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Advertising through Product Placement - India


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Creative way of advertising is by doing product placement in movies. Its effectiveness is analysed for case studies of Chennai Express & Ra.One.

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Advertising through Product Placement - India

  1. 1. CASE STUDIES Seema Gupta IIM Bangalore
  2. 2. Chennai Express © Seema Gupta
  3. 3. Star Cast Deepika Padukone Shah Rukh Khan Sathyaraj Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy Director: Rohit Shetty Story Line: The movie is revolved around the protagonist’s journey from Mumbai to beautiful landscapes of Rameshwaram, and the events that unfold as the protagonist falls in love with the daughter of a local don. © Seema Gupta
  4. 4. Sponsors Area wise Partner Brands Associated Helicopter Partner Deccan In-film Brands Scorpio, WildCraft, Nokia (Lumia 920), Palam Silks Brand Partners/ Videocon, Lawman Pg3, Lovely Professional University, Lux, Media Asus, digitalxpress,, best, Baskin Robbins, Genus, Fair and Handsome, McDonalds, Western Union, Nerolac, Patrika group, Hindustantimes, Bright Outdoor Media, 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi Agency Partners Bottomline, Globosport, Vibrant, Fish, Jas, cineyug, Mindshare Fulcrum, Interactive, CAA Kwan, Direct Access, GoFish, Lenkart, All India, CMCC, Singbox Music T-series Media Partners UTVStars © Seema Gupta
  5. 5. Advertisers Brand Lumia 920 Movie/ Product Placement Type in Promotion Nokia Product movie Movie Script Explicit Affect Negative/ Mixed Asus Transformer Book Promotion - - Promotion Script Advertisement - Outside Promotion Plot Implicit - Plot Integrated Positive TX300 Aaj Tak ‘Mudda Express’ Nerolac Lawman Pg3 Jeans Implicit - with cut scenes Yamaha Bikes In-Film Explicit Bailey Ray Ban Bailey In-Film Screen Explicit Mixed RayBan Specs In-Film Plot Integrated Positive Explicit Wildcraft Wildcraft Bag (Ruck- In-Film Plot Implicit Positive sak) © Seema Gupta
  6. 6. Movie stills with Brand Placements Ray Ban Specs © Seema Gupta
  7. 7. Nokia Lumia 920 © Seema Gupta
  8. 8. LaWMan Pg3 © Seema Gupta
  9. 9. AAJ Tak News channel © Seema Gupta
  10. 10. Cost Structure and reviews for Chennai Express Production Cost: 50 Crore Print and Advertising Budget: 30 Crore Rohit Shetty and Team Fee: 15 Crore Red Chillies : 15 Crore SRK Distribution Share: 25 crore Total Revenue: More than $5,307,960 (domestic) Reviews Adriano says: (August 28, 2013) “The most outrageous product placement scene (of a single product) in movie history. I’m all for Nokia’s little placements (Transformers, Tron, Batman…) but this was just cringe-worthy.” Prasad Jiwane from United States: Brainless Action Flick by SRK “Blatant advertising is used to increase revenue. Cinematography is good but with cheap script and acting make it fall in the shadows”. © Seema Gupta
  11. 11. Comments There are numerous instances where product placements have been blatantly used but all these placements are depicted around the central character, Shahrukh Khan. The sole reason could be the association of the character with the brand and the popularity of the character among the audience. © Seema Gupta
  12. 12. Ra.One Ra.One was one of the biggest movies in terms of its budget as well as the number of brand associations it were involved in. The Shahrukh Khan starrer tied up with over 25 brands for co-branding. © Seema Gupta
  13. 13. Star Cast Arjun Rampal Shah Rukh Khan Kareena Kapoor Genre: Science fiction, superhero film Director: Anubhav Sinha Story Line: The movie revolves around a game designer who makes the villain of the game he develops more powerful than the protagonist and the consequences they suffer when the villain comes into the real world. © Seema Gupta
  14. 14. The brands associated with the movie Shahrukh Khan launches 'G.One' – Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 560Ti graphic card Volkswagen, Fly Kingfisher, NVidia, Mental Ray, Monarch , Tommy Hilfiger, Hero Cycle, Ducati, Coca Cola, Western Union, Playstation, Nokia, Mcdonalds, Horlicks, Matrix, GodrejEon, Nerolac, Vidoecon © Seema Gupta
  15. 15. Sponsors Area Partner Brands Associated Gaming Partner: UTV Online media Partner Youtube Digital Outreach Partner Everymedia Merchandizing Partner Homeshop18, SeventyMM, HitPLay In-film Brand Placemnt Partner Bottomline Outdoor Partner Bright Outdoor Media Pvt. Limited © Seema Gupta
  16. 16. Advertisers Brand Product Placement Use Fit with plot Effect Apple Laptop Explicit Presentation Yes Positive Reebok Jersey, Explicit Football game Yes Positive Explicit Parking No Undecided shoes Volkswagen Nvidia Software Implicit Game launch Yes Positive Dolce and Inner Explicit Unnecessary No Negative Gabbana Wear Kingfisher Airlines Explicit Airplane Yes - Café Coffee day Store - Airport No Negative Mcdonalds Store - Airport No Negative Nike Shoes - Rajni Shoes Yes Positive PlayStation PS3 Games Explicit Games No Negative Console © Seema Gupta
  17. 17. Movie stills with Brand Placements Volkswagen The new Touareg © Seema Gupta
  18. 18. Kingfisher Airlines © Seema Gupta
  19. 19. Sony PlayStation PS3 © Seema Gupta
  20. 20. Cost Structure towards Ra.One Production Production Cost: 150 Crores Online Promotion: 15 Crores Total Revenue: 240 Crores Reviews Andrew O'hehir in his review of Ra.One says that “While “RA. One” is as calculating as all get out, is loaded with blatant product placement and — in classic Indian style — combines any number of different and perhaps contradictory genres in an effort to reach babies and grandmas and everyone in between, it never feels cynically niche-marketed or fundamentally bored with itself, the way so many big-budget American movies do © Seema Gupta
  21. 21. Cost Structure and reviews for Ra.One Reviews Dheeraj writes, “Another point to mention is product placement. Given the mammoth budget of the film, product placement is expected and Apple as well as Tommy Hilfiger is heavily featured at various points in the film” Hollywood-based cinematographer Nicola Pecorini, who was engaged as the director of photography also faced some problems while shooting. Pecorini did face problems regarding the lighting, highlighting the trend of product endorsements which often created problems. He pointed out that some of the actors' costumes, worn as endorsements, created trouble due to an improper color palette. Additionally, a car endorsement created a major lighting problem due to reflection. He later commented, product placement is great because it gives you money for the movie but it shouldn’t influence the look of the film and should fit well." © Seema Gupta
  22. 22. Comments We see that overall, the feedback for the product placement for Ra.One was negative. Critics thought the placement was over the board, though in the case of Ra.One , the budget of the movie was so big to warrant such blatant placement. The perception was probably that the more the visibility and publicity of the movie, the more the brand would gain. Presence of too many brands on one single platform might have worked against the brands. Acknowledgment: Report on Product Placement by Ravela Madhurika, Akash Kumar, Rashmi Ranjan Sethi, Tanveer Mohd. Ansari, Pramod Eknath Avacharmal © Seema Gupta
  23. 23. Will this marketing strategy prosper with time? What do you think? Read More at © Seema Gupta