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Product placement B2B vs B2C


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Product placement is now-a-days used by both B2B and B2C companies for brand promotion. But what’s the difference between them? Let us look into the Comparison between B2B and B2C product placement.

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Product placement B2B vs B2C

  1. 1. Seema Gupta IIM Bangalore
  2. 2. What is B2B Product Placement? Placement of B2B products and services in movies or television serials which directly targets other businesses and indirectly targets individual customers. Cisco IP phone In Yes Man © Seema Gupta
  3. 3. What is B2C Product Placement? Product placement of B2C products and services which targets end consumers directly. Nokia cell phone in Dexter (2009, Showtime, screen capture) Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses in the movie Top Gun (1986, Paramount, screen capture) © Seema Gupta
  4. 4. Product Placement To Demonstrate Usage Situations B2C placements are there for the sake of increasing recognition by simply placing the brand in the background without being used. For example, Colonel Rhodes wearing Fred Perry T-shirts in Iron Man as shown in the movie still. This leads to not-so-prominent placement with weak plot connection, thus avoiding antagonizing the audience. © Seema Gupta
  5. 5. Product Placement To Demonstrate Usage Situations (Contd.) In B2B product placements, the focus seems to be on the usage of the product in addition to adding to the plot hence prominent placement with strong plot connection. It is intended to demonstrate exactly which scenarios the product is best suited for. Oracle in Iron Man 3(Marvel studios) © Seema Gupta
  6. 6. Product Placement To Demonstrate Product Capability Strong plot connection is achieved by the B2B products almost uniformly assisting the protagonists in the movies or TV shows do their work better or be more effective or productive, without taking away their credit. Oracle Exadata helping Iron Man access vast amounts of information (Iron Man 3) © Seema Gupta
  7. 7. Product Placement To Demonstrate Product Capability (Contd.) New Holland or Caterpillar equipment assisting James Bond B2B products are often shown to perform under pressure and hence are reliable. Also, B2B products and buying tends to be complex but this kind of placement can simplify B2B products. This isn’t always the case with B2C product placements. © Seema Gupta
  8. 8. Product Placement as Corporate Advertising Larry Ellison or Elon Musk both CEOs of big companies appearing in and interacting with Iron Man, puts them in the same league as Iron Man. Thus B2B product placement helps project desired image thus building the corporate brand. Source: © Seema Gupta
  9. 9. Product Placement as Corporate Advertising (contd.) Casino Royale(2006) - Sony vaio laptops In B2C product placement also companies try to achieve an image or values match but it happens more at a level of the target consumer and usually at the level of the product and not at company level. © Seema Gupta
  10. 10. Product Placement as Public Relations When Oracle tied up with Marvel Comics for product placement employees received official communication leading up to the launch of the movies and outlining the marketing activities planned B2B Product Placement is also used as an effective tool for Internal Public Relations and to keep employees engaged, boost morale through buzz creation and make employees ambassadors of the company’s products by using metaphors that individual employees can relate to. © Seema Gupta
  11. 11. Product Placement as Public Relations Movie still The Internship(2013) Google This PR generation is likely to be true of B2C product placements as well as allied activities can be run once placement is done like contests, internal communications, TV commercials. © Seema Gupta
  12. 12. Conclusion • In recent years the frequency of B2B placements has increased • This has humanized B2B brands and simplified purchasing processes • By generating buzz around a B2B product and humanizing it, there seems to be an effort to make B2B sales and products more like B2C sales and products and engage buyers at an emotional level. Challenges are: • achieving the right balance of exposure • prominence • plot connection © Seema Gupta
  13. 13. Is using product placement good for creativity in films? Let me know your views Read more on © Seema Gupta