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V. Urumov - Study of Physics and Research in Macedonia


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The SEENET-MTP Workshop JW2011
Scientific and Human Legacy of Julius Wess
27-28 August 2011, Donji Milanovac, Serbia

Published in: Technology, Education
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V. Urumov - Study of Physics and Research in Macedonia

  1. 1. Saints Cyril and Methodius University Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Institute of Physics P. O. Box 162, 1000 Skopje, MacedoniaRESEARCH AND STUDY OF PHYSICS IN MACEDONIA Viktor Urumov Donji Milanovac 28 avgust 2011
  2. 2. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje, 2000
  3. 3. University study• Faculty of Philosophy, chair of physics, Skopje, 29 November 1946• Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Institute of Physics, 1958• University of Tetovo, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 2000• Postgraduate courses, Skopje,1969, Tetovo, FEIT• Bologna process, 4+1+3, ECTS, Doctoral school• Many private universities without science courses• Inefficient system of study
  4. 4. Time devoted to physics courses according to the content General physics Theoretical physics Special physics courses605040302010 0 AL BH BG CR1 CR2 CR3 GR MK SM1 SM2 SL
  5. 5. TEMPUS projects• Updating of Training and Retraining of Physics Teachers - AC JEP-13576/98 (1999-2001)• Use of Computers in Continuing Education of Physics Teachers – AC JEP- 14139-1999 (2000-02)• Web-based learning courses for science teachers (2005)• Multilingual Web-based Science Courses – SCM-C005B04 (2006)• Investigation of Market Needs of Various Physics Study Profiles: A New Supplement Diploma – SCM-C016A05 (2006)• Education System in Forensic Science for the Republic of Macedonia JEP- 41105-2006 (2007-)• Individual participation in other projects• At least three additional unsuccessful applications
  6. 6. Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Skopje Awarded degrees until 30 September 2006 Staff and students B. Sc. M. Sc. Ph. D.• Mathematics 1160 76 44• Physics 656 53 50 (37)• Chemistry 2073 95 70• Biology 1780 120 91• Geography 1685 58 45• Informatics 580 25 11• Math-Phys 202• Bio-Chem 132• Institute of Physics, Skopje Staff 19 (1969) 31 (2003) 23 (2011) Students 90 16 8 (First year)
  7. 7. Research and researchers, current situationInstitutions - Skopje + Academy, Tetovo, Bitola, Ohrid, StipActive researchers (Ph. D.) 35-40(Abroad 20-25)Ph. D. students 7Retired 20Solid state, electrical properties, thin films, superconductivitySoft matter, liquid crystals, polymersNonlinear physics, networks, synchronization, relativityAtomic scattering, molecular switches, opticsTracking of asteroidsRadiation in medical practiceRadioactivity of the environmentEquipment, internet, library
  8. 8. The most cited paper(991 citations on Scholar Google, June 2011)
  9. 9. Current situation• Very modest funding of science• Without debate on future• Lack of job opportunities
  10. 10. What to do ?• Science centre for youth and everybody else• Cooperation and openness, internal and international• Research institutions• Access to sources of information• International summer schools• Visitors, seminars• New university
  11. 11. Lomonosov (1754), Diderot (1773)Le nombre des chaumières et des autres édifices particuliers étant à celui des palais dans le rapport de dix mille à un, il y a dix mille à parier contre un que le génie, les talents et la vertu sortiront plutôt d’une chaumière que d’un palais.Moins il y a dopulence autour du berceau de lenfant qui naît, mieux les parents conçoivent la necessité de léducation, plus sérieusement et plus tôt l’enfant est appliqué. Denis Diderot - Plan d’une université pour le gouvernement de RussieNe v ukaz va{emu prevoshoditelÝstvu sovetuÓ ne toropitÝs®, ~tobì posle ne peredelìvatÝ. Lomonosov in a letter to the prime minister Shuvalov