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Pdhpe rationale

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Pdhpe rationale

  1. 1. RationalePDHPE is one of six primary schoolcurriculum that promotes physicalactivity, encourages better health,emphasises on safety and maintainsa positive interpersonal relationshipwith oneself and others.
  2. 2. Active and HealthyLifestylePDHPE encourages students to bephysically active and develop theirunderstanding and practical skills thatdirects to better health.
  3. 3. Safety FirstStudents learn to understand andexercise more control over their livesand safety issues such as strangerdanger, road and passenger safetyand safety while swimming.
  4. 4. Positive interpersonalRelationshipStudents learn to take responsibilityand make informed decision whilemaintaining a positive relationshipand friendship. They feel self-confident and act in the best interestof themselves and others.
  5. 5. Best of all PDHPEencourages students to learnto enjoy and have fun whileunderstanding and valuing theimportance of healthy andactive lifestyle.