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For Us To Think (What can we learn from Animals?)


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This presentation will show what can we learn from Animals?

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For Us To Think (What can we learn from Animals?)

  1. 1. For Us To Think (What can we learn from the Animal World?)
  2. 2. Allah has created many things that we can think about & one of these things is the Animal World which is really strange & an amazing world. From this world we can benefit many things if we think little bit deeply in the variety kinds of animals.
  3. 3. Allah Says, "Observe what is in the heavens and earth." But of no avail will be signs or warners to a people who do not believe” (Yunus 101) Allah Says: “And the grazing livestock He has created for you; in them is warmth and [numerous] benefits, and from them you eat, And for you in them is [the enjoyment of] beauty when you bring them in [for the evening] and when you send them out [to pasture], And they carry your loads to a land you could not have reached except with difficulty to yourselves. Indeed, your Lord is Kind and Merciful, And [He created] the horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride and [as] adornment. And He creates that which you do not know” (Al-Nahl 5-8) Allah Says: “And indeed, for you in livestock is a lesson. We give you drink from that which is in their bellies, and for you in them are numerous benefits, and from them you eat” (Al-Mu'minūn 21)
  4. 4. The idea of this presentation is to show positive characteristics we can learn from some Animals & Birds
  5. 5. Firstly: Insects
  6. 6. Ant This small creature has many positive characteristics. Allah has called one whole “Surah” in Quran with the name of this creature. Here are some of the positive characteristics which we can learn from Ant: Team Work: The first characteristic which can be noticed is Team Work. Ants are very known by their strong team work which results in achieving their goals. Any one who wants to be positive in his life should learn how to work & participate positively in any team. Successful Team Work means Success in life.
  7. 7. Planning Some people might get surprised when they hear this characteristic as they might think that this characteristic is related to human only. Ant are a very strong example of excellent planning and this is well shown when they plan in summer to store food for winter & subsequently they work for that. Planning is essential way for success in life. Any one who reads about the life of famous people realize that that they have planned their work by setting clear targets & then start working on that plan. Many people nowadays don‟t plan for their personal life unfortunately. One famous quote says “If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail”. If we need to be positive, we should target positive planning in our life.
  8. 8. Seriousness One important characteristic of the Ant is its seriousness. You can notice that every ant is always moving around performing some task. There is no ant which is not working. Any Ant seen not moving considered as abnormal. Positive & success people are always serious in their life. Their time is very valuable so that they try to invest each second of it in something benefit. The result of this seriousness will be positive production in any field. Wasting time in silly things will not benefit anyone either the person or the society.
  9. 9. Challenge This is famous characteristic for any Ant. Anyone notice Ant world shall see how Ants are facing many challenges in their life either when searching for foods or taking these foods to their home. The beauty thing is that Ant will never give up for any challenge faced. If we want to be success in our life, we should always challenge the challenges we face. Our world is full of challenges & we have two choice towards them, either face them or leave them to defeat us. The choice is with us always.
  10. 10. Initiative This characteristic is known also for Ants. They initiate always for searching foods & whenever they found it, they are informing others to come & take it to their home. Positive Initiative is important factor for any success person & as it said that “Big projects started with initiative from someone”. It is always nice to be that person. Initiative will reflect on societies development & will lead to more productivity & excellence.
  11. 11. Bee This is another insect which Allah has called one whole “Surah” in Quran with name of it. The characteristics of a bee is very close to Ants, so we are going to list some other characteristics. Benefit for others This characteristic is reflected by the production of honey which has many benefits to people. This characteristic is very important for those who want to be positive since positive person will seek always for benefit of others by providing beneficial things to them like ethics, values and even other services.
  12. 12. Organization Each bee has specific task to perform either in its cell or outside. They are very organized & all tasks all achieved. Any one who wants to be positive should be organized in his life so he Succeeds& achieves his targets.
