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J. Mandili - Department of Physics, University of Vlora, Albania


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The SEENET-MTP Workshop JW2011
Scientific and Human Legacy of Julius Wess
27-28 August 2011, Donji Milanovac, Serbia

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J. Mandili - Department of Physics, University of Vlora, Albania

  1. 1. Department of PhysicsUniversity of Vlora, AlbaniaNew Building, University of Vlora, Skele, Vlore Phone: 035533202915 Web: Contact: Web: LOGO
  2. 2. The Mission of Department• Department of Physics, University of Vlora, was established in 2008 with the mission to be one of the top physics departments in Albania to the:• graduating and training of physics teachers and senior specialists in the fields of physics• providing a high level in scientific research• coordination of efforts to improve and coordinate technical, professional and legal components of education and industrial system in Albania LOGO
  3. 3. Department Administration Department of Physics is part of Technical Science Faculty at University of Vlora. It has not financial autonomy. Chair of Department Assoc. Prof. Jorgo Mandili Assistant to the chair. M.HoxhaRecruitment Strategy Department Academic Textbooks Academ Tutorialand mobility Department Regulation Programs Approve ic Physics Commission Commissio Draft Commission Advisor CenterCommission n Commission J.Mandili S.Caushi V.TahiriJ.Mandili D.Spahiu B.Shkurtaj N.Thomo V.Tahiri S.MicoN.Thomo N.Thomo E.Licaj J.Mandili I.SinoS.Caushi V.Cako S.Mico LOGO
  4. 4. Research areas groupsThe department of Physics has an scientific activity in the areas of:• Physics Education ResearchScientific GroupProf. Dritan SpahiuProf. Dr Spiro CaushiAssoc. Prof. Jorgo MandiliDr. Silvana MicoMSc. Astrit DenajMSc. Valbona TahiriMSc. Fatjon Musli• Experimental physicsScientific GroupProf. Niko ThomoProf. Dr Bilal ShkurtajAssoc. Prof. Engjell LicajProf.Dr Mersin ShenajMSc. Veledin CakoMSc. Ilirjana Sino LOGO
  5. 5. Conditions for researchThe department contains a number of excellent researchers that are not allowed to reach theirpotential due to lack of supporting resources. One of the most importantduties of department is to find possibilities to repair this situation: sufficient funding andcollaborating with other local research departments, industry and international researchorganizations.1. Physics Education ResearchWe believe that our education research focus is highly relevant for our courses in physics andscience education. Collaborating closely with science educators at other departments at ouruniversity and high schools of our country is an important base that supports our research.2. Experimental PhysicsFor experimental research the main difficulty is the lack of resources for equipments, whichare very far from satisfactory. The reality of Albanian universities is so much to be desiredregarding to the proper experimental infrastructure for the experimental research bystandards. LOGO
  6. 6. Education research activitiesEducation research group is responsible for: introductory courses in physics, physicseducation and science education in both theoretical and experimental work tounderstand student learning; coordination of courses and study programs in physicsat our Department; physics teachers and other science teachers professionaldevelopment; teaching of cross-disciplinary science courses, including the results ofresearch in our teaching.Our research group develops and studies: 1. Using technology to support effective teaching practices 2. Using the world-wide web and Java for homework and other application 3. Develop and assess more effective curricular materials 4. Development of student problem-solving skills in physics. 5. Provide online tools for teaching and learning physics at the high schools levels 6. Assessment of students conceptual understanding of physics 7. Learning from by using computer simulations LOGO
  7. 7. Education research activities Workshops- Curriculum and education at Department of Physics, University of Vlora October 2009- Physics Education research-based reforms, January 2010,- Using new technologies in physics courses, May 2011. Conferences- International Conference on the History of Quantum Physics, November 2010, Vlora, Albania- Co-organizer, ACA 2010, Applications of Computer Algebra , 2010, Vlora, Albania Grants Research grant from UNESCO and CERN, for Valbona Tahiri (6 months) LOGO
