A. Lombardo, 25 Years of Central European Initiative: Contributing to European Integration


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A. Lombardo, 25 Years of Central European Initiative: Contributing to European Integration

  2. 2.  Different historic background Different size and economic strength Diversified socio-political evolution since 1989 Today, different status vis-à-vis the EU (9 EU members plus candidates,potential candidates, eastern neighbours…) One common mission: regional cooperation for European integration Combining its own instruments with those made available by theEuropean Commission and other European Financial Institutions to meetthe requirements of the CEI membersCentral European Initiative: 18 Member States
  3. 3. The CEI distinctive character The oldest and largest intergovernmental forum for regionalcooperation, active in the region since more than 20 years Over the years, the CEI has developed its personal blend ofmultilateral diplomacy and project management Multilateral diplomacy: the CEI acts as a permanent institutionalplatform where political dialogue between and among itsMember States is constantly promoted and enhanced Project Management: the CEI has developed a strong project-oriented approach for the ultimate benefit of its Member States
  4. 4. CEIDONORprovidingresourcesRECIPIENTattractingresourcesCooperation FundKnow-HowExchangeProgrammeEU FUNDSA two-fold approach to project-oriented regionalcooperation
  5. 5. The CEI provides financial resources through the followinginstruments and funds:1. The CEI Cooperation Fund2. The Know-How Exchange ProgrammeA donor institution
  6. 6.  Funded by all Member States, it supports seminars, workshops,conferences, training courses with a strong multilateral/regionalcharacter. The CEI contribution aims at enabling mobility ofparticipants and promote people-to-people contacts Since 2002, almost 700 co-financed activities in various fields suchas Human Resources Development, Cultural Cooperation, Scienceand Technology, Information Society and Media Co-funding of €6.5 million supporting activities for a total value ofabout €44,2 million: all CEI Member States contribute to theCooperation Fund based on a scale of contributions An estimated mobility of about 3.000 participants per yearThe CEI Cooperation Fund
  7. 7.  Mission: to support transfer of knowledge and experiencefrom EU to non-EU countries within the CEI region (donor-recipient scheme) Since 2004, €2 million committed for KEP Projects by Italy andAustria About 70 KEP projects financed so far for an overall value ofnearly €5 million in areas of cooperation such as Europeanintegration, agriculture, energy, environment, infrastructureplanning and developmentThe Know-How Exchange Programme
  8. 8.  CEI active in the field of EU project management since 2004: aunique feature by comparison to other ROs Between 2004 and 2012, 13 projects implemented, out ofwhich 2 as Lead Partner Projects financed by various EU programmes, such as: 6thand7thFramework Programmes; INTERREG IIIB; INTERACT;INTERRREG IVC; Culture 2007-2013; Adriatic NewNeighbourhood Programme; European Programme forCritical Infrastructure Protection; South-East EuropeProgrammeA recipient institution
  9. 9.  Main CEI role: partner in charge of dissemination of resultsand transnational networking + project management CEI financial contribution: €280.000 Financial resources administered by the CEI: €3,8 million Total value: €16 million EUR (€1 invested by the CEIcontributed to mobilize €59 of EU resources)2004 – 2012: 13 projects implemented
  10. 10.  10 projects currently under implementation, out of which 4 asLead Partner, i.e. the CEI in charge of project management andcoordination of project consortia Projects financed by various EU programmes: 7thFrameworkProgramme; South-East Europe Programme; Cross-BorderProgramme Italy – Slovenia; IPA Regional Programme 2010;Intelligent Energy Europe; Central Europe Programme Transport, accessibility, regional cooperation, energy, researchand innovation; intercultural cooperation10 projects under implementation
  11. 11.  CEI financial contribution: 425.000 EUR Financial resources administered by the CEI: 6,8 million EUR Total value: about 22,6 million EUR (multiplier effect: 53)10 projects under implementation
  12. 12.  Further CEI involvement in EU programmes: 26 project-proposals submitted between 2011 and 2012 (7 approved) Dedicated staff: 6 working units in Trieste plus 2 in Sarajevo:ability to design and manage projects and internationalconsortia CEI participation in the elaboration of EU macro-regionalstrategies and strengthening of the CEI relationship with EUinstitutions: mandate by the CEI Ministers of Foreign Affairs toreach a cooperation agreement with the EuropeanCommissionFuture prospects
  13. 13. Mission: to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation in the CEI area Member institutions which are international by statute:‒ International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology - ICGEB‒ International Centre for Theoretical Physics – ICTP Member institutions which are international by vocation:‒ International School for Advanced Scientific Studies – SISSA‒ Synchrotron Elettra and Free Electron Laser Fermi‒ Consortium Area Science Park (AREA)‒ Cluster in Biomedicine (CBM)‒ National Institute for Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS)60 fellowships and about 100 activities such as trainings, workshops,conferences, research projectsAbout €2 million earmarked by the CEIFocus: The CEI Science and Technology Network
  14. 14.  2 CEI Ministerial Meetings organized in 2011 and2012 “Trieste Declaration” (2011) for the development ofcooperation between the scientific communities inCEI MS and the institutions of the CEI Science &Technology Network Final Communiqué (2012): CEI active participation inEUSDR PA7 (to develop the Knowledge Societythrough research, education and informationtechnologies); mobility of researchers along the linesof CERESAt Institutional level: CEI Ministerial Meetings on S&T
  15. 15.  CERES – CEI Research Fellowship Programme (2009 – 2014,FP7-COFUND) Regional priority: transnational mobility of researchers;integration of the WBCs and EEC in the European ResearchArea (ERA) Main results achieved:4 calls for proposals finalized102 applications submitted from 16 CEI MS (22,5% from WBCs)30 applications selected from 11 CEI MS (26,6% from WBCs:Croatia – 4 fellowships; Serbia – 3 fellowships; Bosnia andHerzegovina – 1 fellowship)At project level: CERES, a CEI success story
  16. 16. Among Horizon 2020 specific measures: tostimulate cross-border science networksMobility (both transnational and intersectoral)through networking of institutions: from “braindrain” to “brain circulation”Marie Curie Actions (supporting careerdevelopment and training of researchers throughworldwide mobility and skills development)Main future opportunity: Horizon 2020
  17. 17. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND ATTENTION!Alessandro LombardoCEI Executive SecretariatTrieste (Italy)lombardo@cei.int+39 040 7786744www.cei.int