  13. 13. Spider Spider is one of the insects that people are afraid of, but it has a very nice characteristic: Perfection When we notice spider‟s web, we can see how perfect it is. Anyone who wants to be positive must try to be perfect as much as he can in all his work & tasks. By achieving perfection, society shall be developed.
  14. 14. There is also one negative characteristic we can notice from Spider: Weak House Allah in the holy Qur‟an stated that “The weakest home is the spider home”. The person who wants to be positive must take care about his home & his family since the weakness of family & homes means weakness of the society. Family should be always top priority for any person; otherwise, it will be destroyed easily like what happens to spider home which means loosing efforts & facing problems & difficulties in life.
  15. 15. Silkworm This insect is well known with production of silk. We can benefit from it the following characteristic Non self-contempt Although the this warm is very small, it produces something which is very beneficial to human beings. This show us clearly that age, size or sex is not important in order to be success. The important thing is how to use our abilities in the right way.
  16. 16. Butterfly When we see this insect, we can immediately know what characteristic we can benefit from it. Beauty The person who wants to be positive should care about his appearance and clothes in order to be accepted by others. There is no doubt that the person who is nice and clean will be more acceptable than the person who doesn‟t care about his appearance. The best Example for us is our prophet peace be upon him who was taking care always about his appearance and his clothes, so other people liked him much more.
  17. 17. Fly Most humans hate flies, because they have a lot of negative characteristics such as: Living on dirt Flies often found to be living on dirt and whenever there is a wastebasket, we can see that there are flies. People concerns reflect their personalities. Whenever concerns are high & serious, we can expect excellent results & products. While if concerns are like flies, silly & fiddling, no development in any important field can be expected. One of the major differences between developed countries & others is the concerns of its people.
  18. 18. Mosquito As for flies, people do not like mosquitoes for many reasons, including this negative characteristic : Harming Others Mosquito hurt others and cause them pain and sometimes cause for them some diseases, so people always tries to get rid of them. This characteristic is very bad & causes people to hate the person who holds this characteristic, therefore the person who wants to be positive should always be away from this characteristic, instead, he should seek to help others and to support them.
  19. 19. Secondly: Wild Animals
  20. 20. Camel It is called “Ship of the desert” and it was previously the main mean for arabs in their mobility, especially in long-distance. We can benefit some positive characteristic from camel like: Patience The camel is very famous with this characteristic. It carries people & luggage for long distances without complaining & they perform its tasks excellently. positive person in this life faces a lot of obstacles and his path is full of harms, therefore he should be patient in his life and the result will be success in life surely.
  21. 21. Vision When we see the camel, we notice that its head is always high & therefore, it has a clear vision always. Positive people need to have long & clear vision in their live in order to be effective & success. Without clear vision, mess is expected in life.
  22. 22. Cheetah Although cheetah is less famous than lion & tiger, but it has important characteristic that we can benefit from: Quickness Cheetah is one of the fastest animal & it catches its victims with high speed. Positive people should be quick in movement and carrying out their tasks since the world now is moving very fast.
  23. 23. Cow We can benefit from cow the following characteristic: Productivity As we all know that the cow produces milk and give us meat and there are those who benefit from its skin and other things. Therefore, it is a useful animal to people. Positive people should be productive in society. The production will be according to a person's abilities. Some of them produce books and some of them will produce in technical fields and others in the field of lectures and so on. By this, Society will be always improving & developing in all important fields.
  24. 24. Dog There are some positive characteristics which we can benefit from dog like: Loyalty Perhaps, dogs is the most famous animal with this characteristic. The dog is loyal to its owner so that it guards all that it is asked for. Positive people should have this characteristic since they have been educated by many teachers & coaches. They should respect these people & remember them in their prayers & say good things about them always. Home country should also been remembered & be loyal to it.
  25. 25. Warning Those who take dogs for guarding want these dogs to warn them in case there are any risks which could affect them. Positive people have important role also to warn people about risks which are facing them & also the results of performing bad things. If no one in society performs this important task, it might be that all people will fill down into disasters.
