sis?” Jeanne shrugs. She then adds, in a creepy ghostie kind of voice, “Yooooou knoooow yooou waaaant toooo. Teeeeen plaaaayful pooooooints!” “But I really have a bad feeling about this...”
  21. 21. “Ah, oh well!”
  22. 22. On the other side of Downtown... “Honey,” the brunette began. “I really think we shouldn’t have let the kids on their own. You know how Jeannie is so headstrong and all that.” “Pfft, relax, mi chérie. We’re on vacation, remember? I’m sure the kids are doing just...
  23. 23. ...fine.” “WHEEEEE!” “Hey, Ro! Bel-bel’s hanging upside down! Is that natural?” “Nah, it’s no prob, bro.”
  24. 24. After some time, though, Jeannie stands up. “There’s only so much the bubble blower can do, you know,” she announces with a smirk of smug superiority. “I’m going to go and blow bubbles now. The old-fashioned way.” Now of course, under normal circumstances, the more reasonable siblings (like Bel-bel or Artie) would have cautioned against this dangerous act. But seeing as all three are too engrossed with the bubbles right now to care...
  25. 25. “Wooot bubbles!” Jeannie, I really don’t think that’s a wise thing. A kid blowing bubbles... “Eh, why not? It’s so fun!”
  26. 26. “See? I can make them go aaaaall over the place! And you get a cute kid shot!” Nice try, Jeannie. But appealing to my sense of guilt for not having you guys have a normal childhood’s not going to distract me from... er... ...Now, what was I saying again?
  27. 27. “Hmm... I wonder what would happen if...”
  28. 28. “BLECH THIS IS NASTY!” Don’t let me tell you... “Yeah, yea-- *sputter gag cough* whatevs.”
  29. 29. “This totally beats sunshine and daises!” “Oh no!” Jeannie groans in agony, now that her coughing fit is over. “What have I done? I’ve turned us all into a bunch of bubble addicts!”
  30. 30. “Guys! GUYS! We have to stop this at once! I mean, are we just to blow bubbles all day and waste our lives away? Will we let ourselves be reduced to a bunch of no-good bubble zombies? Have we forgotten the important things in life, like honor and duty and chivalry and bravery?” “Yep, pretty much.” “Teehee bubbles.”
  31. 31. And so, in that moment, when all hope has failed, that Jeannie daughter of Damian takes her father’s sword... “Sssh. You’re ruining my thinking/pensive mood! And enough with the LOTR references already!”
  32. 32. ....
  33. 33. “GUYS! Over here! ...This thing increases the Fun motive bar faster! ...The power of ‘What’s This’ compels you!”
  34. 34. And as Sims will always be Sims... “What’s this?” the puzzled three kids comment in unison. “YES! Come on, my brethren! Let the water from the Water Wiggler heal you! this way please, Artie. Thank you.”
  35. 35. “WHEEE WATER FUN!”
  36. 36. “Wow, honey. I got the feeling that our kids, whom we have so foolishly left to their own devices, have almost strayed from the True and Righteous Path --- but it’s okay, I think: they’ve sorted everything out and learned a valuable life lesson.”
  37. 37. “Gee, you think?”
  38. 38. ...And so, the evil of the Bubble Blower now banished from their memory, the children enjoy the Water Wiggler...
  39. 39. ...even though, for a toy, its form is slightly scary.
  40. 40. “But I’d rather place my bets on a Crooked Wriggler than a dubious ‘Bubble Blower’ Eaxis thoughtlessly incorporates into the game, wouldn’t you? Life is too precious to throw away, even if you’re a Sim. Besides, there are more Fun-raising stuff out there, such as pianos and Lemonade Stands if you have OFB). And the good thing is, these items are legit, and they are good hobbies providing young children with the proper training in life.”
  41. 41. “Bubbles, on the other hand, produce nothing but laziness, hallucinations, unreasonable heads, dizziness, and a habit that might take years of therapy to dispel. (And not to mention nasty coughing spells.) Would you want to throw your life away in such a manner? So remember kids --- bubbles are baaaaad. B. A. D. Bad. Okay? Got it? Say it with me: B – A – D. Bad.”
  42. 42. “So learn from me, okay? Whoever you are, whatever you do --- just say NO to bubbles! Got it? Let’s say it again: Just – say – no!”
  43. 43. “Jeannie, I love you and all, sweetie, but I’ve already told you for the fifteen thousandth time: stop giving out life-changing lectures atop my pick-up truck!” “Oops. My bad, Daddy.”
  44. 44. FIN ...for now. This has been an utterly senses Public Service Reminder brought to you by the Mercator Legacy Family.