  8. 8. Education research activitiesTalks and posters (included conference proceedings) at:- 7th BPU General Conference, Alexandropoulos, Greece, Sept 2009- International Conference on Education “Role of Universities in Knowledge Society”, Education Department, May 2010, Vlora- GIREP-ICPE-MPTL Conference 2010, August 22-27, 2010 Reims, France- 4th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science, Barcelona, 18-20 November 2010.- International Conference on the History of Quantum Physics, November 2010, Vlora, Albania- ACA 2010, Applications of Computer Algebra , 2010, Vlora, AlbaniaPublications at:Curriculum and school, ISP,Tirane, AlbaniaBuletini Shkencor, University of Vlora, AlbaniaBuletini Shkencor, University of Gjirokastra, AlbaniaMendimi Akademik, University of Vlora, Albania LOGO
  9. 9. Projects• Projects1. Project of Physics Department: “Introductory Physics course package” , by self contribute of education group research.A. Instructor package (translations):- Five Easy Lessons Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching, Randall Knight- Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite ,Eduard Redish- Teaching Introductory Physics, Arnold Arons- Instructor’s Solution Manual (Serway)–B. Student’s package (translations):- Principles of Physics-a calculus based text, Serway- Student Solution Manual and Study Guide, Serway/Jewet’s- Tutorials in Introductory Physics and Homework Package, Lillian C. McDermott- Interactive- illustration Physlet Physics: Interactive Illustrations, Explorations and Problems for Introductory Physics, Mario Belloni, Wolfgang Christian.- Test Bank , Eduard Adelson• Proposal Projects1. Opening the Master Degree in Physics of Materials, Tempus IV (2010-2014).2. Equipment the didactic laboratory of physics with the set-Pasco Comprehensive Physics Complete System-realization of experiments with computer. Proposed as part of Project “Quality and Equality “ for Public Institutions of Higher Education for Research and Didactic Laboratories Equipments for 2011. LOGO
  10. 10. TextbooksPrinted• Lasers, D.Spahiu• Classical Mechanics, M.Shena, B.Shkurtaj, J. Mandili• Elements of Quantum Mechanics, J.Mandili• Physics: B.Shkurtaj N.Thomo, J.Mandili, M.Shena• Conceptual Fundamentals of Physic, J.Mandili• Physical Phenomena in Physics, J.Mandili• Optics, J.Mandili, E. Licaj• Analog Electronics, D.Spahiu• Albert Einstein, D.Spahiu, Z.Mulaj.• Solved Problems of Modern Physics, J.Mandili, S.Mico, E.Myftaraj, V.Tahiri• Introductory to Physics, Vol I, II J.Mandili, S.Mico• Guide of Study; Introductory to Physics, Vol I, II, S.Mico, J.Mandili, D.Canaj• Practicum of General Physics, Mersin Shena, Veledin CakoPreprints• Electromagnetism, E.Licaj J.Mandili LOGO
  11. 11. Experimental research activitiesThe experimental research activities mainly are focused in Environmental Studies. Thepresent research is focused towards the application of the principles of physics to theenvironment and encourage the development and application of physical methods toenvironmental research: Monitoring of pollutant compounds, harmful to the environment (air, water, soil) The study of the content of harmful compounds such as pesticides, hydrocarbons, PCBs, PAHs, alcohol in food products, beverages, biological fluids and living organisms.. Studies in the field of environmental physics, as the energy of the sun and wind, radioactive radiation, meteorological measurements, acoustical pollution and electromagnetic pollution. Studies on the geo- environment, geo tourism, marine biology and environmental education.Publications at:“Buletini Shkencor” Journal, University of Vlora, AlbaniaJournal of Environmental Protection and Ecology), official journal of B.E.N.A,“Buletini Shkencor” Journal, University of Elbasan, Albania“Buletini Shkencor” Journal, University of Gjirokastra, Albania. LOGO
  12. 12. Experimental research Projects activities- Development and application of analytical methodologies and recommendation techniques for surface and underground water in aquatic basins of trans boundary areas of Greece and Albania. Project of Department of Physics and Chemistry in collaboration with the Chemistry Department of Ioannina.- The study of the possibility of using the solar energy to improve energy balance, in the area of Prefectures of Vlora, Fier and Gjirokastra. It is a project of the Department of Physics, in collaboration with the Department of Ferrara, Italy.- Monitoring of acustic pollution in the closed environments and public institutions in the area of the prefecture of Vlora, Fier and Gjirokastra, and recommendation of the measures to reduce its level. It is a project of the Department of Physics, funded by the Ministry of Education. (2008-2009). Proposal projects- Characterization and Restoration of ancient and bezant Pottery and coins. Proposed as part of INTEREG "Greece-Albania IPA Cross-Border Programme" in collaboration with the Department of Ioannina (2011).