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A. Proykova - National, Regional and European Physical Societies


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The SEENET-MTP Workshop JW2011
Scientific and Human Legacy of Julius Wess
27-28 August 2011, Donji Milanovac, Serbia

Published in: Technology, Education
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A. Proykova - National, Regional and European Physical Societies

  1. 1. Na#onal,  Regional,  European,  Interna#onal  Associa#ons    of     Physicists   Ana  Proykova   Faculty  of  Physics,  University  of  Sofia   Member  of  the  Execu#ve  Council  of     the  European  Physical  Society   Balkan  Forum  &  Mee#ng  of  the  SEENET     28.08.2011,  Donji  Milanovac,  Serbia  
  2. 2. Scholarly  (Learn)    Socie#es  •  Informa#on    •  Discussion  forum  •  Professional  support  ( journals,  conferences)  •  Sta#s#cs  and  analysis  (AIP,  APS,  IOP)    IOP:  18.08.2011  the  number  of  students  taking   the  physics  A-­‐level  exam  has  gone  up,  rising  6.1%   since  2010  and  19.6%  over  the  past  five  years   2  
  3. 3. Revived  interest  is  due  to  improving  image  of  physics  in  pop  culture  •  Brian  Cox’s  Wonders  of  the  Universe    •  the  US  comedy  The  Big  Bang  Theory  OR  responding  to  calls  from  university  leaders,   businesses  and  the  government  to  choose   subjects  which  will  provide  the  skills  needed   3  
  4. 4. Select  and  join  a  society  •  EPS  –  a  society  of  socie#es  •  Na#onal  socie#es  –  language,  local  problems  •  Regional  (Balkan,  Nordic,  ..)  –  culture  and   history  •  European  physical  society  –  a  voice  to  be   heard  in  decision  taking  at  the  EU  level   4  
  5. 5. EPS  –  structure  &  ac#vi#es  •  EPS  Divisions  and  Groups,  and  CommiYees   organise  conferences,  mee#ngs,  compe##ons,   and  schools  in  physics  •  EPS  supports  the  pres#gious  European  Journal   –  EPL  •  EPS  informs  it  members  via  EPN  (subscribe!)  •  EPS  started  to  publish  e-­‐EPS  in  the  spring  of     2011  hYp://     5  
  6. 6. EPS  strategy  •  The  crea#on  of  the  new  EPS  Young  Minds   CommiYee  will  increase  interac#on  with  the   next  genera#on  of  physicists  •  Close  collabora#on  with  EU  DG  –  opinions,   strategy  papers,  workprograms  •  Open  access  journals  –  dialogue   6  
  7. 7. EPS  strategy        (2)  •  Close  collabora#on  with  the  ac#ve  member   socie#es  to  collect  specific  demands,  ideas  •  Na#onal/European  society  –  local/EU  global   authority    •  Individual  members  –    more  –  beYer    to  create   a  vivid  network  with  less  prejudices     7  
  8. 8. Privileges  of  Individual  Members  •  the  right  to  vote  at  General  Mee9ngs  •  the  right  to  elect  Individual  Member  Council  Delegates  •  the  right  to  hold  office  in  the  Execu9ve  Commi?ee  •  the  right  to  hold  office  in  Divisions  and  Groups  •  Europhysics  News  sent  directly  to  your  address  •  reduced  registra9on  fees  at  conferences  organised  by  the   EPS  and  its  Divisions  and  Groups  •  Travel  Grants  for  Europhysics  Conferences  •  Access  to  "my  eps"  for  privileged  informa9on  about  the   EPS  and  its  ac9vi9es    •  benefit  from  agreements  with  Collabora9ng  Socie9es  •  inclusion  in  our  directory   8  
  9. 9. Posi#on  papers   hYp://­‐papers/ index_posi#on_papers  •  Na#onal  Support  for  Research  in  Physics  •  Physics  Research  :  the  Rela#onship  between   Universi#es  and  Na#onal  Research  Ins#tutes  •  The  importance  of  European  fusion  energy   research  •  The  Brain  Drain  •  Fundamental  Physics  in  Space  •  Open  access  publishing  •  The  nuclear  op#on     9  
  10. 10. EPS  responses    •  A  broader  point  of  view  •  Common  interest  of  physicists    •  On  #me  &  in  a  due  format   10  
  11. 11. To  do:  -­‐  Share          Na#onal/Regional  ac#vi#es  are  beYer  seen   via  the  EPS  communica#on  media    -­‐  Join  a  new  ini#a#ve        the  EPS  Young  Minds  Project  today          hYp://   11  
  12. 12. Contacts  anap@phys.uni-­‐  hYp://cluster.phys.uni-­‐          Thank  you  for  your  aYen#on!   12