  26. 26. Squirrel Squirrel is very small animal, but there is very nice characteristic which we can benefit from it: Fast Movement This small animal is very fast in his movement. When it finds food, it moves fast to collect it & returns back to its home. Positive people should be fast in their movement & not heavily & slowly moving from job to another with difficulty and sometimes dragged by others. The fast movement in the implementation will help a person to perform the work more and vice versa for the slow persons which may cause them to continue the same work for days and days.
  27. 27. Turtle The first thing which may come to mind when we talk about this animal is slowness, but there is nice characteristic which we can benefit from it: Self-protection Turtle is known when it‟s been attacked that it protect itself & its enemies can‟t destroy its strong protection. Positive people should have self protection always since many risks & dangers are surrounding them. The main input for this self protection is strong relation with Allah. Also, taking care about cultural aspect is important for this self protection.
  28. 28. Lion Many people like lions due to its positive characteristics, some of these characteristics are: Braveness Lion is known as “King of the Jungle” & most animals are afraid of it. Braveness is very important characteristic for positive people since without it, many things can‟t be achieved specially those which need dealing with others or raising issues which is against people thoughts. Braveness is not only limited to wars, but it includes in all fields like politics, culture, social…etc.
  29. 29. Team Work Lions are very famous with this characteristic. It is clearly shown when they attack other animals. In these attacks, we can notice that every lion has a role to perform & with team work, they are able most of the times to achieve their objects which is catching other animals. Team work is one of the most important factors of success. Without team work, many things will not be achieved or will be achieved with minimum results. Positive people should always works in teams in order to achieve their objectives with their maximum level.
  30. 30. Crocodile Some people might be surprised of how can we benefit from this animal. There is a very important characteristic with it which is: Seizing Opportunities When the crocodile sees another animal near its area, it seizes this opportunity & moves toward this animal with an accurate movement & catches it most of the time. The crocodile knows that these opportunities might not come very often, so it takes its best efforts to seize them. Opportunities are available in our world, but few number of people seize them. Positive people should always search for any good opportunities & tries their best to get them & create another way for success through them.
  31. 31. Cat One of the positive characteristics which we can benefit from cats is: Taking Care This is a common characteristic between most of animal, but I mentioned this characteristic with cats since they are seen more in homes. Cats usually take care about their children & protect them from enemies even if they loose their life. This characteristic is very important for positive people since they should take care about others & support them always.
  32. 32. Chameleon Some people might be surprised of how can we benefit from this animal. There is one special characteristic with it which is: Adaptation to Environment Chameleon adapts to the environment or a place which is in it by changing its color to the color of the place, which helps to hide it from enemies. Positive People have to adapt themselves to the environment where they are. Whether cities or villages, coastal areas or mountainous areas and so on. Each place should be studied with its customs and traditions so that positive people can speak their language & effect them, but it should be pointed out that the purpose of the adaptation is the effect and not melting so that no bad habits will affect positive people.
  33. 33. Giraffe The first thing comes to our mind when we hear the name of this animal is height, so we can benefit the following characteristic Investment of Abilities The giraffe invests its height for eating from long trees. positive people should invest all abilities provide by Allah to them & use these abilities in beneficial things. It should be known also that these abilities should be developed always.
  34. 34. Hedgehog We can benefit from this small animal the following characteristic: Self-defense The hedgehog defends itself from its enemies by available thorns on its back. Although it is small, but it can defend itself effectively. This is a very important notification for all positive people specially young ones, who should be strong against enemies. This can be achieved by different ways which most important are strong relation with Allah & strong basis of science & culture.
  35. 35. Fox As known by most of people that this animal has the following characteristic: Cunning Fox is well know with this characteristic. Any positive person should be away from this bad characteristic since it will cause hate & distrust from people.
  36. 36. Pig This animal has one of the worst characteristic which is: Lack of Jealousy This is very negative characteristic which will lead to disasters on the person himself, his family & the society. Lack of jealousy will lead to corruption in different fields. Positive people should be away from this negative characteristic.
