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Think Aloud


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Think Aloud

  1. 1. I found information on climatechange on the Internet.
  2. 2. This article is about what Americans think about climate change.But who wrote this article and why?
  3. 3. Does the author know a lot about the topic?Learning about bias and propaganda will help you become a more informed student.
  4. 4. Skimming the Web Page
  5. 5. Skim the links that take you to other places on the website.
  6. 6. Read the first few sentences of each paragraph and see how many interesting facts you can find.Do you agree with the statements?Does skimming the article make you want to check the facts?Why would this article be on this site?
  7. 7. Lets skim the article…
  8. 8. The purpose of the web page is to tell the world thatAmericans believe in climate change.
  9. 9. Point of The authors believe in climate change and do not want to teach other theories.ViewMain Idea Americans believe in climate change and that it is manmade more now than in the past.Audience People who believe in climate change above climate change denial would read from this site because that is one of the goals in the mission statement.Purpose Is to promote the theory of climate change to the country and to the world.
  10. 10. I wonder if all of that information isaccurate?
  11. 11. What next?Learn more!Research the ideas thatinterest you or the onesthat you feel are wrong.Find out more to decideif this article is reliableand creditable.
  12. 12. Finding information on the Internet is easy.Making sure the information is current, reliable,and trustworthy is up to you.