- Establishment of a scientific research laboratory for the science of materials for testing and control without their destruction, a collaboration of Department of Physics, Department of Mechanical and Naval Engineering, and Department of Chemistry. Proposed as part of Project “Quality and Equality “ for Public Institutions of Higher Education for Research and Didactic Laboratories Equipments for 2011. Participation in conferences1. BPU7 General Conference of the Balkans Physics Union, Alexandropoulos, Greece, Sept 2009.2. Climate Change, Health and Ecology Conference, 1-3 September 2010 Uppsala, Sweden. LOGO
  13. 13. Programs OfferedThe Department of Physics offers the degree of Physics andDegree of Mathematics- Physics : Bachelor1. Physics2. Mathematics-Physics Professional Master in Mathematics-Physics Master of Science1. Physics2. Mathematical Physics LOGO
  14. 14. Undergraduate and graduate activities• Exam (3 partial exams an 1 final exam)• Colloquia• Labs• Homework• Projects• Essay• Students workshop• Research Experience LOGO
  15. 15. Laboratory infrastructure for undergraduate and graduate teachingThe equipment has been partly improved and modernized during the years, as a specialeffort by the Faculty. However, also here there is a lack of continuity in funding both forequipment and personnel.Didactic General Physics Laboratory (room C 405): Didactic General Physics Laboratoryserves to realize the main students experiments of Physics such as determination: of thevalue of g(electronic devices);of the value e/m; of Planks constant; Frank-Hertzexperiment; propagation of signals with optical fibers; generation and properties of E-M waves; etc.Laboratory of Analog and Digital Electronics (room C406): This lab is used to perform theexperimental exercises for the analog and digital electronics. Students have possibility toknow the properties and parameters of electronic elements, such as semiconductors,diodes, transistors, OA, logic gates, etcOthers:Department library (room C403),computers, internet access,video projector, LOGO
  16. 16. National and International CooperationPartner national Universities/Institutions• Department of Physics at University of Tirana• University of Gjirokastra• University of Shkodra• Albanian Institute of Nuclear PhysicsPartner International Universities/Institutions• Department of Physics Oakland University• University of Craiova, Romania• Department of Physics, University of Ferrara, Italy• University of Ioannina Greece• University of Prishtina, Kosovo• University of Tetovo, Macedonia• The Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical PhysicsOther links:• Albanian Physical Union BPU - Balkan Physical Union European Physical Society American Physical Society LOGO
  17. 17. Strategy and plans for the futureOur strategy is based on the "National Strategy for AL-2008 - 2013" which has as its fundamentalobjective: to create, develop and transmit the knowledge through teaching and scientific research.This strategy includes an overview of the current state of the department about the methods, styleand content of teaching and research in accordance with the requirements for accreditation. In thesecond part of this strategy, are defined the new obligations of scientific research to be carriedduring the years 2009 - 2012, which reflect the physics departments efforts to achieve thefundamental goal: education through science.• Teaching:o Processing curricula according to the Bologna Declaration.o Orientation curriculum toward Western Institutions.o Qualification of academic staff.o To educate students at an advanced level (Master and PhD).o Improving the teaching materials in the teaching service.o Establishment of teaching laboratory at the modern level of teaching.o Integrate new technologies and methods of teaching to support the educational mission.• Research :• Strengthen theoretical and experimental research.o Research collaboration at the national, international, industry or public sector level.o Integration in the research projects with national and international partners.o Development of research infrastructure.o The insurance of competitive research grants, mainly from international.o Organization of conferences, symposia and workshops in the areas of education research , theoretical and experimental physics. LOGO
  18. 18. Web: LOGO