  37. 37. Donkey Although the donkey has some positive characteristic, but there is a famous negative characteristic which we can notice: Ugly Sound Allah described in holy Qur‟an that sound of donkeys is most ugly sound. People with ugly sound will not let others to approach them, instead positive people should always be with nice words & accepted sounds.
  38. 38. Thirdly: Birds
  39. 39. These two birds which many people like, have many positive characteristics. Since these characteristic are common between them, we will mention them for both of them together: Falcon & Eagle
  40. 40. Specific Vision Any one notice eagle or falcon, will realize that they have a very specific vision. This is well noticed when they target any victim. They fly very fast & catch the victim & usually their targets are achieved because of this specific vision. Positive people need this specific vision in their life in order to be success. There are many opportunities in society which positive people need to study & specify their vision towards them, so they can decide to take or leave them.
  41. 41. Clear Objective Eagles & Falcons fly high in the sky looking for prey which is clearly defined, then invalidate them quickly, so they are with clear objective always. People who want to be positive should have clear and specific objectives so that they will be easier for apply and evaluation.
  42. 42. Bulbul This small bird has nice positive characteristic which is: Beautiful Sound This bird has very beautiful sound which most people enjoy listening to it. Positive people should always be with nice sound in order to attract others. People with nature nice sound should invest their voice in beneficial things like Reciting Qur'an.
  43. 43. Rooster Rooster is one of the birds that some people keep at home. One of the positive characteristics it has is: Alarming One of the greatest things that this bird does is providing alarms for muslims to wake up for „Al-Fajr‟ prayer. Positive people should provide alarms & warn other people from risks & dangers existing in society. Always positive people should wish goodness for others.
  44. 44. Parrot This beautiful bird which some people keep at home has one negative characteristics which is: Blind Imitation Parrot is known that it blindly imitate any sound it hears which might be nice or bad. Positive people should always think before imitating anything whether it is good or bad. Worldwide practices have positive & negative points, so positive people should target for positive ones & neglect negative ones & not take the practice as a whole.
  45. 45. Peacock The first characteristic which come into mind when we talk about this bird is: Beauty Peacock is well known for its beauty and because of this characteristic, some people keep it in their home. Also, when people go the zoo, they like to see this bird and wait for it to open its tail. Positive people also should care about their beauty in clothes & shape, but without profusion specially women.
  46. 46. But there is one negative characteristic in peacock which is: Egos Peacock is also know for this negative characteristic specially when it wants to show its beauty to others. This negative characteristic is really devastating for any person & it will lead other people to hate him & keep away from him. Positive people should be humble always with all different people.
  47. 47. Fourthly: Sea Animals
  48. 48. Fishes There is one common characteristic in most fishes which is: Living in Groups We can notice clearly that most fishes live & move in groups. This will lead to many benefits for them specially while defending them selves against enemies. Working in groups will help people to gain many positive characteristics like how to deal with others, how to achieve targets, cooperation in solving problems and many other characteristics which are needed for positive people.
  49. 49. Salmon Very strange fish specially we see it in movies. It has one positive characteristic which is: Challenging Stream This fish moves against water stream which is difficult task for many other fishes. They do that because they have clear objective to achieve although they will face many risks. Positive people may find that the society is full of negative characteristics, so they should not live with these characteristics, instead he should challenge them & try to spread positive ones. Moving against society is not easy, but positive people should always do their best in order to save people from dangers which are caused due to negative characteristics.
  50. 50. Benefits from animal world is too much & what we mentioned in this presentation is little bit of these benefits. Surely there are many other characteristic in this amazing world. Whoever think in these characteristics, realizes that Allah didn‟t create anything with no benefits. All creatures in the world has benefits whether we knew them or not. This should lead us to think more & more in order to discover more of these characteristics & benefits. It was very short trip in this world & I hope whoever read this presentation benefit from it.
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