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Astronomical Statiоn at Vidojevica


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The SEENET-MTP Seminar: Trends in Modern Physics
19–21 August 2011, Niš, Serbia

Talk by Oliver Vince(Astronomical Observatory Belgrade)

Published in: Technology
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Astronomical Statiоn at Vidojevica

  1. 1. Astronomical Station Vidojevica and BELISSIMA Vince Oliver Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade
  2. 2. Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade: TheHeadquarter with Photovisual Refractor Askania 135 / 1000 and 125 / 1000 mm
  3. 3. Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade: Big Refractor "Zeiss" 650 / 10550 mm
  4. 4. Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade: Solar SpectrographLittrow type 9000 mm / 100 000 developped by attaching to the:1. Zeiss equatorial 200 / 3020 mm two astrocameras Tessar2. Petzval 100 / 800 mm.
  5. 5. Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade: Zeiss Astrograph 160 / 800 mm.
  6. 6. History of AOB-1887, a decree on foundation of the AOB is sign (on initiative of Milan Nedeljkovic; fig. left). He became the first director of the observatory.-1925 ., Vojislav Miskovic (fig middle) become a new director of the observatory.-1929., Vojislav Miskovic obtained means for building a new observatory on the hill Zvezdara-1930-1932, the new observatory was built (by chech architect Jan Dudovija; fig right), on 4.5 ha area and 253m altitude above the sea. Instruments were installed in the following two yrs.
  7. 7. Scientific projects on AOB~ 60 people employed~ 45 scientists (Astronomers and Astrophysicist)7 scientific projects supported by Ministry of Science of R. Serbia •Astrophysics of stars and Sun •Astrophysical spectroscopy •Stellar and galactic systems •Interstellar and intergalactic matter •Cosmology and astrobiology •Dynamic astronomy and planetology •History and philosophy of astronomy
  8. 8. Astronomical Station Vidojevica: Brief history-An idea to build an observatory outside of Belgrade was born in 80’s-Land on the mountain allocated to AOB in 2003-Road and electric-power were already raised before 2003-Well for the water drilled in 2009-Living pavilion finished in 2009-60cm telescope in function since 2010-Wireless Internet introduced in 2011Current issues:-“Building” of a new 1.5m-class robotic telescope-Amelioration of the road-Aux. equipment-Testing the 60cm telescope-Site testing
  9. 9. Infrastructure
  10. 10. Dome- 6m in diameter- Driven by 1500W electro-motor Problems: - not completely waterproof, - dome-gape is narrow, - extremely slow (10min/360o),
  11. 11. Telescope - Teleskop-& mount mirror: ~50kg Systeme Austria (ASA) primary are from Astro -Cassegrain telescope: ~150kg - (parabolic+hyperbolic) -primary: LOMO; 60cm; f/3; ~125kg + 30kg + 2x5kg - counterweights: parabolic -secondary:- LOMO; 20cm; hyperbolic pillar: ~80kg - mount: ~ 125kg -system: F=6000mm; f/10 (f/5 with focal-reducer)
  12. 12. Telescope mount-First version was Fork-EQ mount-Now it is a German-EQ mount- The pillar, mount and telescope are fixed on the concrete pillar (1m diameter; 1.5m height)- The telescope iron pillar is aligned to Polaris (~80kg weight)-The telescope is balanced with counterweights 125kg (+ 30kg)
  13. 13. Primary mirror -LOMO; parabolic; D=60cm; f/3
  14. 14. Secundary mirror -LOMO; hyperbolic; precnika D=20cm
  15. 15. Observational projects- Double stars: orbital parameters- Double stars: physiscal parameters (mass ratio)- Spectroscopy (stars, galaxies, AGNs)- Astrometry
  16. 16. Seeing camera -SBIG All Weather Seeing Monitor with ST-402ME camera -The Camera is in a waterproof box -Camera has a f/5.3 lens with F=150mm
  17. 17. Meteorological Station -Davis Vantage Pro 2 -Wireless communication with the console -Measure: temp., pressure, humidity, rain mass, wind velocity and direction
  18. 18. All-sky camera -SBIG AllSky-340 camera -Kodak KAI-340 CCD chip with 640x480 pixels, 7.4um pixel size -f/1.4 fisheye lens F=1.4mm
  19. 19. Adaptiv optic -SBIG AO-7 -Used with some SBIG cameras (ST-10ME)
  20. 20. Cameras camera on the 60cm telescope FOV U42-Apogee Alta U42 (2048x2048, 13.5um piksel, 27.6x27.6mm image, FOV=15’x15’)-Apogee Alta E47 (1024x1024, 13um piksel, 13.3x13.3mm image, FOV=7’x7’ )-SBIG ST-10ME (2184x1472, 6.8um piksel, 14.9x10mm image, 8.3 x 5.6)
  21. 21. Filtri - 2” BESSEL filter set: B, V, R, I, and Clear - 2” Strömgren filter set: v, b, y, H-beta, and H-alpha
  22. 22. Spektrograf Model: SpectraPro-750 Type: Czerny-Turner Spectral range: violet to infrared Aperture ratio: f/9.7 Focal length of the Collimator: 750 mm Focal length of the Camera: 750 mm Gratings: 3 pieces on the rotating turret (300, 600 and 1200 grooves/mm)
  23. 23. BELISSIMABELgrade Initiative for Space Science, Instrumentation and Modelling in Astrophysics Money granted from European Commission for Research and Innovation (FP7)
  24. 24. Working packages•WP1 - Reinforcement of the Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade.•WP2 - Purchase, installation and testing of new observing equipement.•WP3 - Human potential, training and public outreach.•WP4 - Popularization of Astronomy and Science.•WP5 - Project Management
  25. 25. Telescope “Milankovic”
  26. 26. Thank you for Your attentionZahvaljujem se Draganu R., Stevanu G., Igoru S. i Miroslavu fotografijama koji su korisceni u ovom predavanju